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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Gug  Stormreaver-US18918Not updated
2Itty Kung Fu TheaterStormreaver-US18541Not updated
3Jjdk Ginyu ForceStormreaver-US17795Not updated
4Snipster Raiders of the Last ArkStormreaver-US15370Not updated
5Ngee FutureStormreaver-US15280Not updated
6Chainandpray Party SharkStormreaver-US14687Not updated
7Voorhees Hardcore PawnStormreaver-US14656Not updated
8Xcalber Angels of DêathStormreaver-US14625Not updated
9Cheontae FutureStormreaver-US14421Not updated
10Angelldust  Stormreaver-US14275Not updated
11Syanì Inverse LogicStormreaver-US14191Not updated
12Babylon PulseStormreaver-US14064Not updated
13Faulthers  Stormreaver-US14027Not updated
14Litecoss purgatoryStormreaver-US13841Not updated
15Aquìnas  Stormreaver-US13323Not updated
16Braedun GetTheHellStormreaver-US13022Not updated
17Devotee P A R A D O X I CStormreaver-US12625Not updated
18Kuross Yoda StickStormreaver-US12188Not updated
19Addisen SubterfugeStormreaver-US12082Not updated
20Bearchoe Mushroom BouquetStormreaver-US12076Not updated
21Meella BaddiesStormreaver-US11935Not updated
22Kritsngigles Wind and WaterStormreaver-US11409Not updated
23Efcc SeraphimStormreaver-US11276Not updated
24Devi Peachy KeenStormreaver-US11254Not updated
25Nilâ VoSStormreaver-US11230Not updated
26Thailyn Fear ItselfStormreaver-US11208Not updated
27Zophee DragonusStormreaver-US11127Not updated
28Bulaklak  Stormreaver-US11055Not updated
29Cyghan  Stormreaver-US10864Not updated
30Deevee Reavers llIStormreaver-US10858Not updated
31Jomach  Stormreaver-US10738Not updated
32Legnaros Peachy KeenStormreaver-US10625Not updated
33Odo Lambda CoreStormreaver-US10576Not updated
34Raynee REPRISALStormreaver-US10542Not updated
35Evilbliss The Wandering BearsStormreaver-US10447Not updated
36Pandemaniac  Stormreaver-US10401Not updated
37Saily Just Hit ItStormreaver-US10333Not updated
38Batwaztraz Kitty KreamStormreaver-US10326Not updated
39Tubalkane Boiling PointStormreaver-US10237Not updated
40Mistrdrift DefiantStormreaver-US10223Not updated
41Preacharöund  Stormreaver-US10190Not updated
42Mapple MistakenStormreaver-US10177Not updated
43Adelaidê Banished LegionStormreaver-US10171Not updated
44Amethyst TempestStormreaver-US10148Not updated
45Gilda CheckersStormreaver-US10142Not updated
46Mailonkok Companions of the HallStormreaver-US10134Not updated
47Qwintl REPRISALStormreaver-US10070Not updated
48Orikanji MistakenStormreaver-US10069Not updated
49Skarekrow  Stormreaver-US10020Not updated
50Haystacks MythicStormreaver-US9990Not updated
50Boostkin Party SharkStormreaver-US9990Not updated
52Jokstrap PillageStormreaver-US9886Not updated
53Parah Flesh and BloodStormreaver-US9868Not updated
54Indijin Fusion Core DanceStormreaver-US9867Not updated
54Selenelion  Stormreaver-US9867Not updated
54Mumbletypeg Fusion Core DanceStormreaver-US9867Not updated
57Ashkenaz Night PackStormreaver-US9860Not updated
57Dreadlox Chaos UnlimitedStormreaver-US9860Not updated
57Phren  Stormreaver-US9860Not updated
60Epochellipse Fusion Core DanceStormreaver-US9836Not updated
61Elfbank Group TwoStormreaver-US9827Not updated
62Pailhead Aperture LaboratoriesStormreaver-US9755Not updated
63Badintenshun Mischief MakersStormreaver-US9732Not updated
64Ratsmacker Kurald GalainStormreaver-US9716Not updated
65Lumidae Redwood Rum PiratesStormreaver-US9714Not updated
66Snotfist Kurald GalainStormreaver-US9663Not updated
67Memilkyou SyntheticStormreaver-US9658Not updated
68Nymphiniti PinnacleStormreaver-US9610Not updated
69Spero AmicitiaStormreaver-US9557Not updated
70Pukanono XII LegionStormreaver-US9551Not updated
71Tabity TenXStormreaver-US9520Not updated
72Thelgar tcfStormreaver-US9406Not updated
73Rothela  Stormreaver-US9357Not updated
74Osmond The Art of WarStormreaver-US9328Not updated
75Kutabiku VoSStormreaver-US9271Not updated
76Penguinmatex Section Hate IIStormreaver-US9232Not updated
77Gruber PrometheanStormreaver-US9185Not updated
78Yovanna vs The UniverseStormreaver-US9158Not updated
78Yin NerfherderStormreaver-US9158Not updated
80Nightrays OgStormreaver-US9157Not updated
81Lesbose GuiltyStormreaver-US9130Not updated
82Davidjoshua ShadowStormreaver-US9100Not updated
83Zavanäh To Die ForStormreaver-US9094Not updated
84Sorankar Protectors of the LightStormreaver-US9077Not updated
85Haviboolan Fear ItselfStormreaver-US9024Not updated
86Bitterdeath Banished LegionStormreaver-US9019Not updated
87Tilliann Its always sunny in OrgStormreaver-US8992Not updated
88Acelaia AmicitiaStormreaver-US8976Not updated
89Desmiranda DesecrationStormreaver-US8920Not updated
90Jodee Hell's ArmyStormreaver-US8911Not updated
91Soullock TrembleStormreaver-US8895Not updated

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