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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nemesis-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Leiloeiro  Nemesis-US13823Not updated
2Shacam BuggersNemesis-US13787Not updated
3Karyn PvP Like A BossNemesis-US13763Not updated
4Burritto Old DudesNemesis-US13315Not updated
5Bigdog Habeas CorpusNemesis-US13058Not updated
6Pancpelachin Habeas CorpusNemesis-US12807Not updated
7Zuntrax Habeas CorpusNemesis-US12299Not updated
8Nekromatic Habeas CorpusNemesis-US12298Not updated
9Actions  Nemesis-US12223Not updated
10Zweiacheron Os Quatro CavaleirosNemesis-US12221Not updated
11Broderrex  Nemesis-US12160Not updated
12Hrecules Brutalmajor Academy IINemesis-US12035Not updated
13Turack  Nemesis-US11665Not updated
14Arturrocha Brutalmajor AcademyNemesis-US11660Not updated
15Novamente Os TempláriosNemesis-US11529Not updated
16Darkdeat MaximusNemesis-US11408Not updated
17Skael AvalonNemesis-US11009Not updated
18Aliscrowley Old DudesNemesis-US10833Not updated
19Arken Faca na CaveiraNemesis-US10830Not updated
20Kleberkiller GuardiõesNemesis-US10707Not updated
21Baryzon Sharks never sleepNemesis-US10541Not updated
22Zhock Council of MastersNemesis-US10530Not updated
23Magrul Espíritos da HordaNemesis-US10508Not updated
24Sliferdragao NNZ GamingNemesis-US10453Not updated
25Basurdea  Nemesis-US10380Not updated
26Bigoden Os WarlordsNemesis-US10367Not updated
27Shamirb Soul HunterNemesis-US10349Not updated
28Noöbru Nova Ordem MundialNemesis-US10289Not updated
29Laegolas Blood RidersNemesis-US10262Not updated
30Logum A Vingança da HordaNemesis-US10152Not updated
31Liukâng PvP Like A BossNemesis-US10085Not updated
32Beinloko Embaixadores da HordaNemesis-US10000Not updated
33Morcdam Spartans PrideNemesis-US9996Not updated
34Badsupremo Imperial LegionNemesis-US9951Not updated
35Gundalfs MaximusNemesis-US9949Not updated
36Nacaranão BloodbrotherNemesis-US9940Not updated
37Muliu Heroes RiseNemesis-US9744Not updated
38Legðlas xoxoNemesis-US9735Not updated
39Legðlaslol CenturiõesNemesis-US9727Not updated
40Wuuz War ZoneNemesis-US9683Not updated
41Bulldozer RaidcallNemesis-US9635Not updated
42Theoderion Heroes RiseNemesis-US9631Not updated
43Bri AWSDAWSD OMG I CANT MOVENemesis-US9499Not updated
44Maat ManOwaRNemesis-US9498Not updated
45Trëvas Wings Of JusticeNemesis-US9471Not updated
46Daêron NocTurniSNemesis-US9398Not updated
47Netwar PandemonioSNemesis-US9305Not updated
48Hokou MaximusNemesis-US9300Not updated
49Monah WoWcólicosNemesis-US9130Not updated
50Kynksdruid RaidcallNemesis-US9113Not updated
51Magnobleck SanctuaryNemesis-US9108Not updated
52Gorrito WowmicidasNemesis-US9081Not updated
53Soladentro Alliance GladiatorsNemesis-US9034Not updated
54Yimwingchun  Nemesis-US9022Not updated
55Lúmina MaximusNemesis-US9009Not updated
56Däenerys Anime BladeNemesis-US9000Not updated
57Vickyvaporub  Nemesis-US8970Not updated
58Lindabb BloodbrotherNemesis-US8943Not updated
59Gorandir PrimeNemesis-US8926Not updated
60Fifi FHARYNemesis-US8919Not updated
61Nøcturn MaximusNemesis-US8896Not updated
62Maverycki AvalonNemesis-US8893Not updated
63Eveena Dinastia PandawanNemesis-US8889Not updated
64Sidriel NøWayNemesis-US8870Not updated
65Nefarios Nightmare of DestructionNemesis-US8866Not updated
66Tigerkïng Cruzados da AliançaNemesis-US8818Not updated
67Lardeon Priorado de TortugaNemesis-US8766Not updated
68Mestrepracu ResistênciaNemesis-US8749Not updated
69Darkwind Brotherhood of LightNemesis-US8735Not updated
70Rordrad Blood EffectNemesis-US8729Not updated
71Arturion Alliance of LordaeronNemesis-US8724Not updated
72Mourão Emissários do CaosNemesis-US8705Not updated
73Anuslight  Nemesis-US8704Not updated
74Jjpanda AscendancyNemesis-US8674Not updated
75Mineirodoido UnforgivenNemesis-US8647Not updated
76Celaenna Hour of ReckoningNemesis-US8634Not updated
77Kammi DeathAngelsNemesis-US8612Not updated
78Hâllibel Pacto de HonraNemesis-US8609Not updated
79Grayphus Guerreiros TempláriosNemesis-US8603Not updated
80Krikixus Lag OwnaNemesis-US8570Not updated
80Idiamin Blood FallsNemesis-US8570Not updated
82Stivejove  Nemesis-US8557Not updated
83Raphasculom FascinansNemesis-US8554Not updated
83Buchão  Nemesis-US8554Not updated
85Alau Cuspidores do TrovãoNemesis-US8547Not updated
86Zarackenpach Alliance of LordaeronNemesis-US8546Not updated
87Contadoruns AvalonNemesis-US8504Not updated
88Robinhooda ImperiumNemesis-US8501Not updated
89Endovelico BLACKOUTNemesis-US8479Not updated
90Matacura BLACKOUTNemesis-US8478Not updated
91Doruwiz SanctuaryNemesis-US8444Not updated
92Trollblerone GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US8401Not updated
93Tenete Inventory is FullNemesis-US8394Not updated
94Drysha Knights of Blood OathNemesis-US8389Not updated
95Micalatëia The BrawlerNemesis-US8387Not updated

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