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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Stumpan In Other NewsStormrage-US10763Not updated
2Tyrrae In Other NewsStormrage-US10171Not updated
3Squishsquash In Other NewsStormrage-US8531Not updated
4Murphgriffin In Other NewsStormrage-US8084Not updated
5Daized In Other NewsStormrage-US7886Not updated
6Chriton In Other NewsStormrage-US7884Not updated
7Riichard In Other NewsStormrage-US7481Not updated
8Graflen In Other NewsStormrage-US6774Not updated
9Erriis In Other NewsStormrage-US6425Not updated
10Avilah In Other NewsStormrage-US6378Not updated
11Smashêd In Other NewsStormrage-US5406Not updated
12Itybitycrity In Other NewsStormrage-US5288Not updated
13Shadowrader In Other NewsStormrage-US5248Not updated
14Hezmata In Other NewsStormrage-US4708Not updated
14Zeejai In Other NewsStormrage-US4708Not updated
16Eliyarra In Other NewsStormrage-US4299Not updated
17Zenìa In Other NewsStormrage-US4231Not updated
18Celdinna In Other NewsStormrage-US4110Not updated
19Letterbomb In Other NewsStormrage-US3945Not updated
19Xuelong In Other NewsStormrage-US3945Not updated
21Byuntae In Other NewsStormrage-US3670Not updated
22Scuttlebug In Other NewsStormrage-US3317Not updated
23Ultimecià In Other NewsStormrage-US3049Not updated
24Heavensgrac In Other NewsStormrage-US2557Not updated
25Gauge In Other NewsStormrage-US1731Not updated
26Iblamepallys In Other NewsStormrage-US1715Not updated
27Discobeard In Other NewsStormrage-US1687Not updated
28Madeinhaven In Other NewsStormrage-US1649Not updated
29Thoranim In Other NewsStormrage-US1379Not updated
30Howshockin In Other NewsStormrage-US985Not updated
31Phanatik In Other NewsStormrage-US950Not updated
32Rrell In Other NewsStormrage-US829Not updated
33Dranakar In Other NewsStormrage-US744Not updated
34Kyndi In Other NewsStormrage-US723Not updated
35Orchiid In Other NewsStormrage-US697Not updated
36Catacalysmic In Other NewsStormrage-US578Not updated
37Indigomøøn In Other NewsStormrage-US562Not updated
38Vylanis In Other NewsStormrage-US557Not updated
39Izzysdk In Other NewsStormrage-US494Not updated
40Crosse In Other NewsStormrage-US473Not updated
41Ingredient In Other NewsStormrage-US452Not updated
42Kaalari In Other NewsStormrage-US254Not updated
43Gamgar In Other NewsStormrage-US237Not updated
44Eminica In Other NewsStormrage-US211Not updated
45Lthrnck In Other NewsStormrage-US197Not updated
46Belyak In Other NewsStormrage-US192Not updated
47Validation In Other NewsStormrage-US188Not updated
47Vlizze In Other NewsStormrage-US188Not updated
49Rikuxlli In Other NewsStormrage-US171Not updated
50Hawtmama In Other NewsStormrage-US149Not updated
51Peyten In Other NewsStormrage-US148Not updated
52Krishnar In Other NewsStormrage-US143Not updated
53Shamonyu In Other NewsStormrage-US136Not updated
54Jrollin In Other NewsStormrage-US128Not updated
55Bearlyheals In Other NewsStormrage-US124Not updated
56Alnitam In Other NewsStormrage-US101Not updated
57Palinteres In Other NewsStormrage-US82Not updated
58Sedaiya In Other NewsStormrage-US75Not updated
59Fyreguard In Other NewsStormrage-US74Not updated
60Àoe In Other NewsStormrage-US73Not updated
61Savashtar In Other NewsStormrage-US69Not updated
62Citrusfruit In Other NewsStormrage-US44Not updated
62Dessox In Other NewsStormrage-US44Not updated
64Idoc In Other NewsStormrage-US43Not updated
65Shamanhoe In Other NewsStormrage-US29Not updated
66Oriath In Other NewsStormrage-US28Not updated
67Silentplague In Other NewsStormrage-US26Not updated
68Wolfdotcom In Other NewsStormrage-USNot updated
68Graflargen In Other NewsStormrage-USNot updated

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