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Saurfang-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Égô Once in a Blue MoonSaurfang-US16626Not updated
2Amberdin BallisticSaurfang-US16399Not updated
3Zappoken Night ReapersSaurfang-US15094Not updated
4Alogagain CollusionSaurfang-US14696
5Mixalot Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US14640
6Cherisi TenseSaurfang-US14627Not updated
7Confetti AjantisSaurfang-US14510
8Luxygaga FrostwolvesSaurfang-US14504
9Bloodsmash AntiquusSaurfang-US14481
10Swizzay Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US13926
10Kreayshawn Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US13926
12Swizay Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US13825
13Malogfair PhalanxSaurfang-US13644Not updated
13Alogra PhalanxSaurfang-US13644Not updated
13Tarika PhalanxSaurfang-US13644Not updated
16Salahadin BatibotSaurfang-US13585
17Nathus Gnome Chopping NetworkSaurfang-US13513Not updated
18Kiljare EnigmaSaurfang-US13511
19Djfunky ScytheSaurfang-US13158
20Sancrist  Saurfang-US13080Not updated
21Jazeel The Bushido ProjectSaurfang-US12859
22Amabad The MuddersSaurfang-US12706Not updated
23Aalap CossacksSaurfang-US12609
24Tomdwhu Death MerchantsSaurfang-US12543
25Ariverderci LockdownzSaurfang-US12424Not updated
26Throatslit Standard NerdsSaurfang-US12363
27Adelane MARTELL or CHIVASSaurfang-US12343Not updated
28Roshaana Big Natural CritsSaurfang-US12331
29Paralog PhalanxSaurfang-US12314Not updated
30Kitaara The Drunk SoulsSaurfang-US11983
31Chaosorder CrypticSaurfang-US11421
32Tiocknorris Dark AfflictionSaurfang-US11357Not updated
33Baqwaar BetrayedSaurfang-US11322
34Azuriallia Cereal KillerSaurfang-US11192
35Aalros Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US11128Not updated
35Wanakity  Saurfang-US11128Not updated
37Getamonksit Knights of ChatalotSaurfang-US10922Not updated
38Sazbeky Patient ZeroSaurfang-US10890
39Lycaøn CrypticSaurfang-US10839Not updated
40Fosicle Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US10652
41Oldtrol Clockwork DysfunctionSaurfang-US10643Not updated
42Blackmoonie The Chosen FewSaurfang-US10627
43Dustimitans Noble EmpireSaurfang-US10624
44Kadein Guild of ValpantielSaurfang-US10496Not updated
45Balanna CrypticSaurfang-US10398
46Magesta BLADESaurfang-US10360
47Maddeaths Head MadnessSaurfang-US10266
48Jian ValhallaSaurfang-US10238
49Colcannon SiegeSaurfang-US10192Not updated
50Epicosity ImmortalisSaurfang-US10177Not updated
51Vyvyan The InquisitionSaurfang-US10163
52Jemmor None the WiserSaurfang-US10030
53Loulu Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US9955
54Blaspheema Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Temptryst Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Fantayzee Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Nekogeisha Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Viperess Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Moontail Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Gyrate Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Voodoovixen Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
54Odalisque Just A Flesh WoundSaurfang-US9876
63Shyba Obsidian KnightsSaurfang-US9805
64Kaffiene Guild of ValpantielSaurfang-US9760
65Biggaz Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US9661
66Dialog PhalanxSaurfang-US9603Not updated
67Razoo Lunar SolarisSaurfang-US9588
68Karnak SiegeSaurfang-US9578
69Hamki The Social GuildSaurfang-US9527Not updated
70Tionsforu Knights of ChatalotSaurfang-US9522
71Panda AjantisSaurfang-US9494
72Grattan Hope in the Darkest HourSaurfang-US9492Not updated
73Viperdeath ElementsSaurfang-US9471Not updated
74Nemotes MARTELL or CHIVASSaurfang-US9456Not updated
75Ldyblackey ChampionsSaurfang-US9381Not updated
76Motes MARTELL or CHIVASSaurfang-US9357
77Negativee  Saurfang-US9346Not updated
78Alba The Drunk SoulsSaurfang-US9268Not updated
79Xorgmaster DaemonicSaurfang-US9217Not updated
80Lexiya BatibotSaurfang-US9169
81Robdamonk  Saurfang-US9117Not updated
82Likeasurgeon Lunar SolarisSaurfang-US9076
83Biregeron WarcraftersSaurfang-US9045Not updated
84Mythane BatibotSaurfang-US9034
84Mistus  Saurfang-US9034Not updated
86Jazria FrostwolvesSaurfang-US8999
87Erii Elusive DreamsSaurfang-US8983Not updated
88Crowblood TastierSaurfang-US8920
89Pheend  Saurfang-US8903
90Boesekraft IndefSaurfang-US8896
91Grandadtod HolyNovaSaurfang-US8890
92Whomei  Saurfang-US8867Not updated
93Zandoramus CrypticSaurfang-US8816
94Herehunter Lunar SolarisSaurfang-US8774Not updated
95Zwingli FrostwolvesSaurfang-US8765Not updated
96Deathkiler Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US8755
97Lilak BatibotSaurfang-US8710
98Kaidielle Bitter Sea Trading CoSaurfang-US8706
99Takeabow The InquisitionSaurfang-US8686
100Awkwàrd PhotonicsSaurfang-US8680Not updated

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