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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Neptulon-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Lullejh  Neptulon-EU14775Not updated
2Irshammy Tauren Stole My BicycleNeptulon-EU14722Not updated
3Cohibas  Neptulon-EU14275Not updated
4Namisho BrainstormNeptulon-EU14227Not updated
5Satrana CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU14056Not updated
6Fendi RedeemersNeptulon-EU13738Not updated
6Everlast InvadersNeptulon-EU13738Not updated
8Arrøgante InvadersNeptulon-EU13737Not updated
8Pombear InvadersNeptulon-EU13737Not updated
8Arrogante InvadersNeptulon-EU13737Not updated
8Disobey RedeemersNeptulon-EU13737Not updated
8Frøstbite RedeemersNeptulon-EU13737Not updated
13Unbørn RedeemersNeptulon-EU13658Not updated
14Menoly RedeemersNeptulon-EU13619Not updated
15Delirium Volcano LegionNeptulon-EU13125Not updated
16Darkfeather InvadersNeptulon-EU12831Not updated
17Camellya BrainstormNeptulon-EU12342Not updated
18Hellock MakaveliNeptulon-EU12017Not updated
19Lottolisa Rising RageNeptulon-EU11922Not updated
20Lilou Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU11538Not updated
21Valliq vargflockenNeptulon-EU10933Not updated
22Numius ScreamsNeptulon-EU10816Not updated
23Madglad The Danish RaidersNeptulon-EU10497Not updated
24Fantaisie Raging KnightsNeptulon-EU10448Not updated
25Teejock Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU9795Not updated
26Aiia Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU9733Not updated
27Ervab Ad InfinitumNeptulon-EU9620Not updated
28Zansakas Axiom Of WarzoneNeptulon-EU9611Not updated
29Paul CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU9506Not updated
30Roniia Call to armsNeptulon-EU9382Not updated
31Kokosnöten  Neptulon-EU9354Not updated
32Meyy NagliteNeptulon-EU9167Not updated
33Ronya  Neptulon-EU9032Not updated
34Smita VindicatumNeptulon-EU8996Not updated
35Lafroa Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU8629Not updated
36Feetnibbler CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU8627Not updated
37Dontjudgeppl  Neptulon-EU8396Not updated
38Justmeh CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU8275Not updated
38Abstergo DauntedNeptulon-EU8275Not updated
40Wuntwor etukenoNeptulon-EU8223Not updated
40Ebenezum etukenoNeptulon-EU8223Not updated
42Kalenna BrainstormNeptulon-EU8125Not updated
43Necrolita BrainstormNeptulon-EU8107Not updated
44Irrae DauntedNeptulon-EU8099Not updated
45Perdita  Neptulon-EU8037Not updated
46Feyth  Neptulon-EU7975Not updated
47Cällipso UncensoredNeptulon-EU7962Not updated
48Lamuerte The Forbidden KnightsNeptulon-EU7707Not updated
49Miättine RoutaNeptulon-EU7637Not updated
49Eilia LiquidNeptulon-EU7637Not updated
51Plumbe  Neptulon-EU7583Not updated
52Lilithium  Neptulon-EU7578Not updated
53Korpiklaani InvadersNeptulon-EU7576Not updated
54Lebiath RawrNeptulon-EU7570Not updated
55Alexandros InfernusNeptulon-EU7442Not updated
56Drakon OUSTNeptulon-EU7301Not updated
57Deemi PowerHouse RomâniaNeptulon-EU7293Not updated
58Tatsukí CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU7284Not updated
59Panatolix Raging KnightsNeptulon-EU7206Not updated
60Klask EverlastingNeptulon-EU7183Not updated
61Metress  Neptulon-EU7167Not updated
62Stonedarrow Seriously CasualNeptulon-EU7133Not updated
63Underhoofen Parental AdvisoryNeptulon-EU7050Not updated
64Angua FURYNeptulon-EU7045Not updated
65Pycata Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU6981Not updated
66Sashinka Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU6976Not updated
67Babagica CONDEMNEDNeptulon-EU6963Not updated
68Lykaios Legit IdentityNeptulon-EU6939Not updated
69Svouras RawrNeptulon-EU6931Not updated
70Willemm  Neptulon-EU6928Not updated
71Irideae HauntedNeptulon-EU6910Not updated
72Revery DeathlyHallowsNeptulon-EU6903Not updated
73Horifica Final EvolutionNeptulon-EU6868Not updated
74Uki Scrubs IncNeptulon-EU6838Not updated
75Mistangel GhostNeptulon-EU6833Not updated
76Äppelpaj vildadjoorNeptulon-EU6823Not updated
77Dorotheus The NephilimNeptulon-EU6785Not updated
78Coroner Death SkullsNeptulon-EU6756Not updated
79Agonija Birdie RecsNeptulon-EU6736Not updated
80Qliny SmashNeptulon-EU6713Not updated
81Stelchik Rise AgainstNeptulon-EU6662Not updated
82Googlebot KickApoONeptulon-EU6654Not updated
83Eddie RO UnitedNeptulon-EU6627Not updated
84Lotos KickApoONeptulon-EU6624Not updated
85Sriegis D N DNeptulon-EU6601Not updated
86Exëcütiönër  Neptulon-EU6585Not updated
87Boras D N DNeptulon-EU6581Not updated
88Diiudiu Jolly CooperationNeptulon-EU6574Not updated
89Zariya UprisingNeptulon-EU6568Not updated
90Medeah CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU6557Not updated
91Starkillér D N DNeptulon-EU6535Not updated
91Lansellot TDANeptulon-EU6535Not updated
93Bubbleboi AfflictionNeptulon-EU6501Not updated
94Magicpaddy The NephilimNeptulon-EU6494Not updated
95Soulbow  Neptulon-EU6476Not updated
96Crycho Guild OverNeptulon-EU6464Not updated
97Baerc AsymetricNeptulon-EU6452Not updated
98Foreverugly Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU6444Not updated
99Sarí UncensoredNeptulon-EU6442Not updated
100Axnikoax LithiumNeptulon-EU6425Not updated

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