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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Beergret ShadowMoonProudmoore-EU18671Not updated
2Hozzenplozz KernfusionProudmoore-EU14812Not updated
3Zuled sickProudmoore-EU14772Not updated
4Everyone KernfusionProudmoore-EU14601Not updated
5Huri Regnum IraeProudmoore-EU14525Not updated
6Vanillieeis InsomniaProudmoore-EU14205Not updated
7Pfläumi  Proudmoore-EU13675Not updated
8Xyrothor ÄltestenratProudmoore-EU13246Not updated
9Motzfee Heroes de la CruzProudmoore-EU12703Not updated
10Eragons Die SpinnenProudmoore-EU12488Not updated
11Tuire Lauter nette LeuteProudmoore-EU12312Not updated
12Sturmmonster JusticeProudmoore-EU12267Not updated
13Tzuteji Regnum IraeProudmoore-EU12054Not updated
14Kish  Proudmoore-EU11890Not updated
15Gulbo K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU11613Not updated
16Kaiseralchy Heroes de la CruzProudmoore-EU11376Not updated
17Kaiserjuwe K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU11370Not updated
18Anaj Stature Of The GodsProudmoore-EU11144Not updated
19Lokilein  Proudmoore-EU10711Not updated
20Tokaj AcheronProudmoore-EU10610Not updated
21Axlschulz K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU10387Not updated
22Paterudo AvantasiaProudmoore-EU10323Not updated
23Shadowhornet Dungeon HerosProudmoore-EU10263Not updated
24Mêrlé Omnes Pro UnoProudmoore-EU10044Not updated
25Thrasykles Legion of DawnProudmoore-EU9945Not updated
26Kosterlita  Proudmoore-EU9902Not updated
27Lýthien ÄltestenratProudmoore-EU9872Not updated
28Noreg Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU9829Not updated
29Artenia ResurrectionProudmoore-EU9675Not updated
30Paxtu Hüter der GezeitenProudmoore-EU9646Not updated
30Paiuhn Hüter der GezeitenProudmoore-EU9646Not updated
32Yajirush Magnanimous MajestyProudmoore-EU9616Not updated
33Arymis Ice ExperienceProudmoore-EU9546Not updated
34Rushina NightstalkerProudmoore-EU9507Not updated
35Arbola New OrderProudmoore-EU9505Not updated
36Wakanda Legends of WoWProudmoore-EU9489Not updated
37Farinya CrusaderProudmoore-EU9479Not updated
38Malarus CataclysmProudmoore-EU9452Not updated
39Saceria Pure NatureProudmoore-EU9418Not updated
40Cyrina SoulstonedProudmoore-EU9359Not updated
41Elendriel  Proudmoore-EU9285Not updated
42Shandrisa Crusaders of StormwindProudmoore-EU9237Not updated
43Ohotti Krieger der MondeProudmoore-EU9210Not updated
44Magar Die Hohen SchwerterProudmoore-EU9199Not updated
45Kharhal Crusaders of StormwindProudmoore-EU9171Not updated
46Kitany CrusaderProudmoore-EU9164Not updated
47Aszra nilProudmoore-EU9017Not updated
48Santiano Pride of AzerothProudmoore-EU9001Not updated
49Groben Riders on the StormProudmoore-EU8866Not updated
50Sangan Knights of KnetzgauProudmoore-EU8810Not updated
51Cadria NastyProudmoore-EU8753Not updated
52Nanüchen  Proudmoore-EU8695Not updated
53Mhyrelle K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU8645Not updated
54Linah The DevilProudmoore-EU8637Not updated
55Fili Blue DragonsProudmoore-EU8573Not updated
55Nepomuk New OrderProudmoore-EU8573Not updated
55Zerlia The GloryProudmoore-EU8573Not updated
58Todeswunsch SoulstonedProudmoore-EU8545Not updated
59Äthas ExtrahordinärProudmoore-EU8535Not updated
60Huntershaman DemigodsProudmoore-EU8451Not updated
61Xoran Raging RaidleadProudmoore-EU8427Not updated
62Alamandá gladiators of azerothProudmoore-EU8372Not updated
63Mutou InsomniaProudmoore-EU8369Not updated
64Fermata zählt nichtProudmoore-EU8322Not updated
64Dreikäsetief zählt nichtProudmoore-EU8322Not updated
64Parasol zählt nichtProudmoore-EU8322Not updated
64Abassir zählt nichtProudmoore-EU8322Not updated
68Aranel Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU8314Not updated
68Blitzardo ServerFossilProudmoore-EU8314Not updated
70Trok Ultima RatioProudmoore-EU8273Not updated
71Perryhotter DIE EINZELKÄMPFERProudmoore-EU8270Not updated
72San KernfusionProudmoore-EU8236Not updated
73Aradie Dungeon HerosProudmoore-EU8159Not updated
74Kennoby K R E U Z R I T T E RProudmoore-EU8158Not updated
75Lavandulae gladiators of azerothProudmoore-EU8151Not updated
76Fiana Tempus DraconisProudmoore-EU8139Not updated
77Sabrefox NightfíghtersProudmoore-EU8125Not updated
78Picander zählt nichtProudmoore-EU8118Not updated
79Vanime  Proudmoore-EU8110Not updated
80Chatoyance zählt nichtProudmoore-EU8094Not updated
80Shesha zählt nichtProudmoore-EU8094Not updated
82Platinel Pure NatureProudmoore-EU8073Not updated
83Salandrina Tränen des PhönixProudmoore-EU8030Not updated
84Shardanea Tränen des PhönixProudmoore-EU8025Not updated
85Rukos  Proudmoore-EU8024Not updated
86Sonjablad Carpe DiemProudmoore-EU7916Not updated
87Qasy Väter der HordeProudmoore-EU7906Not updated
87Scorpionmage Legends of WoWProudmoore-EU7906Not updated
89Mitsoki New OrderProudmoore-EU7884Not updated
90Púr PrometheusProudmoore-EU7883Not updated
91Bluddymarry Hope and DespairProudmoore-EU7867Not updated

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