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Scilla-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Woodchip ExoScilla-US11510
2Worgnstanley ExoScilla-US11509Not updated
2Goldmansachs ExoScilla-US11509Not updated
4Selendis  Scilla-US11506Not updated
5Thulsadoom HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US10872Not updated
6Goblinsapper ExoScilla-US10438Not updated
7Soulpyre VirtueScilla-US10326Not updated
8Rondonor Forbidden DisciplesScilla-US9301Not updated
9Pumpkinspice Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US9257Not updated
10Pawnster We Wipe On TrashScilla-US9183
11Moriquendil We Wipe On TrashScilla-US8993Not updated
12Sorisen Golden ForceScilla-US8810Not updated
13Andareal The French ConnectionScilla-US8562
13Ifrite The French ConnectionScilla-US8562
15Ifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US8561
16Varitch outlawsScilla-US8533Not updated
17Aralee RememberanceScilla-US8327
18Sheehunts Blood BrothersScilla-US8228
19Willowlady wow militaScilla-US7927
20Hooflung Dusk EternalScilla-US7647Not updated
21Upside RememberanceScilla-US7495
22Osoroja RememberanceScilla-US7472Not updated
23Premptive Mean StreakScilla-US7432Not updated
24Murder Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US6931Not updated
25Juicypapi RememberanceScilla-US6876Not updated
26Paleto MetallicAScilla-US6873Not updated
27Matronmalice AnihcEvolScilla-US6752
28Dísturbed G R I N DScilla-US6718Not updated
29Orotachi RootScilla-US6682Not updated
30Tupapi The French ConnectionScilla-US6572
31Frostphoenix outlawsScilla-US6548Not updated
32Tankér FaithfulScilla-US6537Not updated
33Zandus HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US6304
34Starcatchers Golden ForceScilla-US6217Not updated
35Agni DPSScilla-US6212Not updated
36Oblixion Red ArmyScilla-US6205
37Nietzschii We Wipe On TrashScilla-US6140
38Velhart WraithScilla-US6137Not updated
39Descartez The French ConnectionScilla-US6122Not updated
40Marbleg Red ArmyScilla-US6082
41Tablewater Naked AssassinsScilla-US6053Not updated
43Ibubbleforu We Wipe On TrashScilla-US5965
44Tadah We Wipe On TrashScilla-US5869
45Wellofsouls We Wipe On TrashScilla-US5768
46Grizzler HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US5757Not updated
47Eboo HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US5732Not updated
48Cloudstar RememberanceScilla-US5681
49Cordo DPSScilla-US5675Not updated
50Olympusmons Buffalo ChipsScilla-US5648
51Sisterray Buffalo ChipsScilla-US5647
52Ravenstorm HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US5600
53Tweeder We Wipe On TrashScilla-US5552
54Brotherdaryl AuspicionScilla-US5545Not updated
55Rawboinkin HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US5509Not updated
56Thebalrog RememberanceScilla-US5486Not updated
57Aerion We Wipe On TrashScilla-US5438Not updated
58Binto Channel Four NewsteamScilla-US5386Not updated
59Shamanagans RememberanceScilla-US5384
60Willyum We Wipe On TrashScilla-US5380Not updated
61Elroy Blood BrothersScilla-US5371
62Sunsunsun AnihcEvolScilla-US5337
63Eurekasev RememberanceScilla-US5328Not updated
64Kellzshadowz The French ConnectionScilla-US5320
65Grumpasaurus Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US5315Not updated
66Batur  Scilla-US5298Not updated
67Lvdawnn HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US5263
68Adorielle Golden ForceScilla-US5256Not updated
69Msharleyquin HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US5048
70Lexicon WraithScilla-US5044Not updated
71Arshesnei RememberanceScilla-US5028Not updated
72Heatmizer  Scilla-US5009
73Emmyx WraithScilla-US4945Not updated
74Holyundawear HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US4941
75Everstill Critical MassScilla-US4933
76Rakthejipper HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US4915Not updated
77Pelucheux We Wipe On TrashScilla-US4859
78Sunava Mutinous ActsScilla-US4849Not updated
79Øbsession outlawsScilla-US4796Not updated
80Shammus Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US4773Not updated
81Peterbilt RedemptíonScilla-US4766
82Ridnour VirtueScilla-US4721Not updated
83Theodora HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US4703
84Sartoria Oh My DayumScilla-US4692Not updated
85Purrfect Anulo Kaldaka AvunaScilla-US4690Not updated
86Xandan KhaosScilla-US4631Not updated
87Kinigit VirtueScilla-US4625Not updated
88Kalinai RememberanceScilla-US4623Not updated
89Crablegs  Scilla-US4619Not updated
90Imjustice The art of pvpScilla-US4598Not updated
91Marlow DraconinScilla-US4588Not updated
92Huurn RememberanceScilla-US4579
92Potatomonstr Anulo Kaldaka AvunaScilla-US4579Not updated
94Galven Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US4571Not updated
95Missfriday AnihcEvolScilla-US4561Not updated
96Shrink  Scilla-US4553Not updated
97Mcstabbish Last DragonsScilla-US4485Not updated
98Maggotron  Scilla-US4484Not updated
99Qingfeng AnihcEvolScilla-US4481Not updated
100Whispr Strange ElementsScilla-US4451Not updated

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