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Shadowmoon-TW Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1小城大愛 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW14177
2艾爾柏特 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW6936Not updated
3艾靈兒 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW6425
4難怪保鮮盒 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW5824Not updated
5山禾君 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4514
6辛娣 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3718
6韓妃子 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3718Not updated
8曉之領域 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2199Not updated
9大大公獅 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1994Not updated
10Heehe Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1721Not updated
11徐小龍 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1607
12紅髮妖靈 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1302
13狂人仍狂 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1265Not updated
14巴斯太空部隊 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1028Not updated
15巡弋飛蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW988Not updated
16超級棒賽人 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW755Not updated
17先生幾分熟 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW746
18陽光小霹 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW546
19愛爾麥蒂 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW529Not updated
20麥哥照 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW282
21陳北海 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW259Not updated
22兩顆蛋蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW224
23熊妖獸血蹄 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW211Not updated
24寵愛咪咪 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW208Not updated
25雨生龍之介 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW197Not updated
26瑟琳玻芬 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW180
27牛人普鳥 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW174Not updated
28亡疤蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW157Not updated
29滋事份子 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW147
29烏拉諾斯賊聖 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW147Not updated
31莎小妞妞 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW146
32寵愛一身 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW111
33Winky Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW108
34Persephony Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW106Not updated
35狂將 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW100Not updated
36瑪提諾 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW89
37魔術米騏 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW81Not updated
38古小喻 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW79Not updated
39綠皮迪歐 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW77Not updated
40Blades Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW65Not updated
41松露小籠包 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW63Not updated
41Eneus Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW63
43Pewter Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW57Not updated
44Rayo Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW56
45高樹馬利亞 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW53Not updated
46妃米娜 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW49Not updated
47紹淇 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW42
48叢林小火雞 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW30
49陽光小豆 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW24Not updated
50抹茶果子 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW20Not updated
51緊貼牆壁 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TWNot updated
51Vuvuzela Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TWNot updated
51Darius Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TWNot updated
51神盾糾糾 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TWNot updated
51康納理士 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TWNot updated

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