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Proudmoore-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Stafanski RedivivusProudmoore-US18601Not updated
2Dainono The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US18318
3Gilroykilroy  Proudmoore-US17961
4Hootshunts Geared For WarProudmoore-US17269
5Suedara  Proudmoore-US17004Not updated
6Alphatai BLAHProudmoore-US16906
7Twystt  Proudmoore-US16366Not updated
8Saleiri Divine WindProudmoore-US16006
9Elgin WrathProudmoore-US15574
10Daymien  Proudmoore-US15448Not updated
11Mennrva AltoholicsAnonymousProudmoore-US15410
11Morriganne AltoholicsAnonymousProudmoore-US15410
13Cormacfiend Extended WarrantyProudmoore-US15396
14Srettel Fission ChipsProudmoore-US15002
15Hotroller Non Combat PetProudmoore-US14851
16Yuuna Non Combat PetProudmoore-US14799
17Nicorobin The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US14722
18Everdreamer WarboundProudmoore-US14720
18Yotuba WarboundProudmoore-US14720
20Osonosan The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US14714
21Plath Pride of ProudmooreProudmoore-US14696
22Iiago Geared For WarProudmoore-US14606
23Obscurimirus Moment of ZenProudmoore-US14582
24Squeakums The HorsemenProudmoore-US14567Not updated
25Intyce Paradigm ShiftProudmoore-US14414
26Zathara Icecrown CitadelProudmoore-US14350
27Eltanyn Preferred GnomenclatureProudmoore-US14325
28Hotstuff WarboundProudmoore-US14258
29Delibre SorryProudmoore-US14121
30Shockmaster RespecProudmoore-US13989
31Ren HavenProudmoore-US13983
32Hehuduvudu  Proudmoore-US13910
33Superted Logical ProgressionProudmoore-US13838
34Bernta  Proudmoore-US13825Not updated
35Tsunamii Obsidian BladesProudmoore-US13803
36Mausoleah On a Dark HorseProudmoore-US13795
37Hoßßit Twisted FateProudmoore-US13785Not updated
38Mewbean Preferred GnomenclatureProudmoore-US13760
39Lynessa Paralytic CharmProudmoore-US13658
40Rirena Soul SocietyProudmoore-US13655Not updated
41Sennay Blood FaithProudmoore-US13654
42Alogafar RiseProudmoore-US13644Not updated
43Wÿst DisgruntledProudmoore-US13627
44Asharn hemingways gunProudmoore-US13597
45Gillilthis The Pride of StonewallProudmoore-US13594
46Dunkles Alliance OffensiveProudmoore-US13495Not updated
47Joapveter WakeProudmoore-US13477
48Meming MaliceProudmoore-US13466Not updated
49Cleoselene La Familia De StonewallProudmoore-US13402
50Coquine  Proudmoore-US13328Not updated
51Belladõnna There and Back AgainProudmoore-US13166Not updated
52Sitandspin WrathProudmoore-US13103
53ßôô Game OverProudmoore-US13066Not updated
54Deathworgen Phoenix FusionProudmoore-US13053
55Hapti Exiles of Mt NevermindProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Cretia Dark RitesProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Kaviji Dark RitesProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Itolami Dark RitesProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Mainde Dark RitesProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Hexamus Dark RitesProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Smirkles Dark RitesProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Serunna Dark RitesProudmoore-US13035Not updated
55Deathtwinkle Exiles of Mt NevermindProudmoore-US13035Not updated
64Classtarship SorryProudmoore-US12893Not updated
65Yënsid Game OverProudmoore-US12865
66Taesi  Proudmoore-US12848Not updated
67Cooties Eazy CompanyProudmoore-US12701
68Someyungguy Vox SilentiiProudmoore-US12650
69Eaglesong TaintProudmoore-US12486
70Pallythus ÍmmortalsProudmoore-US12446Not updated
71Yorunokage Fun With FriendsProudmoore-US12436
72Shaollin Nox InvictusProudmoore-US12372
73Esiis The Pride of StonewallProudmoore-US12301
74Syphillisity OriginProudmoore-US12300
75Loosewheel ZeroRemorseProudmoore-US12275
76Honglo  Proudmoore-US12268
77Starflash The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12244
77Moyun The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12244
79Ariner The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12241
79Reinforce The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12241
79Elliyarra The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12241
79Feminine The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12241
79Shinestar The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12241
84Zendo Game OverProudmoore-US12218
85Felbrooké Momentum DeferredProudmoore-US12146Not updated
86Vecasra The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US12140
87Enlightnment Keepers of the CrownProudmoore-US12133Not updated
88Pearlgrrl Got GirlsProudmoore-US12124
89Charlia Redeemers of AzerothProudmoore-US12103
90Jadaria Midnight SocietyProudmoore-US12023Not updated
91Trabethany Ferret NationProudmoore-US11922Not updated
92Prior Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US11893
93Artan hemingways gunProudmoore-US11889
94Assmodeus Geared For WarProudmoore-US11669
95Lisamarie T r a n s c e n dProudmoore-US11599Not updated
96Nols Blood Before SurrenderProudmoore-US11544Not updated
97Nayma BlackLabelProudmoore-US11522
98Takato Non Combat PetProudmoore-US11513
99Vessanda Obsidian BladesProudmoore-US11476
100Addora Obsidian BladesProudmoore-US11475

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