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Sen'jin-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Winkybean PrimeSen'jin-US17842
2Adessei RequìemSen'jin-US17813
3ßuttercup Big CritsSen'jin-US17574
4Whynotriver Name TakenSen'jin-US16626
5Wrai God ModeSen'jin-US16379Not updated
6Jarddy Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US14848
7Zeelaxe SummuSSen'jin-US14683
8Raagios Silent WinterSen'jin-US13569
9Priests  Sen'jin-US13484
10Bugstomp strength in numbersSen'jin-US13354Not updated
11Savanaa Last ExilesSen'jin-US13118
12Rarin Last AttemptSen'jin-US13052
13Premiya Dark InsanitySen'jin-US12164
14Misohawny Dark BurstSen'jin-US11898
15Auntlou Warning Adult ContentSen'jin-US11500
15Kitysoftpaws Warning Adult ContentSen'jin-US11500
17Shaunbo The Dark UprisingSen'jin-US11250Not updated
18Druidfery Casual EncountersSen'jin-US11245
19Boomhopwam  Sen'jin-US11221
20Tinalauran Dark HeroesSen'jin-US10960
21Funderthart Stronger than AllSen'jin-US10936
22Supermonkey Scum of the EarthSen'jin-US10872Not updated
23Sota Baker Street IrregularsSen'jin-US10615
24Curvy For HonorSen'jin-US10521Not updated
25Admetius Island of MisfitsSen'jin-US10506
26Tellethawind Royale GuardSen'jin-US10471Not updated
27Malchor Wheel of TimeSen'jin-US10139Not updated
28Ozki Immortal UprisingSen'jin-US9842
29Cynthe Temporary InsanitySen'jin-US9760Not updated
30Huntgar TMLSen'jin-US9750
31Pletch Storm CallersSen'jin-US9734Not updated
32Jayfive United Holy KnightsSen'jin-US9660Not updated
33Aftertaste Forty SevenSen'jin-US9614Not updated
34Ximena strength in numbersSen'jin-US9478Not updated
35Danyeal EnrageSen'jin-US9385Not updated
36Sancius Storm CallersSen'jin-US9362Not updated
36Morninglark Wheel of TimeSen'jin-US9362Not updated
38Monkazuma The Enemy of my EnemySen'jin-US9268
39Ajaxz SunfireSen'jin-US9215
40Jezzebella strength in numbersSen'jin-US9212Not updated
40Xypheria strength in numbersSen'jin-US9212Not updated
42Magerix The DragonsSen'jin-US9192Not updated
43Verraraptor Dark HeroesSen'jin-US9158
44Free Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US9148
45Baadil The DaywalkersSen'jin-US9108Not updated
46Kelibel Baker Street IrregularsSen'jin-US9088
46Pelga strength in numbersSen'jin-US9088
48Scrapple The Gods of WarSen'jin-US9077Not updated
49Hungfarlow Baker Street IrregularsSen'jin-US9055Not updated
50Gypsey District ThirteenSen'jin-US8943Not updated
51Ashric ApocalypticaSen'jin-US8935Not updated
52Gobrielle The Gods of WarSen'jin-US8912Not updated
53Ravenwarrior Silent WinterSen'jin-US8893
54Yasanar Epic FurySen'jin-US8833Not updated
55Enkiil DeathlustSen'jin-US8765Not updated
56Katara For HonorSen'jin-US8764Not updated
57Shutit  Sen'jin-US8730Not updated
58Mearae Free HugzSen'jin-US8717
59Batsukaze Temporary InsanitySen'jin-US8676Not updated
60Damarchus Brotherhood of the FlameSen'jin-US8511
61Drakenhof ZhentarimSen'jin-US8478
62Addysahealer  Sen'jin-US8473Not updated
63Ichiblublz WAR PIGZSen'jin-US8409Not updated
64Lillysprout Free Roving BovineSen'jin-US8406
65Vyrium Minus FifteenSen'jin-US8350
66Tourikk United Holy KnightsSen'jin-US8320
67Xack BUFF THISSen'jin-US8306Not updated
68Deathmitten Pants Not RequiredSen'jin-US8267
69Illyriaa Bloodbaths and BeyondSen'jin-US8257
70Damne strength in numbersSen'jin-US8252Not updated
71Saranah Casual GamerzSen'jin-US8243
72Yldturkey FellowShip Of The BousesSen'jin-US8222Not updated
73Zatiia Baker Street IrregularsSen'jin-US8176
74Lichwolf Cereal KillerzSen'jin-US8162Not updated
75Teanne  Sen'jin-US8157Not updated
76Gurtix DedicatedSen'jin-US8142
77Windruner  Sen'jin-US8118Not updated
78Never Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US8115
79Sakiika strength in numbersSen'jin-US8112Not updated
80Diminutank For ScienceSen'jin-US8074
81Allería Big CritsSen'jin-US8065
81Jazzdingo Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US8065
83Swiftymists The NoirSen'jin-US8055Not updated
84Zenzulie HOR THE FORDESen'jin-US8043
85Myriana Deathstar SurvivorsSen'jin-US8014Not updated
86Drunkee IS DRUNKSen'jin-US7887Not updated
87Aghorror EquinoxSen'jin-US7885Not updated
88Doubter DHaran EmpireSen'jin-US7865
89Amargery SummuSSen'jin-US7851
90Deathstrikes The DragonsSen'jin-US7849
91Hongxiongmao Minus FifteenSen'jin-US7846
92Gennise Guardian AngelsSen'jin-US7839Not updated
93Bravesirobin Perfect TenSen'jin-US7837Not updated
94Jentrak AmokSen'jin-US7835
95Entoc Name TakenSen'jin-US7826Not updated
96Loveica Lawn Dart SurvivorsSen'jin-US7817
97Rosarie Versus the WorldSen'jin-US7808Not updated
98Sickswimmer The Dark UprisingSen'jin-US7781
99Zìlo RecoilSen'jin-US7774

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