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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Quel'dorei-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Camembert Arrested DevelopmentQuel'dorei-US14879Not updated
2Aistann Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US14551Not updated
3Kittygumdrop Raid WarriorsQuel'dorei-US14289Not updated
4Deadsmell Sleepless KnightsQuel'dorei-US13889Not updated
5Viscous Booty Bay Yacht ClubQuel'dorei-US13691Not updated
6Nlt  Quel'dorei-US12832Not updated
7Xya Autumns AshesQuel'dorei-US12774Not updated
8Auklet Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US12692Not updated
9Warpigg The ResoluteQuel'dorei-US12379Not updated
10Caesars Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US12220Not updated
11Galivan  Quel'dorei-US11623Not updated
12Kayoh The Damaged OnesQuel'dorei-US11493Not updated
13Hoarfrosting Violates User AgreementQuel'dorei-US11482Not updated
14Taleb Extreme VigilantesQuel'dorei-US11369Not updated
15Kerî  Quel'dorei-US11193Not updated
16After HonorlessQuel'dorei-US11187Not updated
17Iilyria Flawed by DesignQuel'dorei-US10791Not updated
18Kaminari RedefinedQuel'dorei-US10326Not updated
19Hughjárse Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US10225Not updated
20Zhadoo  Quel'dorei-US10063Not updated
21Bulldah TAUREN TEMPLAR KNIGHTSQuel'dorei-US10047Not updated
22Brncow Symphony of DestructionQuel'dorei-US9936Not updated
23Ninawynn Unbound WrathQuel'dorei-US9823Not updated
24Purplerayne Saints RebornQuel'dorei-US9809Not updated
25Free  Quel'dorei-US9692Not updated
26Gatorboy DedicatedQuel'dorei-US9590Not updated
27Munchinsr Knights of the Red SkyQuel'dorei-US9576Not updated
28Yazz Deadly RainfallsQuel'dorei-US9537Not updated
29Sweetsins Veil of PâineaQuel'dorei-US9428Not updated
30Brëëzy  Quel'dorei-US9381Not updated
31Phinebucket LMAOQuel'dorei-US9277Not updated
32Valens Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US9275Not updated
33Banksia Clan DregsQuel'dorei-US9251Not updated
34Geeni WTF who pulledQuel'dorei-US9215Not updated
35Chokenslide Legio RexQuel'dorei-US9172Not updated
36Nolaka  Quel'dorei-US9107Not updated
37Danpas  Quel'dorei-US9082Not updated
38Barudd Warriors EliteQuel'dorei-US9046Not updated
39Prodeath Impending Death SquadQuel'dorei-US8990Not updated
40Kiah The ResoluteQuel'dorei-US8950Not updated
41Rumblefist Boondock Saints IIQuel'dorei-US8897Not updated
42Raelene lions denQuel'dorei-US8885Not updated
43Hurikan UnimpressedQuel'dorei-US8862Not updated
44Harmoniey Saints RebornQuel'dorei-US8691Not updated
45Ursuul Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US8591Not updated
46Drakcore Eternal DamnationQuel'dorei-US8436Not updated
47Chadias Pirates of timeQuel'dorei-US8430Not updated
48Sigmah Tasslehoffs WanderlustQuel'dorei-US8414Not updated
49Crowle Eternal DamnationQuel'dorei-US8409Not updated
50Cecilie Lightbringers KnightsQuel'dorei-US8407Not updated
51Blondemoment Knights TaleQuel'dorei-US8367Not updated
52Rasullina  Quel'dorei-US8365Not updated
53Castiël DedicatedQuel'dorei-US8364Not updated
54Evissa Knights Who Say NiQuel'dorei-US8359Not updated
55Kimerra Eternity DeniedQuel'dorei-US8353Not updated
56Mitchbade Final RequiemQuel'dorei-US8327Not updated
57Greatskull Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US8322Not updated
58Jainuh DedicatedQuel'dorei-US8182Not updated
59Aishu PanaceaQuel'dorei-US8127Not updated
60Mazzeroc Guardians of ForeverQuel'dorei-US8110Not updated
61Shadomoon Bad KarmaQuel'dorei-US8104Not updated
62Bashir Guardians of ForeverQuel'dorei-US8103Not updated
63Jasminder DedicatedQuel'dorei-US8072Not updated
64Aharie Arrested DevelopmentQuel'dorei-US7990Not updated
65Sharmar UnimpressedQuel'dorei-US7921Not updated
66Theanna Beyond HopeQuel'dorei-US7907Not updated
67Pondhopper Guardians of ForeverQuel'dorei-US7889Not updated
68Zerrikan Recreational HazardQuel'dorei-US7842Not updated
69Osmo NocturnalQuel'dorei-US7839Not updated
70Sunneybird  Quel'dorei-US7833Not updated
71Disinterred Bristol KnightsQuel'dorei-US7829Not updated
72Scottsturn We So HordeyQuel'dorei-US7820Not updated
73Nothinmuch TreewardensQuel'dorei-US7807Not updated
74Shadowdreamr The MartyredQuel'dorei-US7796Not updated
75Morcke The Genyu forceQuel'dorei-US7789Not updated
76Ironsteel The MartyredQuel'dorei-US7761Not updated
77Amalin Dawn of DamnationQuel'dorei-US7711Not updated
78Kasenora Knights of the Red SkyQuel'dorei-US7710Not updated
78Ruulb The Liquid ManbabiesQuel'dorei-US7710Not updated

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