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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sylvanas-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Cometopápa Hots Dots n KidneyShotsSylvanas-EU20300Not updated
2Sangana SkilIedSylvanas-EU16491Not updated
3Iedera EmeritusSylvanas-EU16393Not updated
4Varjohaltia B A S K E N TSylvanas-EU15767Not updated
5Holybits DropSylvanas-EU15672Not updated
6Immortääl TemplariuszeSylvanas-EU14793Not updated
7Nínjä TemplariuszeSylvanas-EU14541Not updated
8Gabzz SkilIedSylvanas-EU14510Not updated
9Stevejobs Invalid ArgumentSylvanas-EU14477Not updated
10Greefp Dark IntentionsSylvanas-EU14221Not updated
11Lianhua Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU14101Not updated
12Säfy Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU14041Not updated
13Zoorabi The Unusual SuspectsSylvanas-EU13632Not updated
14Kelisendra LiveLoveLaughSylvanas-EU13575Not updated
15Jiesaj District XVISylvanas-EU13097Not updated
16Squeakyboots Riddle Me ThisSylvanas-EU12913Not updated
17Tsunamidk Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU12876Not updated
18Ibubble Riddle Me ThisSylvanas-EU12776Not updated
19Fastcap Divine GardenSylvanas-EU12706Not updated
20Lehti ORCASylvanas-EU12672Not updated
21Bereciuc FacetiLocSylvanas-EU12499Not updated
22Jupuiteas SkilIedSylvanas-EU12204Not updated
23Néylo Guild of BasementSylvanas-EU11952Not updated
24Wavve The SyndicatesSylvanas-EU11852Not updated
25Xhanon  Sylvanas-EU11847Not updated
26Elvenlorde Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU11806Not updated
27Kizismet No QuarterSylvanas-EU11773Not updated
28Kinzen SkilIedSylvanas-EU11601Not updated
29Decy Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU11177Not updated
30Kelsyrrha Beach Bar Poker ClubSylvanas-EU11070Not updated
31Nosehair EmeritusSylvanas-EU10933Not updated
32Assargal SamuraiSylvanas-EU10882Not updated
33Intaed Hardmode CrewSylvanas-EU10779Not updated
34Æthelred SamuraiSylvanas-EU10764Not updated
35Smilp TemujiSylvanas-EU10612Not updated
36Berni Guardians of Baal KhanSylvanas-EU10569Not updated
37Kilay BaylifeSylvanas-EU10391Not updated
38Thelassa Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU10370Not updated
39Tauror Vengeful DawnSylvanas-EU10336Not updated
40Yugocoral  Sylvanas-EU10231Not updated
41Quasia Crapu si MenumorutSylvanas-EU10141Not updated
42Frozenpixel SkilIedSylvanas-EU10138Not updated
43Gunsforhire IndecisiveSylvanas-EU10126Not updated
44Superator  Sylvanas-EU10092Not updated
45Saylar No QuarterSylvanas-EU10046Not updated
46Lânet SymbolicSylvanas-EU9937Not updated
47Serlasy Dark TranquillitySylvanas-EU9903Not updated
48Thefist PVP CompanySylvanas-EU9748Not updated
49Archeops RatedSylvanas-EU9710Not updated
50Ironoak Crusaders from the PastSylvanas-EU9705Not updated
51Fennekin Barney and FriendsSylvanas-EU9699Not updated
51Beldum Untamed SoulsSylvanas-EU9699Not updated
53Warufu CluelessSylvanas-EU9690Not updated
54Erkki Beyond HarmlessSylvanas-EU9685Not updated
55Shivvers In ProgressSylvanas-EU9674Not updated
56Beastgirll ExciteSylvanas-EU9663Not updated
57Slarith  Sylvanas-EU9654Not updated
58Pauladin Disguised IntelligenceSylvanas-EU9593Not updated
59Earleen iPuGSylvanas-EU9585Not updated
60Vhanity SkilIedSylvanas-EU9575Not updated
61Xzeenah En Påse NötterSylvanas-EU9537Not updated
62Psychodru Congenitally StupidsSylvanas-EU9519Not updated
63Missmercy Cold FusionSylvanas-EU9494Not updated
64Shinukishi Total InsanitySylvanas-EU9480Not updated
65Iodíne  Sylvanas-EU9462Not updated
65Toeter Exploding SheepSylvanas-EU9462Not updated
67Wildy iPuGSylvanas-EU9375Not updated
68Alythee DepthcoreSylvanas-EU9339Not updated
69Skraakaj ExìleSylvanas-EU9336Not updated
70Glóndra SymbolicSylvanas-EU9327Not updated
71Randallthor Crown of BloodSylvanas-EU9321Not updated
72Dmg PerplexitySylvanas-EU9313Not updated
73Lilkind SamuraiSylvanas-EU9297Not updated
74Santoria Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU9220Not updated
75Pølsa Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU9190Not updated
76Docwho PepsiTwistSylvanas-EU9152Not updated
77Sammora SupernaturalSylvanas-EU9142Not updated
78Nareik Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU9135Not updated
79Zelhzemor Beyond HarmlessSylvanas-EU9085Not updated
80Surimlocka  Sylvanas-EU9062Not updated
81Valdoom Ashes of InfernoSylvanas-EU9061Not updated
82Rimadyl IntuitionSylvanas-EU9044Not updated
83Varzarov  Sylvanas-EU9040Not updated
84Chílí  Sylvanas-EU9024Not updated
85Oóòøóòo  Sylvanas-EU9015Not updated
86Hagi grinasformsSylvanas-EU9013Not updated
87Mystiquexd  Sylvanas-EU9003Not updated
88Redleaf Lollipop CrusadersSylvanas-EU8942Not updated
89Fantozzi Ancient ChampionsSylvanas-EU8849Not updated
90Kidate ELEMENTSSylvanas-EU8843Not updated
90Khaalesy InvasiónSylvanas-EU8843Not updated
92Negina ELEMENTSSylvanas-EU8828Not updated
93Andiin FamiljenSylvanas-EU8736Not updated
94Balrøg iPuGSylvanas-EU8719Not updated
95Doctórtrelas Hots Dots n KidneyShotsSylvanas-EU8716Not updated
96Bigsealiøn  Sylvanas-EU8663Not updated
97Catx TEAM SOMALIASylvanas-EU8659Not updated
98Wexie  Sylvanas-EU8646Not updated
99Malomania PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU8632Not updated
100Iloveyourly aKa OvErPoWeReDSylvanas-EU8631Not updated

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