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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Halls-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Doctran Lost ProphecyShattered Halls-US16332Not updated
2Donnacarnage Bloodlust of ArmageddonShattered Halls-US13663Not updated
3Kaurik Hells Lunatic AsylumShattered Halls-US13326Not updated
4Bladewalker Golden QuestShattered Halls-US12531Not updated
5Whoshealinme  Shattered Halls-US11713Not updated
6Ironclaws Bând of BrothersShattered Halls-US10320Not updated
7Gymper Noob RaidersShattered Halls-US9771Not updated
8Iamyort Easy CompanyShattered Halls-US9407Not updated
9Willowynd Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US9321Not updated
10Swiftpop Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US9145Not updated
11Missfit Cheese VendorShattered Halls-US8974Not updated
12Daktari Vinii Vidi ViciShattered Halls-US8939Not updated
13Toxicrain Golden QuestShattered Halls-US8843Not updated
14Staber BlackDawnShattered Halls-US8559Not updated
15Breñá Undeniably AddictedShattered Halls-US8433Not updated
15Emilyne Undeniably AddictedShattered Halls-US8433Not updated
17Shellsea Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US8211Not updated
18Sklukler Stormwinds GuardiansShattered Halls-US7918Not updated
19Aubry Order of the Sacred WindShattered Halls-US7803Not updated
20Nightfever MalaiseShattered Halls-US7800Not updated
21Midiosa War HogsShattered Halls-US7621Not updated
22Raigy  Shattered Halls-US7616Not updated
23Mykinglion for blood and gloryShattered Halls-US7610Not updated
24Ieatmypets  Shattered Halls-US7546Not updated
25Hotgem ImmersionShattered Halls-US7531Not updated
26Fredom Smooth CriminalsShattered Halls-US7435Not updated
27Moonbrew  Shattered Halls-US7390Not updated
28Moonblue  Shattered Halls-US7374Not updated
28Camielle  Shattered Halls-US7374Not updated
28Moonbluè  Shattered Halls-US7374Not updated
31Jujuism  Shattered Halls-US7313Not updated
32Kehlini Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US7214Not updated
33Hholylightt Knight of LordearonShattered Halls-US7210Not updated
34Siong  Shattered Halls-US7176Not updated
35Jagcan EclïpseShattered Halls-US7138Not updated
36Børialis Ørgânîzed ÇhâøsShattered Halls-US7117Not updated
37Joralynn Fortis ConsortiumShattered Halls-US7076Not updated
38Bipolarbare  Shattered Halls-US7049Not updated
39Kithcanon FogOfWarShattered Halls-US7024Not updated
40Ñâ Lords of the LightShattered Halls-US6990Not updated
41Hárleÿrider War HogsShattered Halls-US6937Not updated
42Dobber Knight of LordearonShattered Halls-US6875Not updated
43Crapweasel Knight of LordearonShattered Halls-US6868Not updated
43Darkheelz ASSAULTShattered Halls-US6868Not updated
45Tsübaki Cheese VendorShattered Halls-US6800Not updated
46Libedo Champions of AzerothShattered Halls-US6795Not updated
47Galarden Natures FuryShattered Halls-US6716Not updated
48Reglan  Shattered Halls-US6695Not updated
49Vorus Z AxisShattered Halls-US6628Not updated
50Nobudy Knights of KhaosShattered Halls-US6615Not updated
51Kalliance The Wolf PackShattered Halls-US6567Not updated
52Magistia The Wolf PackShattered Halls-US6566Not updated
53Skulldenter FogOfWarShattered Halls-US6541Not updated
54Bourac RevelationShattered Halls-US6500Not updated
55Lightfíngers Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US6492Not updated
56Milender  Shattered Halls-US6438Not updated
57Packmaster EnemyAfflictionShattered Halls-US6402Not updated
58Zôe BloodseekersShattered Halls-US6328Not updated
59Deeranged Golden QuestShattered Halls-US6319Not updated
59Paltzar Knights of CamellotShattered Halls-US6319Not updated
61Banjikor  Shattered Halls-US6213Not updated
62Itza SnäppedShattered Halls-US6207Not updated
63Eñvy PróphecyShattered Halls-US6190Not updated
64Kronkulus Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US6184Not updated
65Mistÿ The CompanyShattered Halls-US6115Not updated
66Zealot U plus Me Equals UsShattered Halls-US6103Not updated
67Niphon MalaiseShattered Halls-US6057Not updated
68Elizadeth Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US6042Not updated
69Avengèr Meat VendorsShattered Halls-US6007Not updated
70Røxy Meat VendorsShattered Halls-US5993Not updated
71Mamabear BloodBath N BeyondShattered Halls-US5958Not updated
72Fancyth Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US5946Not updated
73Rowmini knights of misfitsShattered Halls-US5893Not updated
74Demetan Knights of CamellotShattered Halls-US5847Not updated
75Ducksoup BlackDawnShattered Halls-US5837Not updated
76Steventatsu United In WarShattered Halls-US5814Not updated
77Dragonsfist The Wolf PackShattered Halls-US5807Not updated
78Baltu love to smoke upShattered Halls-US5804Not updated
79Ishty The New Earth ArmyShattered Halls-US5708Not updated
80Kitt SynergyShattered Halls-US5706Not updated
81Janinna The New Earth ArmyShattered Halls-US5704Not updated
82Ayiane Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US5670Not updated
83Deathette Coming HonorShattered Halls-US5641Not updated
84Lottiedottie Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US5637Not updated
85Plazlo Bloodlust of ArmageddonShattered Halls-US5623Not updated
86Pixle Knights of KhaosShattered Halls-US5617Not updated
86Breeze Hells Lunatic AsylumShattered Halls-US5617Not updated
88Trebal Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US5606Not updated
89Mzjohnwayne  Shattered Halls-US5594Not updated
90Fangchi Undeniably AddictedShattered Halls-US5581Not updated
91Neilers  Shattered Halls-US5567Not updated
92Crimsonblaze FogOfWarShattered Halls-US5554Not updated
93Thisbeme Golden QuestShattered Halls-US5541Not updated
94Fluffycat Happy Happy Joy joyShattered Halls-US5528Not updated
95Chittenden The Hard CorpsShattered Halls-US5526Not updated
96Rankoneirl SnäppedShattered Halls-US5520Not updated
97Sherkina The AsylumShattered Halls-US5505Not updated
98Claria Lords of the LightShattered Halls-US5499Not updated
99Justagrrl AvalinaShattered Halls-US5486Not updated
100Urkarma Knight TemplarsShattered Halls-US5453Not updated

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