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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nozdormu-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Alfauswor XindaluNozdormu-EU16986Not updated
2Steelrose BaseNozdormu-EU14884Not updated
3Lorlaine flipmødeNozdormu-EU14452Not updated
4Anguna DunkelheitNozdormu-EU14093Not updated
5Randiera Die SilberfüchseNozdormu-EU13317Not updated
6Bulma SeleçãoNozdormu-EU13220Not updated
7Gwînnî SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU11757Not updated
8Lettbrun EpicsNozdormu-EU11713Not updated
9Steelsky AgemaNozdormu-EU11660Not updated
10Jazebel ImperialisNozdormu-EU11561Not updated
11Bhikkhu PathfindersNozdormu-EU11492Not updated
12Kcharika Wächter des NordsternsNozdormu-EU11483Not updated
13Käsestûlle DecagonNozdormu-EU11307Not updated
14Amilo Ritter der TafelrundeNozdormu-EU11117Not updated
15Bellafussel New EdenNozdormu-EU10948Not updated
16Theodora EpicsNozdormu-EU10910Not updated
17Krystan BaseNozdormu-EU10902Not updated
18Isarmar  Nozdormu-EU10901Not updated
19Bettlampe New EdenNozdormu-EU10877Not updated
20Atia MondyNozdormu-EU10622Not updated
21Halys Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU10581Not updated
22Manjuk Fire DragonsNozdormu-EU10291Not updated
23Heldentum SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU10255Not updated
24Mílou XindaluNozdormu-EU10190Not updated
25Useless Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU10098Not updated
26Karloline EpicsNozdormu-EU10030Not updated
27Póisenivy Die TodesengelNozdormu-EU10015Not updated
28Blackwulf  Nozdormu-EU10011Not updated
29Holowhost SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU9985Not updated
30Taharka ProtectionNozdormu-EU9889Not updated
31Allexrill Die genialen ChaotenNozdormu-EU9856Not updated
32Shiyu AenigmaNozdormu-EU9786Not updated
33Daylord Alpha OneNozdormu-EU9778Not updated
34Oksana Badeverein Ironforge eVNozdormu-EU9713Not updated
35Lethix Ordo Templi BasileaNozdormu-EU9690Not updated
36Hotlips The Roots of NozNozdormu-EU9382Not updated
37Roach Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU9338Not updated
38Magâ Die SilberfüchseNozdormu-EU9306Not updated
39Franca TrucidareNozdormu-EU9174Not updated
40Hexagnom Tempelritter des LichtsNozdormu-EU9127Not updated
41Janali AvandosNozdormu-EU9108Not updated
42Beatme DunkelheitNozdormu-EU9052Not updated
43Lylien Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU9024Not updated
44Bohemond Heiliger GralNozdormu-EU9002Not updated
45Terminador  Nozdormu-EU8999Not updated
46Ìmpuls FuntasticForcesNozdormu-EU8836Not updated
47Hekaya DeathlyconsNozdormu-EU8831Not updated
48Sweettblood UnbreakablesNozdormu-EU8775Not updated
49Ichöebe Wölfe der HordeNozdormu-EU8774Not updated
50Tecna iRageNozdormu-EU8742Not updated
51Ashlan EpicsNozdormu-EU8736Not updated
52Toshun Wächter des NordsternsNozdormu-EU8725Not updated
53Leò BossLandNozdormu-EU8706Not updated
54Victrix eXaltedNozdormu-EU8685Not updated
55Vegás Helden der AllianzNozdormu-EU8595Not updated
56Herdamit Alpha OneNozdormu-EU8578Not updated
57Phenandra BaseNozdormu-EU8466Not updated
58Griesu der JÄGERMEISTERCLUBNozdormu-EU8419Not updated
59Nomja SeleçãoNozdormu-EU8413Not updated
60Trusbak DunkelheitNozdormu-EU8386Not updated
61Durnas ex inferno òÓNozdormu-EU8354Not updated
62Jitka KNIGHTS of RIGHTNozdormu-EU8329Not updated
62Fraterny  Nozdormu-EU8329Not updated
64Daphnè Legion der HeldenNozdormu-EU8246Not updated
65Mortys Die NordmännerNozdormu-EU8218Not updated
66Donnerblitz Fidei AmiciNozdormu-EU8201Not updated
67Necromonnger HimmelsfeuerNozdormu-EU8163Not updated
68Sensor Sentinel of NemesisNozdormu-EU8124Not updated
69Tharen Badeverein Ironforge eVNozdormu-EU8066Not updated
70Willhelmx FarstridersNozdormu-EU8065Not updated
71Andü SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU8053Not updated
72Hortass Wölfe der HordeNozdormu-EU8041Not updated
73Cruela Wölfe der HordeNozdormu-EU8039Not updated
74Fixxus ImperialisNozdormu-EU8008Not updated
75Tigerkralle  Nozdormu-EU7980Not updated
76Lafly Die Elite von NordendNozdormu-EU7944Not updated
77Comander SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU7930Not updated
78Gysurion MuG trashNozdormu-EU7845Not updated
79Tishir The Dark GamerNozdormu-EU7829Not updated
80Penetrazio ex inferno òÓNozdormu-EU7823Not updated
81Garusha AvandosNozdormu-EU7815Not updated
82Gòtrek Time MagesNozdormu-EU7809Not updated
83Vesprit SchattendrachenNozdormu-EU7803Not updated

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