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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1ßíll Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US8251Not updated
2Kyraya Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US7246Not updated
3Satynwyng Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US7239Not updated
4Lunarys Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US6852Not updated
5Flamingarrow Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US6538Not updated
6Newdrfate Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US6343Not updated
7Xenababy Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US5888Not updated
8Halcyøn Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US5802Not updated
9Adventures Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US5765Not updated
10Kavella Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US5442Not updated
11Ayamie Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US5151Not updated
12Ryced Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US4876Not updated
13Daenerys Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US4802Not updated
14Eireeyes Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US4740Not updated
15Kroes Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US4679Not updated
16Sadìstìc Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US4673Not updated
17Pippÿ Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US4608Not updated
18Izli Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US4587Not updated
19Gnossis Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US3375Not updated
19Pandaran Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US3375Not updated
21Tueli Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US3186Not updated
22Scarwind Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US3053Not updated
22Shaurassa Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US3053Not updated
24Candora Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US3046Not updated
25Nilam Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US2776Not updated
26Svana Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US2721Not updated
27Blitzeinschl Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US2620Not updated
28Spacegirl Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US2486Not updated
29Gesundhéit Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1825Not updated
30Darquemajix Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1660Not updated
31Cullena Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1579Not updated
32Yonyand Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1463Not updated
33Kartrashian Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1459Not updated
34Mihric Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1454Not updated
35Offalclench Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1431Not updated
36Lace Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1377Not updated
37Bentspring Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1370Not updated
38Bubbleosêvên Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1336Not updated
39Trïstiaña Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1293Not updated
40Dyslexicgaf Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1287Not updated
41Kalandros Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1262Not updated
42Kettahna Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1203Not updated
43Løkax Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1199Not updated
44Roelle Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1175Not updated
45Mintywookie Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1163Not updated
46Ayameshadow Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US1004Not updated
47Elouisé Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US850Not updated
48Sazïd Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US811Not updated
49Ambiana Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US807Not updated
50Lummey Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US789Not updated
51Coex Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US774Not updated
51Tarxie Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US774Not updated
53Copperkettle Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US685Not updated
54Faezbhar Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US621Not updated
55Hurang Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US616Not updated
56Azelight Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US583Not updated
57Aramist Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US575Not updated
58Allyhandraa Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US562Not updated
59Noala Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US559Not updated
60Nightmårè Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US555Not updated
61Eimear Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US548Not updated
62Oter Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US513Not updated
63Ammocamo Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US489Not updated
64Aphrodité Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US479Not updated
65Peachhime Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US465Not updated
66Clusterfrak Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US402Not updated
67Omniverse Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US363Not updated
68Shadralay Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US352Not updated
69Kinmo Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US347Not updated
70Reginamills Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US325Not updated
71Metamerius Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US299Not updated
72Soulreave Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US285Not updated
73Tanzaroo Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US282Not updated
74Xannathus Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US274Not updated
75Cryoflare Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US263Not updated
76Sumyungbob Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US245Not updated
76Nytelyt Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US245Not updated
78Kalranis Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US237Not updated
79Syaan Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US231Not updated
79Kazrac Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US231Not updated
81Yarue Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US221Not updated
82Lowiez Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US217Not updated
83Gwenni Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US216Not updated
84Coralin Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US213Not updated
85Chromixa Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US212Not updated
85Serigoth Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US212Not updated
87Thai Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US202Not updated
88Dollen Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US199Not updated
89Beroes Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US187Not updated
90Astariianas Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US184Not updated
91Wickedwhitch Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US183Not updated
92Activity Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US181Not updated
93Effingrum Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US180Not updated
94Distractalot Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US179Not updated
95Tegwyn Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US169Not updated
96Jðsie Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US167Not updated
97Jugni Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US163Not updated
98Odelynna Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US154Not updated
99Wetnose Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US139Not updated
100Ezmerella Rainbow ChaosProudmoore-US138Not updated

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