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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Nomidiant Opponent IIStormrage-US21757Not updated
2Goggo The ProvenStormrage-US20174Not updated
3Zazaboom The BasinStormrage-US18519Not updated
4Colaye DissonanceStormrage-US18474Not updated
5Gemlore World TreeStormrage-US18364Not updated
6Arylia Focus FireStormrage-US18085Not updated
7Gidian A Few Good MenStormrage-US17970Not updated
8Jasun No DiceStormrage-US17727Not updated
9Skeyftw Pocket MonstersStormrage-US17384Not updated
10Buuya Storm LegionStormrage-US17373Not updated
11Gnoless Shadow HunterzStormrage-US16700Not updated
12Ravnstorm WarcraftPetsStormrage-US16622Not updated
13Mezmaron  Stormrage-US16419Not updated
14Crazzii Dragon HawksStormrage-US16418Not updated
15Rustyjones Planet ExpressStormrage-US16372Not updated
16Ishtuur CatalystStormrage-US16222Not updated
17Karahan Exiles of LordaeronStormrage-US16221Not updated
18Keylogga LamentStormrage-US16103Not updated
19Arcalas Angels of AzerothStormrage-US16033Not updated
20Satyrical Dark GuardStormrage-US15766Not updated
21Galluccio The DynastyStormrage-US15733Not updated
22Javette The DynastyStormrage-US15646Not updated
23Frozenhope The InfinitiesStormrage-US15454Not updated
24Badrach  Stormrage-US15350Not updated
25Zaenerys ObsessiveStormrage-US15314Not updated
26Puerile Deadly AssassinsStormrage-US15274Not updated
27Drrum Militis JusticaStormrage-US15229Not updated
28Necloj  Stormrage-US15216Not updated
29Prayermeetin Alpha and the OmegaStormrage-US15208Not updated
30Fatheadbaby Gnomies for LifeStormrage-US15046Not updated
31Yliendra Searching for SanityStormrage-US15015Not updated
32Nicharitai  Stormrage-US15014Not updated
33Jiaya OpponentStormrage-US15004Not updated
34Joopacshalom JujuStormrage-US14997Not updated
35Silkyplump Gnomies for LifeStormrage-US14978Not updated
36Ryken Southern ComfortStormrage-US14975Not updated
37Iroj Comfortably NumbStormrage-US14948Not updated
38Spug Southern ComfortStormrage-US14925Not updated
39Elannii Chaotic KlownsStormrage-US14908Not updated
40Chibimage Before The FallStormrage-US14893Not updated
41Gwydyon Before The FallStormrage-US14827Not updated
42Raazzor Organized ChaøsStormrage-US14814Not updated
43Wallychamp LunaticsStormrage-US14773Not updated
44Tinky Southern ComfortStormrage-US14750Not updated
44Rycos Southern ComfortStormrage-US14750Not updated
46Serephem Eternal AfflictionStormrage-US14674Not updated
47Crystallè  Stormrage-US14655Not updated
48Havalock Avatars ImmortalStormrage-US14631Not updated
49Ekans MelioraStormrage-US14601Not updated
50Shaki ProgressionStormrage-US14566Not updated
51Zarhunter OpponentStormrage-US14554Not updated
52Zuiquan  Stormrage-US14451Not updated
53Sammo Hell GateStormrage-US14441Not updated
54Roisen Riders of the ApocalypseStormrage-US14413Not updated
55Ejmer  Stormrage-US14408Not updated
56Aimnee Before The FallStormrage-US14386Not updated
57Luvbox No DiceStormrage-US14346Not updated
58Zizzer Forgot to WipeStormrage-US14337Not updated
59Xahria EmeritusStormrage-US14335Not updated
60Nymphomancer  Stormrage-US14327Not updated
61Varrys  Stormrage-US14325Not updated
61Kelpie  Stormrage-US14325Not updated
63Gatin  Stormrage-US14311Not updated
63Tagin Dark Side of OpponentStormrage-US14311Not updated
65Gratsz  Stormrage-US14310Not updated
66Aestraea Adult SupervisionStormrage-US14293Not updated
67Zeusie The CommonwealthStormrage-US14283Not updated
68Grungust Opponent IIStormrage-US14272Not updated
69Raens VanquishStormrage-US14266Not updated
70Selairia Graveyard ShiftersStormrage-US14252Not updated
71Cornelius DissonanceStormrage-US14086Not updated
72Bluberries OpponentStormrage-US14075Not updated
73Maurelia ProgressionStormrage-US14042Not updated
74Dannîka ProdigÿStormrage-US13898Not updated
75Yvellinrah  Stormrage-US13854Not updated
76Røsz Elegant NightmaresStormrage-US13795Not updated
77Kantharjr Chaotic KlownsStormrage-US13779Not updated
78Xavierass CatalystStormrage-US13688Not updated
79Jabin WGWStormrage-US13685Not updated
80Samntig  Stormrage-US13600Not updated
81Glenorda Legion of the BaldurwokStormrage-US13578Not updated
82Dreadløcks UnyieldingStormrage-US13574Not updated
83Maylèn  Stormrage-US13430Not updated
84Juugs VindicatumStormrage-US13350Not updated
85Midgette MetroStormrage-US13343Not updated
86Natima  Stormrage-US13340Not updated
87Bzzkill Pixelated ChaosStormrage-US13322Not updated
88Korungar Shadow HunterzStormrage-US13285Not updated
89Cods  Stormrage-US13269Not updated
90Kårelia DominionStormrage-US13199Not updated
91Bobmagus Burn NoticeStormrage-US13147Not updated
92Ookindookin WarcraftPetsStormrage-US13141Not updated
93Zhouzhi Morning MayhemStormrage-US13135Not updated
94Falconbc I N S A N EStormrage-US13122Not updated
95Punnisherr Organized ChaøsStormrage-US13068Not updated
96Khordaar Chaotic KlownsStormrage-US13067Not updated
97Bigragu One Eight SevensStormrage-US13028Not updated
98Scarlina Searching for SanityStormrage-US13021Not updated
99Mizumii LOTIONStormrage-US13002Not updated
100Rosandria ProdigÿStormrage-US12980Not updated

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