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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sen'jin-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Pendrajea  Sen'jin-EU24664Not updated
2Katju Guardians of GlorySen'jin-EU22001Not updated
3Schnarff Gladius et ArcusSen'jin-EU19083Not updated
4Êmmâ upssSen'jin-EU18875Not updated
5Émmá upssSen'jin-EU18525Not updated
6Smylx Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU16128Not updated
7Merowìngher Kein ZufallSen'jin-EU15924Not updated
8Cílly upssSen'jin-EU15743Not updated
9Miip pwned youSen'jin-EU15399Not updated
10Dsingiskhan LivioNSen'jin-EU14359Not updated
11Magiermerlin Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU14335Not updated
12Chennifa Senjins FinestSen'jin-EU14201Not updated
13Bønes Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU14176Not updated
14Armida Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU13980Not updated
15Thalalia RecourseSen'jin-EU13827Not updated
16Zoppeling Two SoulsSen'jin-EU13408Not updated
17Littleiron Guardians of GlorySen'jin-EU12832Not updated
17Pallando Guardians of GlorySen'jin-EU12832Not updated
19Markisa AskeriaSen'jin-EU12350Not updated
20Bäriger planBSen'jin-EU12197Not updated
21Hernerjäger The Lost ChildrenSen'jin-EU11996Not updated
22His Die Alte NachtwacheSen'jin-EU11865Not updated
23Deggial Have FunSen'jin-EU11770Not updated
24Bigmike Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU11747Not updated
25Namelesshero FünfteELEMENTSen'jin-EU11579Not updated
26Rempelchen Wie Mord und TotschlagSen'jin-EU11163Not updated
27Thoradil Wie Pech und SchwefelSen'jin-EU10856Not updated
28Susetta Die BahnhofsmissionSen'jin-EU10815Not updated
29Plaguespread Dark PhoenixSen'jin-EU10737Not updated
30Vxd ForceSen'jin-EU10629Not updated
31Thaladas Vatos LocosSen'jin-EU10492Not updated
32Grombardt Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU10282Not updated
33Tension Die ÜberlebendenSen'jin-EU10198Not updated
34Lyoner FünfteELEMENTSen'jin-EU10052Not updated
35Shyôna  Sen'jin-EU10026Not updated
36Libelle Chillout AreaSen'jin-EU10006Not updated
37Shangchao Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU9931Not updated
38Knockando Guardians of GlorySen'jin-EU9800Not updated
39Takuan UnknownSen'jin-EU9791Not updated
40Reychel Psychisches EntsetzenSen'jin-EU9674Not updated
41Uriak Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU9513Not updated
42Duff Reiter der ZerstörungSen'jin-EU9485Not updated
43Vestaa InvictusSen'jin-EU9388Not updated
44Nasimodoo AskeriaSen'jin-EU9382Not updated
45Maekdarr Wie Pech und SchwefelSen'jin-EU9264Not updated
46Wuho AvalonSen'jin-EU9253Not updated
47Sigofa Senjins ErbenSen'jin-EU9209Not updated
48Zaphirya Have Faith in MeSen'jin-EU9162Not updated
49Pfefferminz Gloria equitum mortisSen'jin-EU9142Not updated
50Velizia Gloria equitum mortisSen'jin-EU9053Not updated
51Perséphone VinionSen'jin-EU9047Not updated
52Laurya  Sen'jin-EU9018Not updated
53Eminenz DollarsSen'jin-EU8964Not updated
54Bîa AskeriaSen'jin-EU8924Not updated
55Morianpunk AtraSen'jin-EU8832Not updated
56Jasémine FünfteELEMENTSen'jin-EU8823Not updated
57Osarion Flamme der HoffnungSen'jin-EU8816Not updated
58Dieputzfrau  Sen'jin-EU8745Not updated
59Michonne Senjins FinestSen'jin-EU8723Not updated
60Grogmir The Old RepublicSen'jin-EU8720Not updated
61Pitrinî Die Alten PortalwächterSen'jin-EU8692Not updated
62Cruelity AskeriaSen'jin-EU8584Not updated
63Martur Guardians of GlorySen'jin-EU8537Not updated
64Melusin Azeroths LichtbringerSen'jin-EU8474Not updated
65Wiccalux WatchcatsSen'jin-EU8433Not updated
66Ez Wie Mord und TotschlagSen'jin-EU8424Not updated
67Paparatzi Lights UnitedSen'jin-EU8419Not updated
68Noroélle AbilitySen'jin-EU8300Not updated
69Grincha pwned youSen'jin-EU8283Not updated
70Badmoonrisin  Sen'jin-EU8273Not updated
71Lumjete AbilitySen'jin-EU8263Not updated
72Anaid Ex Cinere ad AstraSen'jin-EU8145Not updated
73Meneroswen ShaikanSen'jin-EU8130Not updated
74Zedora InTouchSen'jin-EU8086Not updated
75Zorus GaudiumSen'jin-EU8076Not updated
75Jarlaxxe GaudiumSen'jin-EU8076Not updated
77Káya AskeriaSen'jin-EU8068Not updated
78Ionarâ WatchcatsSen'jin-EU8026Not updated
79Phrixos Have FunSen'jin-EU8008Not updated
80Zeeva Chillout AreaSen'jin-EU8000Not updated
81Misamy Classic ElementSen'jin-EU7952Not updated
81Kasiya emotionSen'jin-EU7952Not updated
83Rotrock HideoutSen'jin-EU7890Not updated
83Yumkaax HideoutSen'jin-EU7890Not updated
83Môtsognir HideoutSen'jin-EU7890Not updated
86Cappusil GrenzwölfeSen'jin-EU7874Not updated
87Tigerlily Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU7873Not updated
88Jaladriel Nordends DrachenjägerSen'jin-EU7856Not updated
89Twopike Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU7840Not updated
90Magicfour Dark EmpireSen'jin-EU7801Not updated
91Eichblatt The Lost ChildrenSen'jin-EU7793Not updated
92Trinna Northern LightsSen'jin-EU7788Not updated

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