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Nera'thor-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Kurbelzisch Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU13805Not updated
2Dui veni vidi williNera'thor-EU10926Not updated
3Chiwoo  Nera'thor-EU10078Not updated
4Bucny WechselstubeNera'thor-EU9493Not updated
5Luljeta DIe BÖSzenNera'thor-EU9490Not updated
6Pocki  Nera'thor-EU9117Not updated
7Sweetnsour  Nera'thor-EU8818Not updated
8Yandi Evil InsideNera'thor-EU8455Not updated
9Yaneber CelticsNera'thor-EU8433Not updated
10Shanyá  Nera'thor-EU8342Not updated
11Heino FiffelbandeNera'thor-EU8332Not updated
12Jerîcho  Nera'thor-EU8179Not updated
13Nivmizzet Thors ErbeNera'thor-EU8142Not updated
14Shova Imbalanced SquadNera'thor-EU8088Not updated
15Arroouh DIe BÖSzenNera'thor-EU8035Not updated
16Jassel  Nera'thor-EU8026Not updated
17Wolfsmutter Blutlegion KalimdorsNera'thor-EU7956Not updated
18Virusbomb  Nera'thor-EU7531Not updated
19Streetfighté  Nera'thor-EU7409Not updated
20Mìlkà  Nera'thor-EU7403Not updated
21Lannisters Blutlegion KalimdorsNera'thor-EU7334Not updated
22Shayla Flying DragonsNera'thor-EU7236Not updated
23Cláire  Nera'thor-EU7131Not updated
24Envôy  Nera'thor-EU6942Not updated
25Gilineas morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU6871Not updated
26Siedler Seeker of SkybreakNera'thor-EU6812Not updated
27Guldaan  Nera'thor-EU6808Not updated
28Reversion Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU6732Not updated
29Mandrex RejectsNera'thor-EU6727Not updated
30Kuntha goodfellasNera'thor-EU6715Not updated
31Eloise morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU6712Not updated
32Goldritterin  Nera'thor-EU6700Not updated
33Riply Jung Und WilligNera'thor-EU6593Not updated
34Bumaga  Nera'thor-EU6545Not updated
35Ecoli Hugo Simon auf ETNera'thor-EU6540Not updated
36Aliasipo  Nera'thor-EU6383Not updated
36Wikkischikki  Nera'thor-EU6383Not updated
38Nazhk  Nera'thor-EU6374Not updated
39Andariîel Imbalanced SquadNera'thor-EU6332Not updated
40Focuz  Nera'thor-EU6309Not updated
41Thrix SinityNera'thor-EU6286Not updated
42Medîon winsNera'thor-EU6261Not updated
43Isarpéth TheChosenOneNera'thor-EU6259Not updated
44Wildina  Nera'thor-EU6225Not updated
45Atenya Blutlegion KalimdorsNera'thor-EU6211Not updated
46Lucorne Muradins RacheNera'thor-EU6174Not updated
47Isas SeeleNera'thor-EU6160Not updated
48Tiax NaturgewaltenNera'thor-EU6144Not updated
49Muschorox Spirit of DragonsNera'thor-EU6130Not updated
50Infopoint dazed and confusedNera'thor-EU6091Not updated
51Xiandra Storms of DevastationNera'thor-EU6066Not updated
52Moni  Nera'thor-EU6062Not updated
53Zarenva The Ghost CompanyNera'thor-EU6049Not updated
54Siona morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU6038Not updated
55Werner Selbstgerechtes PackNera'thor-EU6033Not updated
56Soulkissy Blutlegion KalimdorsNera'thor-EU5986Not updated
57Zarpa Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU5955Not updated
58Kúron  Nera'thor-EU5921Not updated
59Sariqa Memory RemainsNera'thor-EU5915Not updated
60Vicar  Nera'thor-EU5909Not updated
61Anadyome ParasiteNera'thor-EU5902Not updated
62Fleetenhuber Flying DragonsNera'thor-EU5877Not updated
63Simao PrimeNera'thor-EU5815Not updated
64Cocoona Old Boys ClanNera'thor-EU5811Not updated
65Sayia SinityNera'thor-EU5807Not updated
66Eliat CaffeineNera'thor-EU5724Not updated
67Solstice  Nera'thor-EU5690Not updated
68Druida N E M E S I SNera'thor-EU5669Not updated
69Elriel OculusNera'thor-EU5636Not updated
70Macadam XombiumNera'thor-EU5611Not updated
71Greul Project FailNera'thor-EU5602Not updated
72Lûnique  Nera'thor-EU5561Not updated
73Jaria outplayedNera'thor-EU5555Not updated
74Jàmirà  Nera'thor-EU5552Not updated
75Wiegald The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU5512Not updated
76Menardinus triVialNera'thor-EU5500Not updated
77Ghostracer grünweisNera'thor-EU5463Not updated
78Vivenne Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU5451Not updated
79Feenzauber  Nera'thor-EU5431Not updated
80Imoen Cuba LibreNera'thor-EU5428Not updated
81Tanuki Blutige TemplerNera'thor-EU5418Not updated
82Adámas PunxsNera'thor-EU5412Not updated
83Súppliciúm  Nera'thor-EU5340Not updated
84Aimedlol Grüner HeringNera'thor-EU5335Not updated
85Rhukk  Nera'thor-EU5332Not updated
86Takvorian Blutige TemplerNera'thor-EU5325Not updated
87Achilés Bati HuntersNera'thor-EU5316Not updated
88Yril FatalityNera'thor-EU5309Not updated
89Dúnadan  Nera'thor-EU5308Not updated
90Jalia  Nera'thor-EU5296Not updated
91Ìceman PunxsNera'thor-EU5294Not updated
92Zooni  Nera'thor-EU5289Not updated
93Thauros InceptionNera'thor-EU5282Not updated
94Daffi Night AngelsNera'thor-EU5273Not updated
95Presila Flying DragonsNera'thor-EU5249Not updated
96Jacaranda Praetoria CohortesNera'thor-EU5240Not updated
97Bryxx  Nera'thor-EU5153Not updated
98Crunchips  Nera'thor-EU5105Not updated
99Tragath FatalityNera'thor-EU5102Not updated
100Chacco  Nera'thor-EU5086Not updated

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