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Silver Hand-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Glyphmeister  Silver Hand-US16100Not updated
2Titanya Nu TirSilver Hand-US15771
3Daeman Nu TirSilver Hand-US15203
4Theaah Harum ScarumSilver Hand-US14876Not updated
5Weakness Once AgainSilver Hand-US14469
6Troo GødspeedSilver Hand-US14300
7Sortua  Silver Hand-US14254
8Lathvia GlitteratiSilver Hand-US13317
9Nganga Pact of WarSilver Hand-US12494
9Frak Pact of WarSilver Hand-US12494
9Heifertiti Pact of WarSilver Hand-US12494
12Rongo Demon KnightsSilver Hand-US12327Not updated
13Alfonzzo AetherstormSilver Hand-US12282
14Pixieaxe Invisible Pink UnicornsSilver Hand-US12208Not updated
15Bikkle Pact of WarSilver Hand-US12206Not updated
16Rhivath The ValiantSilver Hand-US12075
17Jozzet Legion Of KnightsSilver Hand-US12040
18Zlinka The Ironsong TribeSilver Hand-US11512
19Cynthiapain GlitteratiSilver Hand-US11433
20Kaytie ExodusSilver Hand-US11147
21Whísper Shorry Im ShoberSilver Hand-US10857
22Fonzola Gate KeepersSilver Hand-US10849Not updated
23Gimble Hrafn WarbandSilver Hand-US10787Not updated
24Shalleye Angels At ArmsSilver Hand-US10212
25Pawbear FrontlineSilver Hand-US10060Not updated
26Sorrowful Once AgainSilver Hand-US10056Not updated
27Shakela Hostile Takeover GamingSilver Hand-US9718
28Kzin Heroes of the RealmSilver Hand-US9672Not updated
29Aloof Live to Win Til You DieSilver Hand-US9613
30Azalia GødspeedSilver Hand-US9598
31Resto DeterminationSilver Hand-US9589Not updated
32Soth In cauda venenumSilver Hand-US9545Not updated
33Allyeska DemarciaSilver Hand-US9506Not updated
34Chrosti  Silver Hand-US9505Not updated
35Tayva The Ancients MisbehavingSilver Hand-US9476Not updated
36Thrallusson Pact of WarSilver Hand-US9354
37Mysaphine DARK HORIZONSilver Hand-US9254Not updated
38Crispycriter  Silver Hand-US9223Not updated
39Maldictus Changing TidesSilver Hand-US9210
40Dazzleah Pact of WarSilver Hand-US9196
41Zaraphym Nihilistic SkySilver Hand-US9178Not updated
42Mianniel The PantslessSilver Hand-US9165
43Fuddlepucker Preemptive RetributionSilver Hand-US9154
44Kierna GlitteratiSilver Hand-US9139
45Sceleratus  Silver Hand-US8926Not updated
46Ubenhad Pact of WarSilver Hand-US8904Not updated
47Twhyla The associationSilver Hand-US8897
48Sereneshadôw GødspeedSilver Hand-US8880
49Honeybunney  Silver Hand-US8827Not updated
50Oneeightzero GødspeedSilver Hand-US8783Not updated
51Androctonus The Ironsong TribeSilver Hand-US8693
52Xenovia Titans NightmareSilver Hand-US8636
53Sound BloodboundSilver Hand-US8635
54Landow Skeleton CrewSilver Hand-US8587Not updated
55Azrielda GødspeedSilver Hand-US8528Not updated
56Littlegiant BlameRollSilver Hand-US8510
57Trudge Cloud Nine AnonymousSilver Hand-US8493Not updated
57Trudgethree  Silver Hand-US8493
59Aermoss Once AgainSilver Hand-US8421
60Riveryarn Preemptive RetributionSilver Hand-US8417Not updated
61Tellurian Pact of WarSilver Hand-US8352
62Beatfeet Silver DaggersSilver Hand-US8334
63Mozartian RelentlessSilver Hand-US8298
63Mozom RelentlessSilver Hand-US8298
65Shambhoo The War CouncilSilver Hand-US8281
66Celara  Silver Hand-US8275
67Glorfenell BlameRollSilver Hand-US8243
67Gnula  Silver Hand-US8243Not updated
69Tempttress Shadows of ReverenceSilver Hand-US8228Not updated
70Nula BlameRollSilver Hand-US8146Not updated
71Angsti RelentlessSilver Hand-US8107
72Draewind Nu TirSilver Hand-US8083
73Deathman Scarlet BloodSilver Hand-US8053
74Calinelor ExterminatusSilver Hand-US7995
75Ambazeki Shades of DecaySilver Hand-US7992Not updated
76Borr The LightswornSilver Hand-US7904Not updated
77Meiyuu The ValiantSilver Hand-US7830
78Shamanada Sentinels of the FlameSilver Hand-US7819Not updated
79Kharnoa RiptideSilver Hand-US7800Not updated
80Äcidrëign The MulishaSilver Hand-US7739
81Wolstenholme RelentlessSilver Hand-US7730Not updated
82Loriston Everything BleedsSilver Hand-US7672Not updated
83Amiko The War CouncilSilver Hand-US7646
84Angellfury Once AgainSilver Hand-US7643

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