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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rexxar-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Onyxwild The Art of WarRexxar-US16824Not updated
2Stormcoil The ExiledRexxar-US16630Not updated
3Tempii Army of the DragonRexxar-US16418Not updated
4Teighan ShadowCompanyRexxar-US15285Not updated
5Croute BlackwaterRexxar-US14700Not updated
6Glant Fearless ArmsRexxar-US14570Not updated
7Analar  Rexxar-US14260Not updated
8Sharrental Knights of TymeRexxar-US13982Not updated
9Sosthenes HordeLordsRexxar-US13687Not updated
10Mofirethree InLovingMemoryRexxar-US13401Not updated
11Paprekie NightbaneRexxar-US13187Not updated
12Vexyone InertiaRexxar-US12944Not updated
13Dainichi MGKRexxar-US12517Not updated
14Jollakeratu Advanced CampfireRexxar-US11682Not updated
15Insharraq AnathemaRexxar-US11665Not updated
16Vats RaptureRexxar-US11619Not updated
17Bloodispike Darkblood CovenRexxar-US11558Not updated
18Erebuss Storm BornRexxar-US11385Not updated
19Pharka Late NightRexxar-US11293Not updated
20Impious  Rexxar-US11221Not updated
21Tearose Ashes RebornRexxar-US11181Not updated
22Rowesylene One Step FurtherRexxar-US11036Not updated
23Florabee Ultimate DemiseRexxar-US11022Not updated
24Craigvon  Rexxar-US10927Not updated
25Icelthorn  Rexxar-US10873Not updated
26Gark Because I Dont Respect URexxar-US10826Not updated
27Mcknumb Trade ChatRexxar-US10776Not updated
28Yarnnyl Alliance MilitiaRexxar-US10709Not updated
29Chowmane Storm BornRexxar-US10688Not updated
30Caspus Storm BornRexxar-US10641Not updated
31Pebbels ZERGRexxar-US10534Not updated
32Bleedweed Radio RejectsRexxar-US10491Not updated
33Rageredor Ninja Hit SquadRexxar-US10215Not updated
34Lokgar CensoredRexxar-US10186Not updated
35Andropov Storm BornRexxar-US10162Not updated
36Lionfriend Trade SyndicateRexxar-US10067Not updated
37Dolchina Valkyries of the HordeRexxar-US10015Not updated
38Reynaldo Smiley Face BanditsRexxar-US9846Not updated
38Kamoretha Acid ReignRexxar-US9846Not updated
40Moxxletta just bloodlustRexxar-US9788Not updated
41Gilgorath Under The BridgeRexxar-US9779Not updated
42Sarcophagus Storm BornRexxar-US9688Not updated
43Chubbysdead DesecrationRexxar-US9669Not updated
44Stumpps EtherealRexxar-US9665Not updated
45Demetèr Coupe De GraceRexxar-US9397Not updated
46Orionite Men of MayhemRexxar-US9338Not updated
47Tenfiftysix  Rexxar-US8975Not updated
48Elorie Ultimate DemiseRexxar-US8946Not updated
49Vonbloodhorn Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US8926Not updated
50Pbppy ZERGRexxar-US8924Not updated
51Anubass RevelationsRexxar-US8824Not updated
52Sarii Ashes RebornRexxar-US8759Not updated
53Mondam Dragon SlayerRexxar-US8744Not updated
54Snowshine Ninefold DragonsRexxar-US8722Not updated
55Missiletoe One Step FurtherRexxar-US8667Not updated
56Gormalion Hordeon MinionsRexxar-US8654Not updated
57Meisheng NightbaneRexxar-US8625Not updated
58Tightbolt Legendary ExilesRexxar-US8597Not updated
59Ragecast Legendary ExilesRexxar-US8587Not updated
59Elahisma Legendary ExilesRexxar-US8587Not updated
61Cartoonz Pure PVPRexxar-US8534Not updated
62Destagdan Forget Your SanityRexxar-US8502Not updated
63Faszagyerek The Promised KingdomRexxar-US8489Not updated
64Worgonnadie ShadowCompanyRexxar-US8406Not updated
65Aukwa MentalWardRexxar-US8340Not updated
66Selunaria  Rexxar-US8328Not updated
67Rogerroger Twilight LegionRexxar-US8326Not updated
68Thunderthys  Rexxar-US8321Not updated
69Fenton Acid ReignRexxar-US8320Not updated
70Telaven The Art of WarRexxar-US8304Not updated
70Stär The Art of WarRexxar-US8304Not updated
72Oaklee Moldy GoldzRexxar-US8236Not updated
73Bangalore SurgeRexxar-US8232Not updated
74Zenobiia Dragons AeryRexxar-US8173Not updated
75Runti Legendary ExilesRexxar-US8099Not updated
76Modrnmessiah The MinistryRexxar-US8092Not updated
77Kialesse Stands in BadRexxar-US8090Not updated
78Resda ÈpicRexxar-US8036Not updated
79Ellars The Fallen HeroesRexxar-US7997Not updated
80Lynaria Storm BornRexxar-US7984Not updated
81Candiie RebelliousRexxar-US7951Not updated
82Zevon Celtic WolfRexxar-US7950Not updated
83Nailthorn Of the Gaskill ClanRexxar-US7941Not updated

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