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Ner'zhul-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Pangniu Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US4587Not updated
2Wyff Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US4371
3Wibble Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US4344
4Yueci Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US3015Not updated
5Sylestal Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1857
6Siwanqishi Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1279Not updated
7Skyeblue Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US1079Not updated
8Will Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US823Not updated
9Swaggashock Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US650
10Crazyghost Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US567Not updated
11Wildtracker Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US559
12Vickernes Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US467Not updated
13Mitsuru Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US405Not updated
14Zez Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US386
15Shadowpopz Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US288Not updated
16Meeko Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US274Not updated
17Daritina Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US212Not updated
18Emmawutson Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US188Not updated
19Iggysmallz Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US150Not updated
20Taed Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US147Not updated
21Bunnyluv Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US146
22Raptor Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US136
23Faillörd Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US129Not updated
24Ardin Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US115Not updated
25Arkel Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US109Not updated
26Cloud Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US107Not updated
27Curryburger Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US94Not updated
28Aguja Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US92Not updated
29Natila Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US91Not updated
30Dnmetree Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US81Not updated
31Jinne Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US63
32Larder Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US59Not updated
33Yayita Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US58Not updated
34Tingaling Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US31
34Flink Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US31Not updated
36Narayana Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US26Not updated
37Snorzi Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US25Not updated
38Goobermint Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US14
39Ravenith Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US9Not updated
40Rìce Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-USNot updated
40Inoh Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-USNot updated
40Divinitii Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-USNot updated

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