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Spirestone-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Fenom CENTURIONSpirestone-US14379Not updated
2Sorrck IlluminousSpirestone-US12779
3Rockwilda IlluminousSpirestone-US12710
4Hornne Arabian KnightsSpirestone-US12342
5Allegory  Spirestone-US12275Not updated
6Nomm FracturedSpirestone-US12025Not updated
7Freezingcold  Spirestone-US11413Not updated
8Loctord Mongolian Chop SquadSpirestone-US11129Not updated
9Ceewhya InevitableSpirestone-US10869
10Zharda Keep CalmSpirestone-US10449
11Paracelsus Chest LootsSpirestone-US10278Not updated
11Bacarri Chest LootsSpirestone-US10278Not updated
13Viviatae The Aggro CragSpirestone-US10260
14Dragonskull KLSSpirestone-US10243Not updated
15Tailalas Furious Kittens of DoomSpirestone-US9999
16Irti e x i l eSpirestone-US9742
17Draiel Furious Kittens of DoomSpirestone-US9482
18Aeriane Keep CalmSpirestone-US9154
19Barachiel DeliriumSpirestone-US8214Not updated
20Nightsecho InevitableSpirestone-US8145
21Rockpile Keep CalmSpirestone-US8109
22Ephona AdaptSpirestone-US8051
23Runeytoon AdaptSpirestone-US8034
24Brewsleeroy  Spirestone-US8009
25Askhem The Aggro CragSpirestone-US8000Not updated
26Joeljoel Myth of the CeltsSpirestone-US7876
27Yosarian voidSpirestone-US7642
28Drs The EndSpirestone-US7601Not updated
29Shorttea voidSpirestone-US7581
30Sofeorn  Spirestone-US7556Not updated
31Kittylicious  Spirestone-US7549Not updated
32Rothspriest Keep CalmSpirestone-US7547
33Laclaire StaticySpirestone-US7525
34Haktok ReaversSpirestone-US7501
35Kadosha Every Villian Is LemonsSpirestone-US7466Not updated
36Shenlung Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US7451Not updated
37Karysa Dirty Rotten HordesSpirestone-US7444
37Allystomper Dirty Rotten HordesSpirestone-US7444
39Zahyr AdaptSpirestone-US7405
40Willybob ConfluxSpirestone-US7344
41Murilo AdaptSpirestone-US7292
42Oscarbeast InevitableSpirestone-US7267
43Remoraz  Spirestone-US7243Not updated
44Buddhabelly  Spirestone-US7205Not updated
45Deeliciouz  Spirestone-US7154Not updated
46Greedy Midnight SocietySpirestone-US7119Not updated
47Piewhole FracturedSpirestone-US7098
48Terab ConfluxSpirestone-US6928
49Corpsepaint StaticySpirestone-US6788
50Unlox Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US6753Not updated
51Istvan TORMENTSpirestone-US6612Not updated
52Igorawr TORMENTSpirestone-US6611Not updated
53Threepwood AgonySpirestone-US6595
54Mattimeo CENTURIONSpirestone-US6556
55Evilfranz e x i l eSpirestone-US6494
55Partsz e x i l eSpirestone-US6494
57Dotmon OmisSpirestone-US6438
58Arivalis AdaptSpirestone-US6427Not updated
59Buddÿ e x i l eSpirestone-US6426Not updated
60Chron Sons of DraenorSpirestone-US6415Not updated
61Pandaman ConfluxSpirestone-US6387
62Ormius The NightshiftSpirestone-US6367Not updated
63Músazz InevitableSpirestone-US6355
63Femaledwarf InevitableSpirestone-US6355
65Lemonlead InevitableSpirestone-US6354
65Dtnsgbsbtmp InevitableSpirestone-US6354
67Aleecia RemorseSpirestone-US6341Not updated
68Solobull  Spirestone-US6321
69Iiyq FracturedSpirestone-US6310Not updated
70Genus timesinkSpirestone-US6290Not updated
71Focushorrido AdaptSpirestone-US6286Not updated
72Dyvenarth AdaptSpirestone-US6275Not updated
73Zerofaith AddictionSpirestone-US6212
74Leechh Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US6156Not updated
75Datajinx ReaversSpirestone-US6139
76Prohuntard  Spirestone-US6135
77Honie PsychosisSpirestone-US6104
78Sindori Keyboard WarriorsSpirestone-US6103Not updated
79Whiteghost DelusionSpirestone-US6059Not updated
80Rieux Legion of DoomSpirestone-US6048Not updated
81Heffner  Spirestone-US6047Not updated
81Darkenedsoul The DepartedSpirestone-US6047
83Rantodin OmisSpirestone-US6044Not updated
84Macanam Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US6036Not updated
85Balo  Spirestone-US6033Not updated
86Tyrania e x i l eSpirestone-US6026
87Wownarcssuck DivinitusSpirestone-US5977
88Azsol Squirrels In My PantsSpirestone-US5974Not updated
89Easybuc  Spirestone-US5967
90Tygarzi Naked VillainySpirestone-US5965Not updated
91Hemarizy EpitoméSpirestone-US5952Not updated
92Pushme AdaptSpirestone-US5948Not updated
93Damero Climbin In Yo WindowsSpirestone-US5941Not updated
94Nereus Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US5921Not updated
94Mêowmïx Max PowerSpirestone-US5921Not updated
96Bubbatoo OmisSpirestone-US5914
97Packmedic PsychosisSpirestone-US5912Not updated

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