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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Grinderman dexs midnight runnersStormrage-EU18680Not updated
2Peeze SerenStormrage-EU16928Not updated
3Slicingsu Low LandersStormrage-EU16601Not updated
4Myssa Retro RockstarsStormrage-EU15105Not updated
5Cowbooy EvolutionStormrage-EU14794Not updated
6Wheatley AuroraStormrage-EU14550Not updated
7Hyperion XistanceStormrage-EU14110Not updated
8Zeb Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU13863Not updated
9Aramco  Stormrage-EU13712Not updated
10Gately DamnationStormrage-EU13681Not updated
11Kassijee AuroraStormrage-EU13627Not updated
12Nanniadee Order of GrayStormrage-EU13079Not updated
13Silverella Wombles Of The WorldStormrage-EU13011Not updated
14Ozzello IllustriousStormrage-EU12064Not updated
15Miserime SerenStormrage-EU11982Not updated
16Maxxen Evil DeadStormrage-EU11957Not updated
17Ewelina The Crazy EightyEightStormrage-EU11862Not updated
18Eranikùs Angel Lords of DraenorStormrage-EU11618Not updated
19Enoughenough Alliance SecurityStormrage-EU11346Not updated
20Wardah The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU11315Not updated
21Archdrood TemperedStormrage-EU11207Not updated
22Bigbaadwolf Heroes of WarcraftStormrage-EU10861Not updated
23Yarima Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU10689Not updated
24Snouw ShivaStormrage-EU10573Not updated
25Ameliorate  Stormrage-EU10504Not updated
26Dutrius Forsaken HeroesStormrage-EU10418Not updated
27Shortlegs TemperedStormrage-EU9966Not updated
28Archron Bad LuckStormrage-EU9861Not updated
29Split TemperedStormrage-EU9796Not updated
30Drakonfire Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU9728Not updated
31Rustalot TemperedStormrage-EU9691Not updated
32Ohnooz Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU9452Not updated
33Xryafae World EatersStormrage-EU9451Not updated
34Romraf ScarsStormrage-EU9407Not updated
35Elória Evil DeadStormrage-EU9339Not updated
36Worgenbennet Rangers of the EastStormrage-EU9321Not updated
36Crazyfóól Rangers of the EastStormrage-EU9321Not updated
36Terryworgen Rangers of the EastStormrage-EU9321Not updated
39Jackiechanda The Banned Ones.Stormrage-EU9276Not updated
40Rosiev Islands of the BlessedStormrage-EU9258Not updated
41Valaja  Stormrage-EU9224Not updated
42Pwuebear AuroraStormrage-EU9067Not updated
43Maritoo Lol Rofl GGStormrage-EU9020Not updated
44Drugaal Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU8973Not updated
45Taxie AmicusStormrage-EU8972Not updated
46Shreÿa HydaelynStormrage-EU8965Not updated
47Guang Half AliveStormrage-EU8938Not updated
48Rodinowv Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU8928Not updated
49Pandaedo  Stormrage-EU8905Not updated
50Sootpelt OathbreakersStormrage-EU8899Not updated
51Aughlie Wombles Of The WorldStormrage-EU8794Not updated
52Pops No MercyStormrage-EU8792Not updated
53Glennie KodeNStormrage-EU8661Not updated
54Kinli JoonbeStormrage-EU8520Not updated
55Jackiepander  Stormrage-EU8486Not updated
56Xenophobos Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU8476Not updated
57Juls Futures EndStormrage-EU8461Not updated
58Thebes Futures EndStormrage-EU8445Not updated
59Tudeloo Blades Of PoisonStormrage-EU8422Not updated
60Hellinios FrostStormrage-EU8365Not updated
61Calici Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU8352Not updated
62Timmascus Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU8326Not updated
63Nkara FlameOnStormrage-EU8299Not updated
64Noctolus Order of GrayStormrage-EU8291Not updated
64Onterion Mountains of ZoomStormrage-EU8291Not updated
66Lalka ZealStormrage-EU8264Not updated
67Lagros Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU8194Not updated
68Frozenta ShivaStormrage-EU8147Not updated
69Batteriez Middle EastStormrage-EU8145Not updated
70Priestoff  Stormrage-EU8120Not updated
71Amén Unquestionable PresenceStormrage-EU8107Not updated
72Izzapan The Banned Ones.Stormrage-EU8106Not updated
73Shazzles The Black HordeStormrage-EU8069Not updated
74Ljubica Crusaders Of AzerothStormrage-EU8060Not updated
75Aphex  Stormrage-EU8048Not updated
76Pausee Friends in armsStormrage-EU8020Not updated
77Meninblack WhateverStormrage-EU7988Not updated
78Brohoof Stormwind Defence LeagueStormrage-EU7979Not updated
79Blóndy Stormrage KnightsStormrage-EU7906Not updated
80Moros Low LandersStormrage-EU7880Not updated
81Morosavo Alliance SecurityStormrage-EU7847Not updated
82Zombileena SolsticeStormrage-EU7831Not updated
83Eddypl  Stormrage-EU7789Not updated
84Ellarae  Stormrage-EU7769Not updated
85Palunko Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU7765Not updated
86Starspring Mountains of ZoomStormrage-EU7736Not updated

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