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Runetotem-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Shamantroll ExitiumRunetotem-US16427Not updated
2Trainwrecker Clan PhantomRunetotem-US16076
3Margaery Exiled from HellRunetotem-US14162
4Iceprinsess DynastyRunetotem-US13835
5Bullbanger Elder WolvesRunetotem-US13737
6Fujiko  Runetotem-US13120
7Laiken EclypsedRunetotem-US12858Not updated
8Auhnarii Infinite ChasmRunetotem-US11364
9Malliciah ThresholdRunetotem-US11282Not updated
10Wildsmurff Force TenRunetotem-US11275Not updated
11Graydrain Wants the AchieveRunetotem-US10479
12Smashii LethalRunetotem-US10202
13Cyanhur The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US9802
14Dhampira  Runetotem-US9800Not updated
15Sone  Runetotem-US9740Not updated
16Suzumiya Dark MagicsRunetotem-US9729
17Aizen Angel KnightsRunetotem-US9624Not updated
18Fluffynuts Pirates of the Great SeaRunetotem-US9596
19Nymphinia Whisky DawgsRunetotem-US9594Not updated
20Reinette ExaltedRunetotem-US9489
21Dowork Exiled from HellRunetotem-US9462
22Wexzial New DawnRunetotem-US9440
23Nateri Light KnightsRunetotem-US9426Not updated
24Avishiva GerudoRunetotem-US9420Not updated
25Brandalyn Extra CrispyRunetotem-US9418Not updated
26Nethermage Reckless AbandonRunetotem-US9370
27Sunrider Rise of the PheonixRunetotem-US9312Not updated
28Ebothrax Super Best FriendsRunetotem-US9267
29Sipan Cryptik BlessingsRunetotem-US9254
30Luciola  Runetotem-US9171Not updated
31Bearoness Order of Misfit ToonsRunetotem-US9160
32Powercosmic Cryptik BlessingsRunetotem-US9121Not updated
33Morose  Runetotem-US9077Not updated
34Krillah Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US9050
35Bostzie ShibbolethRunetotem-US8995Not updated
36Dayzzee RecidivismRunetotem-US8955
37Xyvona Light KnightsRunetotem-US8753Not updated
38Thunderboy Jaded SteelRunetotem-US8673Not updated
39Neben EclypsedRunetotem-US8658
40Burie Improvised PerfectionRunetotem-US8615Not updated
41Sparrowsharp Jaded SteelRunetotem-US8601
42Alyoshasur Just Plain NastyRunetotem-US8412
43Sylynn Burns when I PvPRunetotem-US8359
44Ixtabez ExitiumRunetotem-US8335Not updated
45Amanjoy Royal DragoonsRunetotem-US8284Not updated
46Sunbell Is Out Of ManaRunetotem-US8271
47Daísÿ  Runetotem-US8270Not updated
48Littlesavior Council of SevenRunetotem-US8200Not updated
49Zabry Assault SquadRunetotem-US8176Not updated
50Raven New DawnRunetotem-US8105
51Ajha TorchwoodRunetotem-US8091
52Logayn KaossKnightsRunetotem-US8058
53Strafe KnightsOfTheRoundRunetotem-US8032Not updated
54Daanu HeriotzeRunetotem-US7890Not updated
55Syrynx FoERunetotem-US7886Not updated
56Ponie Umbrélla CorpRunetotem-US7885
57Zoei Is Out Of ManaRunetotem-US7880Not updated
58Devilstattoo Super Best FriendsRunetotem-US7873
58Irtastypanda  Runetotem-US7873Not updated
60Maledwarfz New DawnRunetotem-US7814
61Hruuhwas Improvised PerfectionRunetotem-US7767Not updated
62Haliman HillbilliesRunetotem-US7685Not updated
63Kwanita Blood PackRunetotem-US7669Not updated
64Sarabi Force TenRunetotem-US7509
64Birdboy Killing SpreesRunetotem-US7509
64Badfurday Killing SpreesRunetotem-US7509
67Jemmariz ExitiumRunetotem-US7502
68Korriganne SeptentrionRunetotem-US7449
69Tigerhunter dark tigersRunetotem-US7367Not updated
70Xeries Gnomish Republican ArmyRunetotem-US7360Not updated
71Thedarkside ExitiumRunetotem-US7316Not updated
72Springveg The Shadow OrderRunetotem-US7292Not updated
73Wyrmboy  Runetotem-US7255Not updated
74Abela Jaded SteelRunetotem-US7211
75Pawnstarr Redrum INCRunetotem-US7204Not updated
76Shóx JINXRunetotem-US7200
77Schurk Omen of FaithRunetotem-US7192Not updated
78Abyssalblade Skeleton CrÜeRunetotem-US7162Not updated
79Sophette ReforgedRunetotem-US7151
80Asminia  Runetotem-US7140Not updated
81Zdrood Jaded SteelRunetotem-US7131Not updated

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