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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Suramar-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Gammstein From ChaosSuramar-US20863Not updated
2Moirine MadWorldSuramar-US16963Not updated
3Greybow Damage ControlSuramar-US16200Not updated
4Brioche MurlocSuramar-US16082Not updated
5Killerkills Horde EmpireSuramar-US15754Not updated
6Roadrunèrz Knights of NISuramar-US15281Not updated
7Ziv LogicSuramar-US15277Not updated
8Ffdeathpunch RoCSuramar-US15059Not updated
9Kagero Bank of KSuramar-US14887Not updated
10Sulinn AnomalySuramar-US14655Not updated
11Rotusk Fel HeartSuramar-US14333Not updated
12Trolltard Damage ControlSuramar-US14251Not updated
13Cathis Three Inches of BloodSuramar-US14186Not updated
14Runciter TEAM PUDDINGSuramar-US14170Not updated
15Rebus TEAM PUDDINGSuramar-US14110Not updated
16Ipooponstuff TEAM PUDDINGSuramar-US14104Not updated
17Nein One JobSuramar-US14078Not updated
18Wargunknight Deadly ReignSuramar-US13858Not updated
19Sumdumgi Soul BoundSuramar-US13787Not updated
20Extremus SUICIDAL KINGSSuramar-US13521Not updated
21Wulfgarr  Suramar-US13363Not updated
22Elfskin Too LegitSuramar-US13193Not updated
23Oneandonry Night ShadeSuramar-US12902Not updated
24Mùlán Multifarious IncSuramar-US12824Not updated
25Tammysue Hells Right HandSuramar-US12158Not updated
26Berington  Suramar-US12090Not updated
27Stompey Three Inches of BloodSuramar-US12063Not updated
28Magîc UnreasonableSuramar-US11835Not updated
29Snakens PäñdòrumSuramar-US11768Not updated
30Androgeny MurlocSuramar-US11708Not updated
31Shazzamy Stormwind DevilsSuramar-US11599Not updated
32Bayouchick VampiricSuramar-US11592Not updated
33Sigund From ChaosSuramar-US11527Not updated
34Crene Special SauceSuramar-US11502Not updated
34Mitigate LogicSuramar-US11502Not updated
34Spooled Special SauceSuramar-US11502Not updated
34Crappydruid Special SauceSuramar-US11502Not updated
38Gemmie Special SauceSuramar-US11377Not updated
39Londius The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US11333Not updated
40Hoagies From ChaosSuramar-US11307Not updated
41Fknhostile One World TribeSuramar-US11236Not updated
42Lyricaa From ChaosSuramar-US11223Not updated
43Primalknight One World TribeSuramar-US10914Not updated
44Whinchester The Forlorn HopeSuramar-US10913Not updated
45Amelilea Malum DiscordiaeSuramar-US10884Not updated
46Thiax House Of DagothSuramar-US10883Not updated
47Mleffy ConvictionSuramar-US10800Not updated
48Siusy Divine InterventionSuramar-US10683Not updated
49Redmasher Stormwind DevilsSuramar-US10672Not updated
50Wolfshade Usual SuspectsSuramar-US10633Not updated
51Beithra wanted ted or aliveSuramar-US10534Not updated
52Yclone Warcraft Wolf PackSuramar-US10432Not updated
53Matthenn  Suramar-US10261Not updated
54Okunoichi OriginSuramar-US10238Not updated
55Pclone The BanishedSuramar-US10187Not updated
56Rooster LogicSuramar-US10122Not updated
57Swóle Winter ContingencySuramar-US9968Not updated
57Wildabandon Dawn of the Midnight SunSuramar-US9968Not updated
59Mspokey Dawn of the Midnight SunSuramar-US9921Not updated
60Worggar THE ALL MiGHTYSuramar-US9860Not updated
60Dreanah THE ALL MiGHTYSuramar-US9860Not updated
62Xorakk SanctuarySuramar-US9789Not updated
63Drraazzii  Suramar-US9783Not updated
64Soulsiren Platonically PromiscuousSuramar-US9699Not updated
65Oleslewfoot the smokyandbanditsSuramar-US9693Not updated
65Absentminded the smokyandbanditsSuramar-US9693Not updated
65Palischantre ImmortalsSuramar-US9693Not updated
68Preystation VanguardSuramar-US9654Not updated
69Vyshrael The Art of RuinSuramar-US9510Not updated
70Wrashis Dark PhoenixSuramar-US9436Not updated
71Imaginist Ceti Alpha SixSuramar-US9411Not updated
72Grellic Knights of MightSuramar-US9307Not updated
73Allhanon Special SauceSuramar-US9296Not updated
74Tinynora AllmachtSuramar-US9273Not updated
74Pendeca The Orgrimmar PoliceSuramar-US9273Not updated
76Tanamun NorthshieldSuramar-US9264Not updated

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