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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Norgannon-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Bruzelbruzel NordwindNorgannon-EU24718Not updated
2Chlo HEAVEN and HELLNorgannon-EU18603Not updated
3Anamora DignitasNorgannon-EU16240Not updated
4Albiantaria DignitasNorgannon-EU14709Not updated
5Carine Prime SolitudeNorgannon-EU14687Not updated
5Paindaria Prime SolitudeNorgannon-EU14687Not updated
7Preestess  Norgannon-EU14610Not updated
8Kreko DeathwingNorgannon-EU14358Not updated
9Unser ÍmmortalNorgannon-EU14245Not updated
10Pastmaster RouquinNorgannon-EU13732Not updated
11Wyndra AncientNorgannon-EU13464Not updated
12Cariphea DignitasNorgannon-EU13321Not updated
13Hippomania  Norgannon-EU13283Not updated
14Balamir WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU12949Not updated
14Chibuddha WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU12949Not updated
16Riah nil desperandumNorgannon-EU12283Not updated
17Lullabye InitiumNorgannon-EU12024Not updated
18Sweetdarling DignitasNorgannon-EU11863Not updated
19Shizuro Unborn RageNorgannon-EU11801Not updated
20Roxié Thralls GardeNorgannon-EU11730Not updated
21Diabla WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU11625Not updated
22Lallos Terror of DeliriumNorgannon-EU11559Not updated
23Eldonary  Norgannon-EU11098Not updated
24Titanuz Mortis VelesNorgannon-EU10851Not updated
25Thlither GoftarNorgannon-EU10530Not updated
26Keile Three KïngsNorgannon-EU10496Not updated
27Celere DrêâmtêâmNorgannon-EU10417Not updated
28Sahne DrêâmtêâmNorgannon-EU10341Not updated
29Zolitan Die RächerNorgannon-EU10201Not updated
30Tâyâ Die RächerNorgannon-EU10200Not updated
31Hikuma  Norgannon-EU10022Not updated
32Xharia Mostly HarmlessNorgannon-EU9866Not updated
33Allesschreck CosmicosNorgannon-EU9676Not updated
34Wischkraft Gemeine KuhumschupserNorgannon-EU9584Not updated
35Mamazaza Saumässig unterwegsNorgannon-EU9285Not updated
36Magdalene Battalion of FearNorgannon-EU9275Not updated
37Kordel  Norgannon-EU9238Not updated
38Firesword LegendeNorgannon-EU9155Not updated
39Wahirr Die RächerNorgannon-EU9087Not updated
40Geiserich NachtschwärmerNorgannon-EU9025Not updated
41Abu BlacksnowNorgannon-EU8957Not updated
42Ruvon NachtschwärmerNorgannon-EU8931Not updated
43Bartender Azeroths VeteranenNorgannon-EU8927Not updated
44Undira Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU8649Not updated
45Sholana Pirates of the CaribbeanNorgannon-EU8621Not updated
46Santhea ÇhroniçleNorgannon-EU8578Not updated
47Pikka Rising PhoenixNorgannon-EU8561Not updated
48Mâcleod RouquinNorgannon-EU8530Not updated
49Molaba Drachentöter von AzerothNorgannon-EU8365Not updated
50Schusselzwei Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU8358Not updated
51Lûnâh AncientNorgannon-EU8317Not updated
52Vinata Circle of LightNorgannon-EU8277Not updated
53Farando Die AssertorenNorgannon-EU8267Not updated
54Dresbart Circle of LightNorgannon-EU8260Not updated
55Harcon Pirates of the AllianceNorgannon-EU8204Not updated
56Rouquin RouquinNorgannon-EU8201Not updated
57Scøtchy Dunkle WandererNorgannon-EU8074Not updated
58Máýá InitiumNorgannon-EU8068Not updated
59Sweex Fatal ErrorNorgannon-EU8058Not updated
60Jeânne RouquinNorgannon-EU7985Not updated
61Emilydan TemplerordenNorgannon-EU7964Not updated
62Sarungal  Norgannon-EU7938Not updated
63Ensíferum  Norgannon-EU7933Not updated
64Jagertee Carpe NoctemNorgannon-EU7899Not updated
65Moguara Caput DraconisNorgannon-EU7843Not updated
66Brutuline ExtinctionNorgannon-EU7824Not updated
67Jorijana  Norgannon-EU7817Not updated
68Sellsword Eternal FuryNorgannon-EU7786Not updated
69Palamenteus Pirates of the AllianceNorgannon-EU7774Not updated
70Jantie Exodars WächterNorgannon-EU7771Not updated
71Tâcole Exodars WächterNorgannon-EU7767Not updated
72Nuppakie Sturm GardeNorgannon-EU7753Not updated
72Pandafresse WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU7753Not updated
74Ponygonewild TemplerordenNorgannon-EU7729Not updated
75Lucienné Defenders of GrayskullNorgannon-EU7723Not updated
76Snondeik Die schwarze MühleNorgannon-EU7717Not updated
77Potestatem SanctuaryNorgannon-EU7705Not updated
78Kariphea DignitasNorgannon-EU7685Not updated
79Quaks Ritter der KokosnussNorgannon-EU7683Not updated
80Knackpo  Norgannon-EU7659Not updated
81Chalimbaba  Norgannon-EU7657Not updated
82Adison Notre VoieNorgannon-EU7655Not updated
83Asmytina Born To FightNorgannon-EU7639Not updated
84Xaravina Hellfire ClanNorgannon-EU7622Not updated
85Shadôwbeast Schatten der DâmmerungNorgannon-EU7616Not updated
86Minjah Pirates of the CaribbeanNorgannon-EU7589Not updated
87Elchschaedel  Norgannon-EU7582Not updated
88Magigman N O B O D YNorgannon-EU7561Not updated
89Zeezzy Pleitegeier GmbHNorgannon-EU7523Not updated
90Nitilas Circle of LightNorgannon-EU7516Not updated

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