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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Ostoro Olympian GodsRavencrest-EU17962Not updated
2Tevek Pirate CrewRavencrest-EU17226Not updated
3Mellantha The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU15771Not updated
4Okrank  Ravencrest-EU15595Not updated
5Dirtylord My Little PonyRavencrest-EU15563Not updated
6Magfrey The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU15416Not updated
7Lolbolts Ellite ForceRavencrest-EU15278Not updated
8Aylisha Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU15268Not updated
8Tameya Happy Carebear LoversRavencrest-EU15268Not updated
10Ashli  Ravencrest-EU15142Not updated
11Meilisha  Ravencrest-EU15141Not updated
12Leyara Burning HandRavencrest-EU15140Not updated
13Shamya  Ravencrest-EU15138Not updated
14Chhaya  Ravencrest-EU15135Not updated
15Dælichon DawnstarRavencrest-EU15062Not updated
16Facebuster EXRavencrest-EU14913Not updated
17Huggut ReforgedRavencrest-EU14853Not updated
18Lullejhc  Ravencrest-EU14775Not updated
19Nellenox Group TherapyRavencrest-EU14725Not updated
20Krakatoa  Ravencrest-EU14691Not updated
21Ailisha Burning HandRavencrest-EU14510Not updated
22Aphrodítè Burning HandRavencrest-EU14481Not updated
23Oyst FirebreathersRavencrest-EU14459Not updated
24Gísele Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU14426Not updated
25Kaydy Burning HandRavencrest-EU14409Not updated
26Lagoig  Ravencrest-EU14375Not updated
27Koko DawnstarRavencrest-EU14331Not updated
28Exilio HerbRavencrest-EU14262Not updated
29Zakarian The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU14193Not updated
30Ludvice Nuke FTWRavencrest-EU14175Not updated
31Riverrun F A T A LRavencrest-EU14126Not updated
32Satamorgana Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU14082Not updated
33Melsisilhina Beyond ControlRavencrest-EU14068Not updated
34Xotria So WhatRavencrest-EU14059Not updated
35Odellia SanctifiedRavencrest-EU13719Not updated
36Iranna ArcRavencrest-EU13639Not updated
37Simino The Virtual PartyRavencrest-EU13635Not updated
38Kvetinka IndivisionRavencrest-EU13466Not updated
39Schells Forged LegacyRavencrest-EU13425Not updated
40Modgud The FellowshipRavencrest-EU13102Not updated
41Bâti Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU13035Not updated
42Steeldwarf Ellite ForceRavencrest-EU12956Not updated
43Machalphelp The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU12830Not updated
44Laíon Drawn TogetherRavencrest-EU12812Not updated
45Autchy  Ravencrest-EU12701Not updated
46Hirashima Veni Vidi ViciRavencrest-EU12699Not updated
47Puremagic Guardians Of DraenorRavencrest-EU12622Not updated
48Tromasii The Army Of TurtlesRavencrest-EU12440Not updated
49Thelighted  Ravencrest-EU12346Not updated
50Kiranerys AHRavencrest-EU12340Not updated
51Manolhs  Ravencrest-EU12301Not updated
52Pakmanaki Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU11887Not updated
53Dalmy RevsRavencrest-EU11707Not updated
54Naxissa EvocatiRavencrest-EU11599Not updated
55Shadowday ResurractionRavencrest-EU11485Not updated
56Iphiginia StormwatchRavencrest-EU11405Not updated
57Whitemane Exalted With Pizza HutRavencrest-EU11387Not updated
58Velizara IlluminatiRavencrest-EU11338Not updated
59Gbohleqts ExilRavencrest-EU11239Not updated
60Amorino Fools n JestersRavencrest-EU11197Not updated
61Zalazhan You maad broRavencrest-EU11177Not updated
62Rayzan YODORavencrest-EU11157Not updated
63Bimboline DominanceRavencrest-EU11116Not updated
64Svalna DawnstarRavencrest-EU11114Not updated
65Siltherion Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU11088Not updated
66Pitfall  Ravencrest-EU10577Not updated
67Bumpuglys Order of ChaosRavencrest-EU10531Not updated
68Oupnol LegendariesRavencrest-EU10497Not updated
69Lácrima Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU10494Not updated
70Tingoz Ravencrest FeministsRavencrest-EU10333Not updated
71Slayerlol eXilitionRavencrest-EU10295Not updated
72Koffiedik  Ravencrest-EU10204Not updated
73Luxii EXRavencrest-EU10168Not updated
74Alarian AOTPRavencrest-EU10150Not updated
75Élmuerto  Ravencrest-EU10020Not updated
76Luseferous Celestial DarknessRavencrest-EU9963Not updated
77Cattißrie Bright FallsRavencrest-EU9955Not updated
78Maryshka  Ravencrest-EU9894Not updated
79Luligax RiseAgainstRavencrest-EU9844Not updated
80Xanethia The BrewmastersRavencrest-EU9749Not updated
81Maxtrigz OmnicideRavencrest-EU9745Not updated
82Huronthree  Ravencrest-EU9705Not updated
83Onomitok DevastateRavencrest-EU9667Not updated
84Farlin EpiunionRavencrest-EU9655Not updated
85Larkeesha Sworn VengeanceRavencrest-EU9637Not updated
86Dirat Exercitus MortisRavencrest-EU9602Not updated
87Issorden Nordic FuryRavencrest-EU9554Not updated
88Holytorch  Ravencrest-EU9543Not updated
89Botta So WhatRavencrest-EU9540Not updated
90Nordbo The SolutioNRavencrest-EU9501Not updated
91Baver  Ravencrest-EU9500Not updated
92Thundertom NMERavencrest-EU9391Not updated
93Ogrelul Team HipsterzRavencrest-EU9384Not updated
94Bluewalls EvocatiRavencrest-EU9377Not updated
95Wade StasisRavencrest-EU9376Not updated
96Hathory Alfa ValorisRavencrest-EU9347Not updated

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