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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ragnaros-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Trippin ImperiumRagnaros-EU21243Not updated
2Ryazan Frozen CoreRagnaros-EU14925Not updated
3Unitres InvocationRagnaros-EU14748Not updated
4Fluffyrob Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU14473Not updated
5Jagole Frozen CoreRagnaros-EU14468Not updated
6Nuterx Dark OmenRagnaros-EU14455Not updated
7Paranoîd DreadguardsRagnaros-EU14448Not updated
8Robotbér Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU14290Not updated
9Gorohar FeritasRagnaros-EU14025Not updated
10Gaìa Empire of HeavenRagnaros-EU14019Not updated
11Apophís For Queen And CookiesRagnaros-EU13877Not updated
12Arvioni WîpefestRagnaros-EU13822Not updated
13Laxli  Ragnaros-EU13539Not updated
14Freeláncer Sinners SanctumRagnaros-EU13423Not updated
15ßanditos  Ragnaros-EU13376Not updated
16Longfeet SzembeszappanRagnaros-EU13209Not updated
17Nofertare  Ragnaros-EU12982Not updated
18Painmaster ImperiumRagnaros-EU12812Not updated
19Autchy YermawRagnaros-EU12706Not updated
20Aglianico  Ragnaros-EU12640Not updated
21Lickvidz GuardianRagnaros-EU12355Not updated
22Noirassa ChallengersRagnaros-EU12129Not updated
22Salacity ChallengersRagnaros-EU12129Not updated
22Whiteheat ChallengersRagnaros-EU12129Not updated
22Tichonius ChallengersRagnaros-EU12129Not updated
26Creepster ChallengersRagnaros-EU12119Not updated
27Retsinis SiegebreakersRagnaros-EU11938Not updated
28Allisia Twisted LogicRagnaros-EU11860Not updated
29Arachea  Ragnaros-EU11777Not updated
29Eyeline  Ragnaros-EU11777Not updated
29Illbatting  Ragnaros-EU11777Not updated
32Löksandra  Ragnaros-EU11772Not updated
33Trifala ChallengersRagnaros-EU11716Not updated
34Pallasatena BolagetRagnaros-EU11589Not updated
35Aeihfein Wolf PackRagnaros-EU11566Not updated
36Rhiza Sargeras CouncilRagnaros-EU11524Not updated
37Maricshui  Ragnaros-EU11339Not updated
38Mithriell BagázsRagnaros-EU11266Not updated
39Deminia  Ragnaros-EU11190Not updated
40Kojìro VagabondsRagnaros-EU11120Not updated
41Frunzy Fekete KaromRagnaros-EU11108Not updated
42Kailary WH GamingRagnaros-EU11062Not updated
43Devjin SolarisRagnaros-EU11061Not updated
44Manomusic Fallen LordsRagnaros-EU11004Not updated
45Chikin ExîstenceRagnaros-EU10725Not updated
46Skadhi Golden DawnRagnaros-EU10680Not updated
47Jlt Badgers on a ZeppelinRagnaros-EU10667Not updated
48Deädeye AnachronoxRagnaros-EU10507Not updated
49Nokmat ResurrectionRagnaros-EU10391Not updated
50Swarchnegger Deep TranquilityRagnaros-EU10386Not updated
51Devilsaur Blacksail PiratesRagnaros-EU10352Not updated
52Kinuca QenvoRagnaros-EU10253Not updated
53Sorraorc EQRagnaros-EU10210Not updated
54Vensferatu ParadoxRagnaros-EU10148Not updated
55Aroyezza Red BranchRagnaros-EU10074Not updated
55Arystena Red BranchRagnaros-EU10074Not updated
55Alheesa Red BranchRagnaros-EU10074Not updated
58Bullburzt Hardcore Fishing GuildRagnaros-EU9971Not updated
59Gnoccha Hydraulic SerpentsRagnaros-EU9955Not updated
60Ruck Infinite CooldownRagnaros-EU9925Not updated
61Kreweta For FunRagnaros-EU9908Not updated
62Dixter Never EasyRagnaros-EU9894Not updated
63Outis  Ragnaros-EU9886Not updated
64Coben  Ragnaros-EU9780Not updated
65Faigle  Ragnaros-EU9770Not updated
66Greggzor TotemRagnaros-EU9734Not updated
67Raffaella Flying DragonsRagnaros-EU9689Not updated
68Blightbull EQRagnaros-EU9683Not updated
69Milohaze Where Eagles DareRagnaros-EU9675Not updated
70Bytedevil Twisted LogicRagnaros-EU9601Not updated
71Nalinna  Ragnaros-EU9574Not updated
72Gommboc ExsequorRagnaros-EU9568Not updated
73Arrington WîpefestRagnaros-EU9543Not updated
74Vidékirißanc  Ragnaros-EU9503Not updated
75Menáce EQRagnaros-EU9453Not updated
76Aravís EQRagnaros-EU9452Not updated
77Trigorth Ends With A BulletRagnaros-EU9446Not updated
78Redlady SanctifiedRagnaros-EU9439Not updated
79Arthurdént ShaftedRagnaros-EU9373Not updated
80Cution RevenantRagnaros-EU9371Not updated
81Shamazîng Yolo Only OnceRagnaros-EU9369Not updated
82Trollsländan  Ragnaros-EU9368Not updated
83Chenge ReményRagnaros-EU9231Not updated
84Nivyan Souls of DamnationRagnaros-EU9209Not updated
85Trilithon HedonismRagnaros-EU9206Not updated
86Grudar Rusty DorksRagnaros-EU9158Not updated
87Thommi The ExaltedRagnaros-EU9147Not updated
88Gidun Dark OmenRagnaros-EU9097Not updated
89Minakissa SyntheticaRagnaros-EU9037Not updated
90Chlóé CollisionRagnaros-EU9032Not updated
91Amnichia DreadguardsRagnaros-EU9017Not updated
92Globemaster Dark SanctuaryRagnaros-EU9009Not updated
93Toiran Desperate MurlocsRagnaros-EU8999Not updated
94Nemárembeer Bro ArmyRagnaros-EU8991Not updated
95Faiya Gelu AngelusRagnaros-EU8967Not updated
96Vilendor DeusExRagnaros-EU8956Not updated
97Nienora Defiance ContinuedRagnaros-EU8911Not updated
98Ziu  Ragnaros-EU8839Not updated
99Cukipap Scandinavian Old StarsRagnaros-EU8786Not updated
100Jezek CerealKillersRagnaros-EU8759Not updated

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