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Nagrand-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Sarrl Adeptus AstartesNagrand-US19273
2Stormpanda Pacific IslandersNagrand-US16485
3Turnip Twenty Four Letters LongNagrand-US15072
4Lytesmyte Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US14996
5Fröstyböy The Fallen sunNagrand-US14768
6Gnashå InfusiönNagrand-US14767
6Sunlianjal The Fallen sunNagrand-US14767Not updated
8Clarabarkon MeltdownNagrand-US14730
9Grokideal InfusiönNagrand-US14550
10Slowbeard The RevoltNagrand-US14446
11Redsis The Dark BrotherhoodNagrand-US14203Not updated
12Amasleep OuroborosNagrand-US12748
13Michelynfane Mercenary EraNagrand-US12383Not updated
14Sproggle ReprieveNagrand-US12376
15Ånamnesis The Fallen sunNagrand-US12248Not updated
15Vøldin The Fallen sunNagrand-US12248Not updated
15Crît The Fallen sunNagrand-US12248Not updated
18Serenox Sinners SanctumNagrand-US11532
19Sneakyas Legion of Fallen AngelsNagrand-US11471
20Jeabs Carpe DiemNagrand-US11338Not updated
21Lisanne Pulp FactionNagrand-US11155
22Ceer  Nagrand-US11037
23Fflex Ebony FlamesNagrand-US10863Not updated
24Vìrús Last TryNagrand-US10843
25Odd Pulp FactionNagrand-US10806
26Oddangryshot The Original BadassNagrand-US10791
27Breianna Potential UnleashedNagrand-US10720Not updated
28Skylia Notoriuos FewNagrand-US10654Not updated
29Meashkah Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US10603
30Hakem StonecuttersNagrand-US10528Not updated
31Kellyz KingdomHeartsNagrand-US10520
32Trudd FaithlessNagrand-US10490Not updated
33Bilssa PinnacleNagrand-US10291
34Vaereresam GrudgebringersNagrand-US9960Not updated
35Lohachi Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US9935
36Ailyth Mystical InsanityNagrand-US9911
37Konky  Nagrand-US9798Not updated
38Falconhand DisbandedNagrand-US9748
39Hellica InfusiönNagrand-US9695
40Nitehunta  Nagrand-US9678Not updated
41Kíriana  Nagrand-US9669Not updated
42Porqchop Raiders of the Lost BarkNagrand-US9615
43Manaup Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US9611
44Ancientbear  Nagrand-US9596Not updated
45Cithely Ghëtto SmürfsNagrand-US9595
46Lorvik The RenegadesNagrand-US9591Not updated
47Darkill Pick Up GroupNagrand-US9441Not updated
48Naufragium ReprieveNagrand-US9413
49Mboss ZenNagrand-US9396Not updated
50Revaurora Punch InNagrand-US9224
51Donksy AscensionNagrand-US9207
52Millenia Nice Crits GirlNagrand-US9170Not updated
53Wardom LegacyNagrand-US9156Not updated
54Kahvia Do Not DisturbNagrand-US9069
55Arguul The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US9034
56Celestea Lordine SegretoNagrand-US8978
57Rajanee DIGGERS DOWNUNDERNagrand-US8975Not updated
58Kayam Blood ThirstyNagrand-US8956Not updated
59Marmelyne ChivalryNagrand-US8941Not updated
60Dogong Minority RapportNagrand-US8924
61Elien NusantaraNagrand-US8862
62Herehunter Here to HelpNagrand-US8821Not updated
63Berissa the lonely onesNagrand-US8781Not updated
64Ashenleigh Wizards of OzNagrand-US8776
65Wakaree Wizards of OzNagrand-US8750
66Greapor Minority RapportNagrand-US8734
67Neimaul The Crimson BrigadeNagrand-US8733
68Hereford Here to HelpNagrand-US8656Not updated
69Alotofdots QuixoticNagrand-US8644Not updated
70Cinnz Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US8633Not updated
71Zorjin Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US8509
72Füryx DragonsbaneNagrand-US8495Not updated
73Dicenice Legion of Fallen AngelsNagrand-US8491Not updated
74Illustra DIGGERS DOWNUNDERNagrand-US8486Not updated
74Velvetine DIGGERS DOWNUNDERNagrand-US8486Not updated
76Kungpoo Minority RapportNagrand-US8478Not updated
77Wshorty Chaotic InterventionNagrand-US8452
78Duskphoenix Ghëtto SmürfsNagrand-US8447
79Derredin BUM RUSH BRIGADENagrand-US8444
80Outshot Equals ThreeNagrand-US8443
81Nung BaTTleChaTNagrand-US8433
82Siewy Ghëtto SmürfsNagrand-US8431
83Lengyi Ghëtto SmürfsNagrand-US8428
84Rarlinn RegiosNagrand-US8392
85Lailay Pure MojoNagrand-US8368Not updated
86Thequure SoullessNagrand-US8358
87Chrosite DisbandedNagrand-US8312Not updated
88Blinknova Minority RapportNagrand-US8311Not updated
89Titus Pick Up GroupNagrand-US8307
90Slapstik Drunken KnightsNagrand-US8290
91Siewi Ghëtto SmürfsNagrand-US8286
92Melini Notoriuos FewNagrand-US8204Not updated

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