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Ner'zhul-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Shirushi Straw Hat PiratesNer'zhul-US16006Not updated
2Xenomist VagrantsNer'zhul-US15606Not updated
3Blueberry Last WordNer'zhul-US15463
4Phopaw Last WordNer'zhul-US14925
5Kapernicus Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US14875
6Kikìmora Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US14801Not updated
7Quidward Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US14792
8Xingua Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US14351
9Twrex InfinityNer'zhul-US14062Not updated
10Veresa Konoha VillageNer'zhul-US13841Not updated
11Cuddlymcbear  Ner'zhul-US13822Not updated
12Tricuspid Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US13636
13Sintastic Last WordNer'zhul-US13594
14Paranoia Dark LotusNer'zhul-US13531Not updated
15Tigerra Something SimpleNer'zhul-US13473
16Ram  Ner'zhul-US13000Not updated
17Tiberiea  Ner'zhul-US12888Not updated
18Hymne  Ner'zhul-US12334
18Doombringer DORIFUNer'zhul-US12334
20Rhyannyn Knights EquitableNer'zhul-US11964Not updated
21Thomasina Konoha VillageNer'zhul-US11434
22Maee MKD GamingNer'zhul-US10701Not updated
23Zarinth ConquestNer'zhul-US10586Not updated
24Dathrustae Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US10531
25Leonitiss Bone ThugsNer'zhul-US10386
26Blooper The Culver SaintsNer'zhul-US10222Not updated
27Elore Soul SocietyNer'zhul-US10103Not updated
28Dexem BahamutNer'zhul-US10099Not updated
29Scathatch The Nocturnal OrderNer'zhul-US9959
29Tangsoodont The Nocturnal OrderNer'zhul-US9959
31Pughonyou DissonanceNer'zhul-US9754Not updated
32Diavolina IncarnateNer'zhul-US9625
33Fawn Buried AncientsNer'zhul-US9544
34Calrick InvictusNer'zhul-US9536
35Microvain Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US9315
36Kneestabber ConquestNer'zhul-US9127
37Donnamartin Last WordNer'zhul-US9089
38Darksakiya Prelude to ChaosNer'zhul-US9028
39Totemwolf Legendary HeroesNer'zhul-US8996
40Deadflsh GtendoNer'zhul-US8981
41Chicky IncarnateNer'zhul-US8949
42Twrez InfinityNer'zhul-US8918Not updated
43Celinesy EmeraldNer'zhul-US8815Not updated
44Dysmorphic DysmorphicNer'zhul-US8780
45Disdain  Ner'zhul-US8706Not updated
46Eft Nightmares AsylumNer'zhul-US8692
47Claraster ForsetiNer'zhul-US8623
48Celsh Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US8555
49Unclechu Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US8549
50Rihno Crit HappensNer'zhul-US8531Not updated
51Ysay Clan BushidoNer'zhul-US8512Not updated
52Azrulian ConquestNer'zhul-US8388
53Melanatha Super Adventure ClubNer'zhul-US8296Not updated
54Gossimer FraggleRock MafiaNer'zhul-US8220Not updated
55Spinbien MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US8156
56Supersmurfer  Ner'zhul-US8118Not updated
57Covetius  Ner'zhul-US8076Not updated
58Coolshots Prelude to ChaosNer'zhul-US8001
59Sylver Last WordNer'zhul-US7769Not updated
60Arausio Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US7755
61Lirenda IntensityNer'zhul-US7748
62Tollin Qui VixitNer'zhul-US7631Not updated
63Erridis Northshire Trade IncNer'zhul-US7630
64Paradiso  Ner'zhul-US7588
65Zystex IntensityNer'zhul-US7587
66Slowbró Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US7562Not updated
67Quarterpanda Durus VeritasNer'zhul-US7540
68Tantha Because F UNer'zhul-US7533
69Roghandar The DeathWalker ImperiumNer'zhul-US7516
70Ronikay Clan BushidoNer'zhul-US7514
71Tomlyn Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7499Not updated
72Nkakiage  Ner'zhul-US7480Not updated
73Nazzra  Ner'zhul-US7443Not updated
74Zhena Dastardly DeedsNer'zhul-US7416
75Jhager Bacon SmugglersNer'zhul-US7407Not updated
76Ctfd LIKE A BOSSNer'zhul-US7384
77Valinord WithstandNer'zhul-US7355
78Swåzi Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US7342
79Titosantana IntensityNer'zhul-US7270
80Khufu Sword of the HordeNer'zhul-US7267
81Pwnetailz Taìnted BloodNer'zhul-US7245Not updated
82Oddot NerveNer'zhul-US7239Not updated
83Caytum Duh WinningNer'zhul-US7212
84Taililli Ridiculous ShenanigansNer'zhul-US7196Not updated
85Headshotdoug Carte BlancheNer'zhul-US7192Not updated
86Andhar Painful PleasuresNer'zhul-US7175Not updated

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