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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spinebreaker-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Padii Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US15421Not updated
2Ragingcheeks  Spinebreaker-US15046Not updated
3Geppo five finger kill shotSpinebreaker-US13874Not updated
3Downslock five finger kill shotSpinebreaker-US13874Not updated
5Wildtimes Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US13010Not updated
6Undaunted Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US11901Not updated
7Magthyra Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US11130Not updated
8Samanthia AftermathSpinebreaker-US10990Not updated
9Segovia TheUnforOHGODBEESSpinebreaker-US10786Not updated
10Myfault Lords of the AHSpinebreaker-US10119Not updated
11Letsshot Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US10011Not updated
12Kabal TheUnforOHGODBEESSpinebreaker-US9603Not updated
13Drahko DominionSpinebreaker-US9186Not updated
14Pendergrass Øvèr PøwërêdSpinebreaker-US9117Not updated
15Tarmogoyf  Spinebreaker-US9047Not updated
16Incongruent Life Is DebtSpinebreaker-US8973Not updated
17Jypsii Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US8563Not updated
18Duskrider  Spinebreaker-US8343Not updated
19Jakwagon XratedSpinebreaker-US8288Not updated
20Antalya Blood VendettaSpinebreaker-US8249Not updated
21Zlotvor ImperialSpinebreaker-US7916Not updated
22Popqt  Spinebreaker-US7818Not updated
23Krattik The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US7817Not updated
24Debloomered The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US7803Not updated
25Element  Spinebreaker-US7792Not updated
26Wapsi Bite meSpinebreaker-US7784Not updated
27Validar  Spinebreaker-US7490Not updated
28Aurdra Dark ArcaneSpinebreaker-US7468Not updated
29Blindpig ParanoidSpinebreaker-US7384Not updated
30Huntingudown Dread DeciplesSpinebreaker-US7355Not updated
31Bigmanmon Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US7323Not updated
32Pricilla InvictusSpinebreaker-US7293Not updated
33Plantpicker NP CompleteSpinebreaker-US7145Not updated
34Graewolf Murloc IncSpinebreaker-US7060Not updated
35Mookla  Spinebreaker-US6922Not updated
36Alcinous Gank Or Die TryingSpinebreaker-US6730Not updated
37Teresasw Nisgaa KnightsSpinebreaker-US6648Not updated
38Pragakhan Life Is DebtSpinebreaker-US6618Not updated
39Petralla Øvèr PøwërêdSpinebreaker-US6601Not updated
40Kouth Pray for VillainsSpinebreaker-US6535Not updated
41Boogz Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US6469Not updated
41Proline BadCompanySpinebreaker-US6469Not updated
43Jïnx  Spinebreaker-US6451Not updated
44Lykwid GlacierSpinebreaker-US6447Not updated
45Prymrose Bite meSpinebreaker-US6399Not updated
46Boomshiqua TheUnforOHGODBEESSpinebreaker-US6378Not updated
47Xerc  Spinebreaker-US6351Not updated
48Liriette  Spinebreaker-US6329Not updated
49Syllina Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US6294Not updated
50Iluvyouz Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US6280Not updated
51Mchagis Delusions of GrandeurSpinebreaker-US6238Not updated
52Flintlocke  Spinebreaker-US6151Not updated
53Bellalastrng Bite meSpinebreaker-US6135Not updated
54Mushufassa Blood AngelsSpinebreaker-US6126Not updated
55Munkyou The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US6112Not updated
56Marija Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US6092Not updated
57Brealynn Blood VendettaSpinebreaker-US6044Not updated
58Eremes The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US6005Not updated
59Malice The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US5996Not updated
60Ronaldo Wasted PotentialSpinebreaker-US5945Not updated
61Xròt Vendettas ReckoningSpinebreaker-US5897Not updated
62Wushucow Life Is DebtSpinebreaker-US5888Not updated
63Tigorainto Wasted PotentialSpinebreaker-US5883Not updated
64Kamair The Under TakersSpinebreaker-US5858Not updated
65Keiry The Problem Is PeopleSpinebreaker-US5855Not updated
66Purebreed  Spinebreaker-US5854Not updated
67Najan  Spinebreaker-US5782Not updated
68Oorax  Spinebreaker-US5772Not updated
69Valarine The RebellionSpinebreaker-US5762Not updated
70Mazzel Pack RatzSpinebreaker-US5746Not updated
71Hallowicked Another FunkinSpinebreaker-US5665Not updated
72Feistier Wussy PatrolSpinebreaker-US5633Not updated
73Blackscrubs Pray for VillainsSpinebreaker-US5624Not updated
74Copa Heroes of AzerothSpinebreaker-US5605Not updated
75Araku  Spinebreaker-US5547Not updated
76Trollbus Delusions of GrandeurSpinebreaker-US5541Not updated
77Cattuskapuss comfortablynumbSpinebreaker-US5535Not updated
78Alderok Heroes of AzerothSpinebreaker-US5508Not updated
79Bubblebunny Rude AwakeningSpinebreaker-US5495Not updated
80Caracal Is an Epic MountSpinebreaker-US5494Not updated
81Ickcarus Color CrewSpinebreaker-US5476Not updated
82Aggelos  Spinebreaker-US5465Not updated
83Sayoliver  Spinebreaker-US5431Not updated
84Soramei Celestial ReignSpinebreaker-US5423Not updated
85Zeâ Red DragonsSpinebreaker-US5376Not updated
86Safina Life Is DebtSpinebreaker-US5369Not updated
87Moogin North WatchSpinebreaker-US5346Not updated
88Qualm PinnacleSpinebreaker-US5345Not updated
89Flashlights The Horde EliteSpinebreaker-US5328Not updated
90Basscannòn  Spinebreaker-US5315Not updated
91Wráth  Spinebreaker-US5312Not updated
92Dithcoil SlashLickSpinebreaker-US5291Not updated
93Jorgamund Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US5287Not updated
93Hinamizawa Royal DragonslayersSpinebreaker-US5287Not updated

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