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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Misha-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Docinthehous Just Having FunMisha-US19135Not updated
2Xandrameda Sage MagykMisha-US14789Not updated
3Elissariâ UnhallowedMisha-US14537Not updated
4Pearlmutter A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US14009Not updated
5Bitsybee TruthinessMisha-US13844Not updated
6Starfires The GelflingsMisha-US13802Not updated
7Kyuzhen A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US13538Not updated
8Bloodquest Ultimate DemiseMisha-US13370Not updated
9ßloodcast The Insáne AsylumMisha-US13343Not updated
10Oilinwater Sage MagykMisha-US13183Not updated
11Haweewa A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US13019Not updated
12Profion Guild of ElitesMisha-US12803Not updated
13Makemyday Wicked SensationMisha-US12429Not updated
14Blot A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US11885Not updated
15Solnemesis Grano SalisMisha-US11856Not updated
16Baadmofu Dark Side of the MoonMisha-US11413Not updated
17Athelas A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US11412Not updated
18Lilkrispee CrusadeMisha-US11261Not updated
19Becinaa Just Having FunMisha-US10810Not updated
19Centurio Just Having FunMisha-US10810Not updated
19Catrylle Just Having FunMisha-US10810Not updated
19Rookes Just Having FunMisha-US10810Not updated
19Maab Just Having FunMisha-US10810Not updated
24Dutches  Misha-US10541Not updated
25Jossis PantheonMisha-US10495Not updated
26Emilywind The Forgotten FuryMisha-US10414Not updated
27Tharloch Lost DragonsMisha-US10193Not updated
28Brixi  Misha-US10148Not updated
29Ahnikah Dark Side of the MoonMisha-US9893Not updated
30Marhyssa Lost DragonsMisha-US9774Not updated
31Adabu Dark Side of the MoonMisha-US9670Not updated
32Fallensoaldk Irish JusticeMisha-US9655Not updated
33Tassica Enchanted Tiki HamstersMisha-US9631Not updated
34Xanthern Eradicators of WarcraftMisha-US9430Not updated
35Banè  Misha-US9395Not updated
36Painfull  Misha-US9308Not updated
37Callîsto Humble ServantMisha-US9305Not updated
38Chowdapot Progression PugMisha-US9302Not updated
39Deodall Killer BunniesMisha-US9194Not updated
40Nofunnames Silver WolvesMisha-US9187Not updated
41Jartus Bearded Anvil BangersMisha-US9179Not updated
41Monfel Bearded Anvil BangersMisha-US9179Not updated
43Ownan The Knights Of ValorMisha-US9172Not updated
43Phillacio The Knights Of ValorMisha-US9172Not updated
45Yeva Queen Annes RevengeMisha-US9140Not updated
46Lorewar Knights of ErebusMisha-US9128Not updated
47Malder Killer BunniesMisha-US9073Not updated
48Iforgot The Forgotten FuryMisha-US8958Not updated
49Yokai UnrezzurectedMisha-US8944Not updated
50Bootz Draconic WarriorsMisha-US8853Not updated
51Honeymister EquinoxMisha-US8835Not updated
52Astéroth  Misha-US8660Not updated
53Girlytunes Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US8587Not updated
54Jassardria Lego My AggroMisha-US8579Not updated
55Calmd OrchidMisha-US8543Not updated
56Grantorino Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US8526Not updated
57Rhyssa Lost DragonsMisha-US8525Not updated
58Jamesmonk Immortal LegendsMisha-US8486Not updated
59Huntdakitty Legendary PursuitMisha-US8425Not updated
60Lakin Horde Rock CafeMisha-US8381Not updated
61Rubylight  Misha-US8358Not updated
62Kenyak Guild of ElitesMisha-US8342Not updated
63Fårore EquinoxMisha-US8305Not updated
64Raymaximius Guild of ElitesMisha-US8231Not updated
65Taitars FamøusMisha-US8204Not updated
66Garyspriest The Forgotten FuryMisha-US8167Not updated
67Pyrolynia NocturnâlMisha-US8158Not updated
68Davoodoochic THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US8135Not updated
69Antonschmitt Darkened OnesMisha-US8107Not updated
70Roguesilver NightstalkerzMisha-US8071Not updated
71Qwerta New EraMisha-US8059Not updated
72Nelixa One of SixMisha-US8036Not updated
73Lilbitesize Hells FuryMisha-US7994Not updated
74Drâke Kings GuardMisha-US7992Not updated
75Toupie UndesirablesMisha-US7991Not updated
76Goresbtch RepublicMisha-US7989Not updated
77Bugging The Forgotten FuryMisha-US7938Not updated
78Sofh Cronic Needs TherapyMisha-US7904Not updated
79Urinda Finest HourMisha-US7882Not updated
80Zaryia Of A Thousand TruthsMisha-US7875Not updated
81Onebadboy PantheonMisha-US7819Not updated
82Bralyni Horde Rock CafeMisha-US7795Not updated
83Shamirrah Order of the Bloody RoseMisha-US7758Not updated
84Earthsong EquinoxMisha-US7757Not updated
85Honeybrew Progression PugMisha-US7756Not updated
86Blådød FirêflyMisha-US7739Not updated
87Woeisme No one left behindMisha-US7712Not updated
88Arnicus Cotton ClubMisha-US7698Not updated
89Brindletusk Private PartyMisha-US7640Not updated
90Aerthas V E N G E A N C EMisha-US7609Not updated
91Badazzbabe Alliance AvengersMisha-US7539Not updated
92Polgaraspell Is DisfunctionalMisha-US7522Not updated
93Snowmaniac Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US7519Not updated
93Caleliana  Misha-US7519Not updated
93Bloopsbleep UnhallowedMisha-US7519Not updated
96Wrathbane  Misha-US7515Not updated
97Ellisabeta Disneyland After DarkMisha-US7507Not updated
98Forceful Kings GuardMisha-US7429Not updated
99Katreena Addicted To ChaosMisha-US7426Not updated
99Minotauren V E N G E A N C EMisha-US7426Not updated

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