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Proudmoore-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Beergret ShadowMoonProudmoore-EU18552
2Zuled sickProudmoore-EU14663
3Dreggi KernfusionProudmoore-EU14561
4Udet abnormalProudmoore-EU14456Not updated
5Vanillieeis InsomniaProudmoore-EU13876Not updated
6Grobijan nullus animusProudmoore-EU13016Not updated
7Motzfee Heroes de la CruzProudmoore-EU12675Not updated
8Tuire Lauter nette LeuteProudmoore-EU12312Not updated
9Tzuteji Regnum IraeProudmoore-EU12054
10Kish  Proudmoore-EU11890Not updated
11Gulbo K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU11613
12Kaiseralchy Heroes de la CruzProudmoore-EU11370
13Lokilein The Dark SkiesProudmoore-EU10711
14Tokaj AcheronProudmoore-EU10515
15Anaj Stature Of The GodsProudmoore-EU10394
16Axlschulz K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU10387
17Steinfels IlluminatusProudmoore-EU10333Not updated
18Ornos Stormwind TroopersProudmoore-EU9965
19Thrasykles Legion of DawnProudmoore-EU9945
20Kosterlita  Proudmoore-EU9885Not updated
21Arymis Ice ExperienceProudmoore-EU9545Not updated
22Malarus CataclysmProudmoore-EU9452Not updated
23Saceria Pure NatureProudmoore-EU9418Not updated
24Cyrina SoulstonedProudmoore-EU9359Not updated
25Paxtu Hüter der GezeitenProudmoore-EU9355
26Cuidadora New OrderProudmoore-EU9313
27Noreg Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU9310
28Agucky DeathwingProudmoore-EU9301
29Elendriel  Proudmoore-EU9285
30Yajirush Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU9201
31Magar Die Hohen SchwerterProudmoore-EU9165
32Raggamuffin ÂwesomeProudmoore-EU9148Not updated
33Kitany CrusaderProudmoore-EU9102
34Nekromi The DevilProudmoore-EU9086
35Santiano Pride of AzerothProudmoore-EU9001
36Takuul Legion der SchattenProudmoore-EU8955Not updated
37Chaya NastyProudmoore-EU8734
38Grepher The DevilProudmoore-EU8721
39Jallina  Proudmoore-EU8719Not updated
40Mariaeva Heroes de la CruzProudmoore-EU8691
41Linah The DevilProudmoore-EU8637
42Shyrelle K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU8626
43Zerlia The GloryProudmoore-EU8571
44Xoran KernfusionProudmoore-EU8422
45Sturmmonster JusticeProudmoore-EU8411Not updated
45Pfläumi JusticeProudmoore-EU8411Not updated
47Nang Riders on the StormProudmoore-EU8401Not updated
48Alamandá gladiators of azerothProudmoore-EU8372Not updated
49Mutou InsomniaProudmoore-EU8369Not updated
50Casiopeia Blue DragonsProudmoore-EU8356
51Blitzardo ServerFossilProudmoore-EU8314Not updated
52Slash MonsterProudmoore-EU8249Not updated
53San KernfusionProudmoore-EU8236Not updated
54Kennoby K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU8084
55Platinel Pure NatureProudmoore-EU8073Not updated
56Picander  Proudmoore-EU8067
57Nanüchen  Proudmoore-EU8054Not updated
58Huntershaman DemigodsProudmoore-EU8048Not updated
59Eirene Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU8040Not updated
59Mavella Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU8040Not updated
61Rukos  Proudmoore-EU7984
62Trokk Ultima RatioProudmoore-EU7960
63Shenni CrusaderProudmoore-EU7936
64Scorpionmage Legends of WoWProudmoore-EU7906Not updated
65Bluddymarry Hope and DespairProudmoore-EU7861
66Sakya The DreamcatcherProudmoore-EU7854
67Aliseá TrololoProudmoore-EU7848Not updated
68Fiana Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU7821
69Tyriøn KernfusionProudmoore-EU7810
70Brudertuck Der Orden des NordlichtsProudmoore-EU7786Not updated
71Acabus  Proudmoore-EU7774Not updated
72Vanime  Proudmoore-EU7764Not updated
73Äthas ExtrahordinärProudmoore-EU7750
74Nepomuk New OrderProudmoore-EU7743Not updated
75Naskela ÄltestenratProudmoore-EU7739Not updated
75Pigios Lost WolvesProudmoore-EU7739Not updated
77Shadiyah Riders on the StormProudmoore-EU7729Not updated
78Mêrlé Omnes Pro UnoProudmoore-EU7717
79Laststand NightfíghtersProudmoore-EU7708Not updated
80Ihladine Riders on the StormProudmoore-EU7705
81Kloh Wir machen den Weg freiProudmoore-EU7683Not updated
82Troki Ultima RatioProudmoore-EU7667Not updated
83Monge Morbid ManiacsProudmoore-EU7663Not updated
84Pãndorrã Change of ScenesProudmoore-EU7639
85Grizzle Krieger der MondeProudmoore-EU7618Not updated
86Dermike NightfíghtersProudmoore-EU7593
87Zorrn  Proudmoore-EU7574Not updated
88Yngona  Proudmoore-EU7569Not updated
89Drunkenhero KernfusionProudmoore-EU7547Not updated
90Shardanea Tränen des PhönixProudmoore-EU7529
91Arkatras Omnes Pro UnoProudmoore-EU7511

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