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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Skywall-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Antwoord Peoples Front of JudeaSkywall-US20103Not updated
2Autumnblaze Dies IraeSkywall-US18679Not updated
3Blingstar Eternal DeathSkywall-US16260Not updated
3Verywell Eternal DeathSkywall-US16260Not updated
5Lacota Riot OfficerSkywall-US15468Not updated
6Zarhona Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US14465Not updated
7Hellcatt  Skywall-US14267Not updated
8Trappist TitansSkywall-US13021Not updated
9Swifteagle Lenticular LuminositySkywall-US12888Not updated
10Misandi ResurrectionSkywall-US12845Not updated
11Deienjane Police BrutalitySkywall-US12440Not updated
12Katastrofy  Skywall-US12297Not updated
13Lightgrandma DauntlessSkywall-US12120Not updated
14Caitlynne Fringe DivisionSkywall-US12117Not updated
15Jazipan ApotheosisSkywall-US11896Not updated
16Flyingspirit  Skywall-US11869Not updated
17Aethowelen Eternal DeathSkywall-US11735Not updated
18Silvertine Nasty CrewSkywall-US11539Not updated
19Pikknik Global AddictionSkywall-US11406Not updated
20Bluebow OhanaSkywall-US11167Not updated
21Sanosagara HARMONYSkywall-US11055Not updated
22Twistedfaté Holy ReignSkywall-US10970Not updated
23Smartcarr TherapySkywall-US10813Not updated
24Ardent Seven Day BanSkywall-US10794Not updated
25Esara Seven Day BanSkywall-US10792Not updated
26Droon The Dragon FlameSkywall-US10555Not updated
27Onebigtool  Skywall-US10536Not updated
28Koza ResonanceSkywall-US10509Not updated
29Fauisbam Paws for ConcernSkywall-US10344Not updated
30Aramund PlebeianSkywall-US10241Not updated
31Sorrybro Intimate BrutalitySkywall-US10167Not updated
32Magicknight Holy ReignSkywall-US9914Not updated
33Shiftier Crusaders of the nightSkywall-US9787Not updated
34Lovemunky YO SOY FIESTASkywall-US9641Not updated
35Maloregor Silence I Kill YoùSkywall-US9633Not updated
36Hyronza Skills FTWSkywall-US9621Not updated
37Sweetstab C H A O SSkywall-US9619Not updated
38Arnithall Second ChanceSkywall-US9507Not updated
39Mavrannalure Playing SoloSkywall-US9461Not updated
40Vicksen Light BrigadeSkywall-US9401Not updated
41Frednascar TherapySkywall-US9392Not updated
42Telyn Old times sakeSkywall-US9296Not updated
43Adyse Sacred SamophlangeSkywall-US9275Not updated
44Karetaker Pirates Of The CaribbeanSkywall-US9266Not updated
45Shangh Way of the WickedSkywall-US9250Not updated
46Tripagorda PlebeianSkywall-US9179Not updated
47Aerbender Corrupted DestinySkywall-US9161Not updated
48Montalcino Almost SaneSkywall-US9140Not updated
49Huntinstuff TargaryensSkywall-US9137Not updated
49Getachevy  Skywall-US9137Not updated
51Azarrah Legions of HonorSkywall-US9128Not updated
52Shamgo Forsaken WarriorsSkywall-US9075Not updated
53Blodelfelite DRACONIC VIVEXSkywall-US9044Not updated
54Dimachaera  Skywall-US9029Not updated
55Nastius Fighting HarpiesSkywall-US9024Not updated
56Azuriniah BattlescarredSkywall-US8996Not updated
57Echoes Mediocrity in MotionSkywall-US8995Not updated
58Azalea KillawogSkywall-US8993Not updated
59Chelena Skywall SentinelsSkywall-US8992Not updated
60Jaizen Timeless EndeavourSkywall-US8936Not updated
61Jedhian Targeted AggressionSkywall-US8898Not updated
62Sixvision ParanormalSkywall-US8822Not updated
63Hunita Be Your True MindSkywall-US8818Not updated
64Rhude TherapySkywall-US8812Not updated
65Relana TitanSkywall-US8792Not updated
66Insanityrule  Skywall-US8737Not updated
67Fizzlestix C H A O SSkywall-US8692Not updated
68Webesmokin  Skywall-US8656Not updated
69Drogon DrogonsteamSkywall-US8637Not updated
70Motrax Light BrigadeSkywall-US8636Not updated
71Warvox ResurrectionSkywall-US8621Not updated
72Dedlyedly Paws for ConcernSkywall-US8615Not updated
73Velgana Countdown To ExtinctionSkywall-US8611Not updated
74Lursk C H A O SSkywall-US8569Not updated
75Boomeres socially challengedSkywall-US8508Not updated
76Willyd Pirates Of The CaribbeanSkywall-US8505Not updated
77Magnusbane InsurrectionSkywall-US8431Not updated
78Nelev  Skywall-US8430Not updated
79Gebel ParanormalSkywall-US8423Not updated
80Orakio Pirates Of The CaribbeanSkywall-US8418Not updated
81Dkesh Pirates Of The CaribbeanSkywall-US8405Not updated
82Mywaahlana Global AddictionSkywall-US8381Not updated
83Bucko DisciplesSkywall-US8365Not updated
84Katherinen InsurrectionSkywall-US8363Not updated
85Allegrey C H A O SSkywall-US8339Not updated
86Ziod CellSkywall-US8319Not updated
87Drazon Intimate BrutalitySkywall-US8318Not updated
88Opfour CellSkywall-US8311Not updated
89Mugsly Second ChanceSkywall-US8293Not updated

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