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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Vorsirliche Last ReloadSargeras-EU20896Not updated
2Lasa OuroborosSargeras-EU16079Not updated
3Enstress BONUS GUILDSargeras-EU15252Not updated
4Luminis la MeuteSargeras-EU14618Not updated
5Bagzz  Sargeras-EU14506Not updated
6Meî EndlessSargeras-EU13140Not updated
7Mélù EndlessSargeras-EU12998Not updated
8Maxtauré la MeuteSargeras-EU12979Not updated
9Archaea Le Peuple des BarrensSargeras-EU12349Not updated
10Altoroslolz VindictaSargeras-EU12199Not updated
11Kealan KämikäzesSargeras-EU12109Not updated
11Darui KämikäzesSargeras-EU12109Not updated
13Keldack  Sargeras-EU11967Not updated
14Yukiji BrotherhoodSargeras-EU11228Not updated
15Harrypeteur BrotherhoodSargeras-EU11089Not updated
16Innvictus Bouffeur de NemsSargeras-EU10234Not updated
17Nevrosé VindictaSargeras-EU10180Not updated
18Veedjer Last ReloadSargeras-EU9946Not updated
19Rubïne Angels Of ShadowSargeras-EU9850Not updated
20Bartau Pull EmploiSargeras-EU9715Not updated
21Spooke DomînatîonSargeras-EU9596Not updated
22Castàfiore la MeuteSargeras-EU9468Not updated
23Malékkith EndlessSargeras-EU9457Not updated
24Sweetchild  Sargeras-EU9269Not updated
25Roxcdelpney Capé TouchetteSargeras-EU9146Not updated
26Zouloué Luna WolvesSargeras-EU9126Not updated
27Axiøm Les Lames de FeuSargeras-EU8985Not updated
28Debut BLITZSargeras-EU8971Not updated
29Pylis EmpyriumSargeras-EU8743Not updated
30Kyalis BrotherhoodSargeras-EU8678Not updated
31Kamyllia  Sargeras-EU8581Not updated
32Muad EmpyriumSargeras-EU8550Not updated
33Anzo WORTHSargeras-EU8533Not updated
34Aurelia Dark LegionSargeras-EU8503Not updated
34Merak Dark LegionSargeras-EU8503Not updated
34Ghibli Dark LegionSargeras-EU8503Not updated
37Lullabye Youpi Pouet TralalaSargeras-EU8486Not updated
38Darkmuaddib  Sargeras-EU8479Not updated
39Jiaozi BrotherhoodSargeras-EU8473Not updated
40Keïna AspectsSargeras-EU8432Not updated
41Saturne AeterniaSargeras-EU8428Not updated
42Mortgrave Les Arpenteurs AbyssauxSargeras-EU8368Not updated
43Vitiris EviL BleSsSargeras-EU8347Not updated
44Ëden  Sargeras-EU8282Not updated
45Kungaloosh BrotherhoodSargeras-EU8246Not updated
46Exodès EnhancedSargeras-EU8178Not updated
47Louvea OmegaSargeras-EU8169Not updated
48Barjya NightSargeras-EU8161Not updated
49Taptoo  Sargeras-EU8132Not updated
50Kromchae PHENIXSargeras-EU8016Not updated
51Hémoglobine EviL BleSsSargeras-EU8010Not updated
51Moufettes EssentialSargeras-EU8010Not updated
51Fripounette EssentialSargeras-EU8010Not updated
54Elementalia EviL BleSsSargeras-EU8009Not updated
54Rageclaws EssentialSargeras-EU8009Not updated
56Jmagine Kømalis PrøtectørSargeras-EU7992Not updated
57Bigthuna  Sargeras-EU7972Not updated
58Mogadou Quebec GoldSargeras-EU7950Not updated
59Bötan la MeuteSargeras-EU7948Not updated
60Khàines AgønïESargeras-EU7947Not updated
60Frankyky BLITZSargeras-EU7947Not updated
62Lyzianna Mad FamilySargeras-EU7875Not updated
63Livià Remember The TitansSargeras-EU7864Not updated
64Looe Youpi Pouet TralalaSargeras-EU7805Not updated
65Peluchon UnKnøwnSargeras-EU7784Not updated
66Identik Chaos destinySargeras-EU7778Not updated
67Synthole  Sargeras-EU7735Not updated
68Draënesse LCBSargeras-EU7665Not updated
69Crivache La Légende des GuerriersSargeras-EU7602Not updated
69Volammar PHENIXSargeras-EU7602Not updated
71Tanka UnderworldSargeras-EU7585Not updated
72Foudros la MeuteSargeras-EU7582Not updated
73Dralaran BrotherhoodSargeras-EU7580Not updated
74Debbienette LCBSargeras-EU7576Not updated
75Earthcrawler From ScratchSargeras-EU7528Not updated
76Touva  Sargeras-EU7501Not updated
77Badampingpow Game Of HuntSargeras-EU7432Not updated
78Zogskär Voodoo DollsSargeras-EU7428Not updated
79Zonbridé La Légende des GuerriersSargeras-EU7377Not updated
80ßob You Mad BroSargeras-EU7355Not updated
81Illdusk NøT FøunÐSargeras-EU7311Not updated
82Atyka LCBSargeras-EU7302Not updated
83Blackstud Azylum QcSargeras-EU7296Not updated
84Agathz les anges de la mortSargeras-EU7289Not updated
85Shælinø  Sargeras-EU7288Not updated
86Tenbatsu La Légende des GuerriersSargeras-EU7286Not updated
87Jullanlian BrotherhoodSargeras-EU7277Not updated
88Kabaam BrainstormSargeras-EU7276Not updated
89Maghill les anges de la mortSargeras-EU7272Not updated
90Liannia La Légende des GuerriersSargeras-EU7270Not updated
91Invictûs NightSargeras-EU7264Not updated
91Griffeargent Mad FamilySargeras-EU7264Not updated
93Mikir Chaos destinySargeras-EU7253Not updated
94Anìball PHENIXSargeras-EU7241Not updated
95Zôrn UnbuffSargeras-EU7208Not updated

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