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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravenholdt-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Silverstarr  Ravenholdt-US20232Not updated
2Ammyt Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US18064Not updated
3Ghohrlim  Ravenholdt-US17633Not updated
4Reddrake Bone CollectorsRavenholdt-US16262Not updated
5Wylithelyn The Dirty Underwear GangRavenholdt-US15989Not updated
6Peech The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US15025Not updated
7Lichdiva Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US14578Not updated
8Khlýde The SentinelsRavenholdt-US14380Not updated
9Projecplv  Ravenholdt-US14047Not updated
10Alasyra DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US13754Not updated
11Dasani  Ravenholdt-US13343Not updated
12Dovi Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US13120Not updated
13Kiwiboo BlutengelRavenholdt-US12632Not updated
14Fredcailloux EnragedRavenholdt-US12276Not updated
15Kirianna DepricatedRavenholdt-US12158Not updated
16Shethor Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US11804Not updated
17Inadel Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US11546Not updated
18Usshie Twisted EvilRavenholdt-US11268Not updated
19Macdublin RenaissanceRavenholdt-US11064Not updated
20Annieoakly DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US10830Not updated
21Ironhungus Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US10745Not updated
22Denzein Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-US10179Not updated
23Coz DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US9930Not updated
24Halldór The SentinelsRavenholdt-US9909Not updated
25Nostradamuss DisorderRavenholdt-US9767Not updated
26Shickentou Onyx WolvesRavenholdt-US9670Not updated
26Thrawlsbawls Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US9670Not updated
28Hølløw Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US9643Not updated
29Badonkadonk  Ravenholdt-US9607Not updated
30Lazerturky  Ravenholdt-US9564Not updated
31Eosina  Ravenholdt-US9443Not updated
32Faith No FearRavenholdt-US9217Not updated
33Karaghul Bone CollectorsRavenholdt-US9187Not updated
34Leobo EnragedRavenholdt-US9153Not updated
35Illena Group TwoRavenholdt-US9123Not updated
36Skyjade Disorganized CrimeRavenholdt-US9070Not updated
37Bitterhope  Ravenholdt-US9005Not updated
38Eleva  Ravenholdt-US8909Not updated
39Neeosporin  Ravenholdt-US8750Not updated
40Disinter NephilimRavenholdt-US8706Not updated
41Wrathor Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US8660Not updated
42Talakara  Ravenholdt-US8356Not updated
43Maxwelle Blood Wolf TotemRavenholdt-US8321Not updated
44Mackinzie Twilight EmpireRavenholdt-US8293Not updated
44Crickette DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US8293Not updated
46Infarct RiskbreakersRavenholdt-US8248Not updated
47Damdem  Ravenholdt-US8124Not updated
47Tänked No FearRavenholdt-US8124Not updated
49Msfunk  Ravenholdt-US8042Not updated
50Infarction  Ravenholdt-US8039Not updated
51Flymm  Ravenholdt-US7945Not updated
52Stratagem NephilimRavenholdt-US7916Not updated
53Windruner  Ravenholdt-US7826Not updated
54Hinatta Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-US7799Not updated
55Archrmaynard  Ravenholdt-US7796Not updated
56Blavatsky DepricatedRavenholdt-US7745Not updated
57Deathwhizz OverlordsRavenholdt-US7740Not updated
58Ritric NephilimRavenholdt-US7730Not updated
59Esche Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US7714Not updated
60Ginnhh  Ravenholdt-US7678Not updated
61Drakkeon Crimson RuinationRavenholdt-US7629Not updated
62Wildmojo Crimson RuinationRavenholdt-US7620Not updated
63Jono Reign of TerrorRavenholdt-US7536Not updated
64Angeld  Ravenholdt-US7518Not updated
65Brinell AudacityRavenholdt-US7505Not updated
66Nìghtcrawler  Ravenholdt-US7494Not updated
67Jessadel The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US7430Not updated
68Zeldoris Universal OrderRavenholdt-US7337Not updated
68Impact Universal OrderRavenholdt-US7337Not updated
68Ramarl Universal OrderRavenholdt-US7337Not updated
68Fizzlefeet Universal OrderRavenholdt-US7337Not updated
68Vashundi Universal OrderRavenholdt-US7337Not updated
73Pyrola HostileRavenholdt-US7332Not updated
74Aeoleos Universal OrderRavenholdt-US7330Not updated
75Gareneth Victoria Vel NexRavenholdt-US7302Not updated
76Agnellus Pax UmbrisRavenholdt-US7293Not updated
77Picksie Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US7291Not updated
78Magiciana DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US7280Not updated
79Mistra L i o n g u a r dRavenholdt-US7256Not updated
80Haukkah Universal OrderRavenholdt-US7202Not updated
80Gumbojo League of the Icy WindRavenholdt-US7202Not updated
82Dawnsinger  Ravenholdt-US7187Not updated
83Rhaiah Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US7173Not updated
84Vionella  Ravenholdt-US7124Not updated
85Tortosa Chandras furyRavenholdt-US7123Not updated
86Føxy DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US7116Not updated
87Pot The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US7096Not updated
88Foucault The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US7016Not updated
89Kalicia Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US7010Not updated
90Negativa Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US7006Not updated
91Feelunpretty Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US7002Not updated
92Juliè  Ravenholdt-US6989Not updated
93Huffsnpuffs  Ravenholdt-US6965Not updated
94Gruumalk DisobedientRavenholdt-US6957Not updated
95Moom shadow killersRavenholdt-US6948Not updated
96Sechskies  Ravenholdt-US6884Not updated
97Zuflik DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US6873Not updated
98Vjetar Universal OrderRavenholdt-US6858Not updated
99Mammabear DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US6853Not updated
100Badger The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US6831Not updated

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