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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Onyxia-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Kobayasimaru FubarOnyxia-EU16798Not updated
2Kormac ImpactOnyxia-EU15948Not updated
3Boraso BoraBoraOnyxia-EU14997Not updated
4Windfeger CoinflipOnyxia-EU14750Not updated
5Antenos dream bigOnyxia-EU14100Not updated
6Augustheal Im Namen der EhreOnyxia-EU13136Not updated
7Felie HappyDayOnyxia-EU13016Not updated
8Tôra dream bigOnyxia-EU12948Not updated
9Heledriel Divine PrideOnyxia-EU12819Not updated
10Fentaja Bunch of BoonsOnyxia-EU12526Not updated
11Mìraculí HappyDayOnyxia-EU12219Not updated
12Moju DragonclawOnyxia-EU11912Not updated
13Eviled Schatten des DunkelmondsOnyxia-EU11323Not updated
14Zelgads SturmklingeOnyxia-EU11217Not updated
15Hôrný Tanzmädchen SylvanasOnyxia-EU10892Not updated
16Helgrid Cøld BrutalityOnyxia-EU10768Not updated
17Kelzort HerzensrächerOnyxia-EU10700Not updated
18Lassmaranda Little HerosOnyxia-EU10560Not updated
19Kuhlevel The Dark Side of JusticeOnyxia-EU10393Not updated
20Tehlu Im Namen der EhreOnyxia-EU9993Not updated
21Fîonâ TitaniumOnyxia-EU9946Not updated
22Katalina RinderhilfswerkOnyxia-EU9847Not updated
23Arbelotus Pure RageOnyxia-EU9785Not updated
24Sephnta WalhallaOnyxia-EU9733Not updated
25Schrumschrum  Onyxia-EU9695Not updated
26Töpfchen twelveOnyxia-EU9652Not updated
27Craterus HorusOnyxia-EU9628Not updated
28Hêli  Onyxia-EU9310Not updated
29Cilli Kurzens SpezialtruppeOnyxia-EU9306Not updated
30Leefke Last HopeOnyxia-EU9275Not updated
31Malchom Bruderschaft des NordensOnyxia-EU9184Not updated
32Lemoyne  Onyxia-EU9075Not updated
33Magrât FourSeasonsOnyxia-EU9059Not updated
34Chargekanta InnocentiaOnyxia-EU8897Not updated
35Shântra GO AHEADOnyxia-EU8879Not updated
36Liliâna  Onyxia-EU8877Not updated
37Verelyse WorgslayersOnyxia-EU8876Not updated
38Taure ImpactOnyxia-EU8843Not updated
39Hunterboss Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU8818Not updated
40Drpuschel wie jetztOnyxia-EU8779Not updated
41Pyrà tbaOnyxia-EU8739Not updated
42Daniy  Onyxia-EU8731Not updated
43Ajuro TiTanS ArmYOnyxia-EU8679Not updated
44Starzky FlawlessOnyxia-EU8540Not updated
45Kilicaslan BRUTAL REACTIONOnyxia-EU8492Not updated
46Fìnnja InnocentiaOnyxia-EU8386Not updated
47Dumdideldum Bruderschaft des NordensOnyxia-EU8383Not updated
48Selíni  Onyxia-EU8324Not updated
49Tyala SakrilegOnyxia-EU8289Not updated
50Morgheron Freunde GnomeregansOnyxia-EU8165Not updated
51Mosambiq InnocentiaOnyxia-EU8136Not updated
52Álicé Death WishOnyxia-EU8119Not updated
53Merith not good cherry eatingOnyxia-EU8089Not updated
54Marisou InnocentiaOnyxia-EU8061Not updated
55Wosa Work hard play hardOnyxia-EU8037Not updated
56Caitlynn DragonforcéOnyxia-EU7992Not updated
56Popelfresse  Onyxia-EU7992Not updated
58Izaa Orden des BlutesOnyxia-EU7976Not updated
59Aktharus DarksidersOnyxia-EU7954Not updated
59Astrokan DarksidersOnyxia-EU7954Not updated
61Pabuni HostisOnyxia-EU7913Not updated
62Agur  Onyxia-EU7912Not updated
63Nemesos Bruderschaft des NordensOnyxia-EU7884Not updated
64Heilmi Little HerosOnyxia-EU7882Not updated
65Schanksu controlledChaosOnyxia-EU7876Not updated
66Jackiechæn ProfectoOnyxia-EU7837Not updated
67Devas  Onyxia-EU7790Not updated
68Âurøra  Onyxia-EU7768Not updated
69Gaska Black EvilsOnyxia-EU7718Not updated
70Eleste Chaos LegionOnyxia-EU7694Not updated
71Morgîon Die Mütter MafiaOnyxia-EU7648Not updated
72Lesliie chains of destinyOnyxia-EU7635Not updated
73Piffy InnocentiaOnyxia-EU7613Not updated
74Aïsolon ThanatosOnyxia-EU7595Not updated
75Grunzknecht  Onyxia-EU7557Not updated
76Bimba Bunch of BoonsOnyxia-EU7507Not updated
77Hùrrakan  Onyxia-EU7439Not updated
78Rezha SturmklingeOnyxia-EU7432Not updated
79Azzaro Orden des BlutesOnyxia-EU7402Not updated
80Lalang ZzodiacOnyxia-EU7394Not updated
81Verrücktikus Aufs MaulOnyxia-EU7389Not updated
82Haduwig SturmklingeOnyxia-EU7383Not updated
83Ohjott Hero of the HordeOnyxia-EU7373Not updated
84Jackybabe Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU7327Not updated
84Ghuni Disciples of MioOnyxia-EU7327Not updated
86Kheley hat Angst im DunkelnOnyxia-EU7319Not updated
87Wullie FogelvreiOnyxia-EU7312Not updated
88Blacknurse CorvusOnyxia-EU7276Not updated
89Blaçkstar  Onyxia-EU7268Not updated
90Nanaru ThanatosOnyxia-EU7251Not updated
91Whiro Sempêr TalisOnyxia-EU7249Not updated
92Smartrulla RinderhilfswerkOnyxia-EU7237Not updated
93Mescalero Shadow PhantomsOnyxia-EU7220Not updated
94Soprano  Onyxia-EU7219Not updated
95Ghun WaveOnyxia-EU7212Not updated
96Luneth Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU7205Not updated

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