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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shen'dralar-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Seren SøurceShen'dralar-EU12868Not updated
2Anzustorm  Shen'dralar-EU12740Not updated
3Erone Guardián de los TitanesShen'dralar-EU9864Not updated
4Psicodelya  Shen'dralar-EU9467Not updated
5Mmx  Shen'dralar-EU9180Not updated
6Magnia La Orden del CaosShen'dralar-EU9106Not updated
7Ephedrine Caballeros CruzadosShen'dralar-EU8971Not updated
8Thalisa  Shen'dralar-EU8508Not updated
9Molusklady Le daremos hasta morirShen'dralar-EU8442Not updated
10Meliän Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU8282Not updated
10Miriël Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU8282Not updated
12Rompeteliyas AmargorShen'dralar-EU8145Not updated
13Latita República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU8049Not updated
14Sobraoboy  Shen'dralar-EU8021Not updated
15Cutie Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU7889Not updated
16Chanxe  Shen'dralar-EU7767Not updated
17Vib Nacidos de las cenizasShen'dralar-EU7744Not updated
18Thor DementiaShen'dralar-EU7721Not updated
19Kuchikukan  Shen'dralar-EU7574Not updated
20Naralá Alter NativeShen'dralar-EU7572Not updated
21Danubius  Shen'dralar-EU7315Not updated
22Rayaito Hijos de LilithShen'dralar-EU7242Not updated
23Grnoll Legión del abismoShen'dralar-EU7228Not updated
24Äsbreaker AdrenaLina MorganShen'dralar-EU7112Not updated
25Welfica Shadow RaidersShen'dralar-EU7074Not updated
25Senatri  Shen'dralar-EU7074Not updated
27Alvio Legion OscuraShen'dralar-EU7044Not updated
28Edownone Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU7022Not updated
29Nomeviste Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU6956Not updated
30Crickcrick Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU6822Not updated
31Castra Hijos de LilithShen'dralar-EU6805Not updated
32Yaraa TibicenasShen'dralar-EU6698Not updated
33Sorgi Puño PlateadoShen'dralar-EU6694Not updated
34Orejøtas EESShen'dralar-EU6668Not updated
35Nenji Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU6651Not updated
35Fireme  Shen'dralar-EU6651Not updated
37Alisä Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU6626Not updated
38Azmir HolocronShen'dralar-EU6599Not updated
39Makyh Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU6577Not updated
40Dayrane Hijos de LilithShen'dralar-EU6573Not updated
41Fiola  Shen'dralar-EU6555Not updated
42Agnesi  Shen'dralar-EU6527Not updated
43Lunko Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU6515Not updated
44Uva AmargorShen'dralar-EU6455Not updated
45Cigala SøurceShen'dralar-EU6436Not updated
46Tigresombrio  Shen'dralar-EU6431Not updated
47Peka AmargorShen'dralar-EU6426Not updated
48Eldrraiser  Shen'dralar-EU6406Not updated
49Ankkaa República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU6392Not updated
50Lorkia Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU6306Not updated
51Krascul Amigos de la FandobirraShen'dralar-EU6303Not updated
52Pocholao República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU6289Not updated
53Lissbell República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU6240Not updated
54Ehiztaria AkelarreShen'dralar-EU6082Not updated
55Porfiado VâlhâllâShen'dralar-EU6076Not updated
56Gezi AkelarreShen'dralar-EU6037Not updated
57Ishis Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU6035Not updated
58Petereg  Shen'dralar-EU6031Not updated
59Nuwîco Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU5994Not updated
60Rompecraneo La Vieja GuardiaShen'dralar-EU5979Not updated
61Enganchado Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU5955Not updated
62Dieveinticua Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU5934Not updated
63Jodol Amigos de la FandobirraShen'dralar-EU5899Not updated
64Makoc VâlhâllâShen'dralar-EU5861Not updated
65Greene La Compañía de HelmShen'dralar-EU5856Not updated
66Rraistlin Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU5835Not updated
67Tsukina Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU5776Not updated
68Wiligato Los ProscritosShen'dralar-EU5741Not updated
69Alokis  Shen'dralar-EU5726Not updated
70Kelvarion Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU5725Not updated
71Toxolo Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU5712Not updated
72Kunal AvengersShen'dralar-EU5711Not updated
73Kcob Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU5710Not updated
74Drathiel  Shen'dralar-EU5692Not updated
75Dualin Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU5690Not updated
76Ryoma SøurceShen'dralar-EU5688Not updated
76Ranesuxfour Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU5688Not updated
78Kaznak  Shen'dralar-EU5680Not updated
79Dorïs Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU5636Not updated
80Cerdota  Shen'dralar-EU5613Not updated
81Chem  Shen'dralar-EU5609Not updated
82Alatazabks Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU5604Not updated
83Heteferes VâlhâllâShen'dralar-EU5603Not updated
84Draneipower AsesinosShen'dralar-EU5590Not updated
85Erëssea Estrella polarShen'dralar-EU5556Not updated
86Hordak VâlhâllâShen'dralar-EU5534Not updated
87Darshu SøurceShen'dralar-EU5532Not updated
88Orión  Shen'dralar-EU5522Not updated
89Rantaroth  Shen'dralar-EU5507Not updated
90Istar OdiseaShen'dralar-EU5480Not updated
91Tikkhi EESShen'dralar-EU5479Not updated
92Necrop Legion del AbismoShen'dralar-EU5478Not updated

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