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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Moon Guard-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Moonikins Insidious AngelsMoon Guard-US24825Not updated
2Gilel  Moon Guard-US23027Not updated
3Gildina  Moon Guard-US22719Not updated
4Fareya Strength In NumbersMoon Guard-US17122Not updated
5Merriwether  Moon Guard-US15617Not updated
6Kronok TrialsMoon Guard-US15366Not updated
7Gemcity Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US15097Not updated
8Shailfa Call of CthulhuMoon Guard-US14952Not updated
9Abroli  Moon Guard-US14822Not updated
10Orkadi  Moon Guard-US14599Not updated
11Latyka WarforgedMoon Guard-US14536Not updated
12Oodle  Moon Guard-US14329Not updated
13Burkie Bladebane MercenariesMoon Guard-US14233Not updated
14Ariannã The Bearers of LightMoon Guard-US13896Not updated
15Kittehstyle S A D I S T I CMoon Guard-US13821Not updated
16Elesse Shadowtalon CompanyMoon Guard-US13782Not updated
17Archamedius Blackfang BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US13588Not updated
18Serenaria Tower GreywatchMoon Guard-US13559Not updated
19Suzanne Midnight Rose ManorMoon Guard-US13404Not updated
20Sveltanie Stygian KnightsMoon Guard-US13382Not updated
21Chrysantheme Midnight Rose ManorMoon Guard-US13379Not updated
21Kaisye Stygian KnightsMoon Guard-US13379Not updated
21Lunaerie Stygian KnightsMoon Guard-US13379Not updated
24Aeyesha FortuneMoon Guard-US13217Not updated
25Fíerna Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US13052Not updated
26Gilina Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US12998Not updated
27Faedris Spirits of WarMoon Guard-US12961Not updated
28Mokron  Moon Guard-US12893Not updated
29Suzanie  Moon Guard-US12782Not updated
30Dahjin  Moon Guard-US12761Not updated
31Moreoreles Circle Of SerenityMoon Guard-US12760Not updated
32Deehunter Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US12247Not updated
33Cairyos Midnight Rose ManorMoon Guard-US12232Not updated
34Fengi  Moon Guard-US12075Not updated
35Dregs  Moon Guard-US11669Not updated
36Archelus  Moon Guard-US11447Not updated
37Entilzhà Magocracy of KalimdorMoon Guard-US11416Not updated
38Frozenman Blood of LegendMoon Guard-US11353Not updated
39Moriarty Circle Of SerenityMoon Guard-US11214Not updated
40Entilzhá House FiresongMoon Guard-US11146Not updated
41Móllari Magocracy of KalimdorMoon Guard-US11111Not updated
42Dayenara Stormwind CityMoon Guard-US10990Not updated
43Moneybaags District NineMoon Guard-US10987Not updated
44Liarsenik Too Old For ThisMoon Guard-US10960Not updated
45Olaxia  Moon Guard-US10929Not updated
46Inzsayslaos AtonementMoon Guard-US10807Not updated
47Teachertom The Chill GuildMoon Guard-US10736Not updated
48Solute Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US10664Not updated
49Dlon Unyielding GuardiansMoon Guard-US10590Not updated
50Orrsu Divine ConclaveMoon Guard-US10585Not updated
50Kiserai CondottieriMoon Guard-US10585Not updated
52Arkah Altered RealityMoon Guard-US10462Not updated
53Ltrael My Little PonyMoon Guard-US10449Not updated
54Kohaana Camp Campingston FallsMoon Guard-US10344Not updated
55Makco Apocalyptic ReignMoon Guard-US10333Not updated
56Aroh SellswordsMoon Guard-US10228Not updated
57Moon Cuffs and CollarsMoon Guard-US10180Not updated
58Doopi The Drunken LassMoon Guard-US10153Not updated
59Iank Stormwind GuardsMoon Guard-US10103Not updated
60Autumnfog Leap of FaithMoon Guard-US10096Not updated
61Jazzleigh Screaming BeesMoon Guard-US10029Not updated
62Defyle Valar MorghulisMoon Guard-US10011Not updated
63Erynael  Moon Guard-US9982Not updated
64Earthshok The PurgeMoon Guard-US9980Not updated
65Hellheimm  Moon Guard-US9962Not updated
66Tebella Hammer of GoelMoon Guard-US9930Not updated
67Datax BellicoseMoon Guard-US9849Not updated
68Ixländar DraconisMoon Guard-US9831Not updated
69Peleg Darksail CorsairsMoon Guard-US9812Not updated
70Màrius Cuffs and CollarsMoon Guard-US9807Not updated
71Aleyria Totally OffensiveMoon Guard-US9796Not updated
72Sinfuldreams FelwatchMoon Guard-US9750Not updated
73Alilee The Oathsworn VigilMoon Guard-US9739Not updated
74Ragen DisillusionedMoon Guard-US9730Not updated
75Giyo  Moon Guard-US9700Not updated
76Jazal  Moon Guard-US9680Not updated
77Sedao  Moon Guard-US9676Not updated
78Nazmyne Blackbriar ConsortiumMoon Guard-US9662Not updated
78Aldarra House FiresongMoon Guard-US9662Not updated
80Ashirlexi Bad VooDooMoon Guard-US9641Not updated
81Sharnessa Bladewhisper ManorMoon Guard-US9639Not updated
82Allinne  Moon Guard-US9633Not updated
83Rhenaria  Moon Guard-US9631Not updated
83Mirandà Moonsong ManorMoon Guard-US9631Not updated
83Cosha  Moon Guard-US9631Not updated
86Zeeshi The Dusk GuardMoon Guard-US9629Not updated
87Sheridàn  Moon Guard-US9627Not updated
88Meetharry Gathering of RavensMoon Guard-US9622Not updated
89Fantasîa Cuffs and CollarsMoon Guard-US9602Not updated
90Chibimaruko Totally OffensiveMoon Guard-US9564Not updated
91Yazhi LightshadowMoon Guard-US9485Not updated
92Alainis The Bearers of LightMoon Guard-US9443Not updated
93Tij  Moon Guard-US9421Not updated
94Valsang Stormwind CityMoon Guard-US9308Not updated
95Jaundiced Altered RealityMoon Guard-US9289Not updated
96Mootamir The Eternal VanguardMoon Guard-US9240Not updated
97Darkfyry The Jade DragonsMoon Guard-US9238Not updated
97Diseaseholic  Moon Guard-US9238Not updated
99Curagar  Moon Guard-US9219Not updated
100Cariene  Moon Guard-US9202Not updated

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