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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Minahonda-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Cowzer  Minahonda-EU20039Not updated
2Lobapeces TsunamiMinahonda-EU19381
3Brujapeces La Maldición de ArthasMinahonda-EU19351Not updated
4Silva Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU14524Not updated
5Khaliope LOS SEÑORES DEL TERRORMinahonda-EU13450Not updated
6Mèrlïn Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU13246
7Cauti The DestinyMinahonda-EU12298
8Anäel Be WaterMinahonda-EU12144Not updated
9Pobret Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU11915Not updated
10Zampum DesidiaMinahonda-EU11816Not updated
11Foxylady Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU11414
12Jinray ExødarMinahonda-EU11406
13Whitenoise ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU11315Not updated
14Kurân NightfallMinahonda-EU11188
15Shuder DarksideMinahonda-EU11159Not updated
16Holywardog The Big Crunch TheoryMinahonda-EU11113Not updated
17Ewoofazer Inmortal knightsMinahonda-EU11099
18Mârivêl SunrisëMinahonda-EU11029
19Satiba AngeologyMinahonda-EU10851Not updated
20Brisela From LosT to tHe RiveRMinahonda-EU10764Not updated
21Belphegor OMNIAMinahonda-EU10723Not updated
22Kroli Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU10516Not updated
23Nabu NosmatamusMinahonda-EU10300Not updated
24Rastafary Sombras de Ankh MorporkMinahonda-EU10251
25Dragoom NucelarMinahonda-EU10184
26Malotin Kings Of MetalMinahonda-EU10104
27Sereg Fire and WaterMinahonda-EU10056
28Syrer A State of TranceMinahonda-EU10010Not updated
29Sahfira  Minahonda-EU9975Not updated
30Holga Héroes de AzerothMinahonda-EU9866Not updated
31Yero Be WaterMinahonda-EU9767Not updated
32Lumbrís CurseMinahonda-EU9722
33Turkin  Minahonda-EU9679Not updated
34Espirü Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU9670Not updated
35Leonde El ultimo BastiónMinahonda-EU9634Not updated
36Morbilia Guardianes de AtlantisMinahonda-EU9560Not updated
37Rayly ExtasisMinahonda-EU9551Not updated
38Säzzae Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU9478
39Azyù amnésieMinahonda-EU9465
40Rahut  Minahonda-EU9451Not updated
41Gildarts FaiLMinahonda-EU9425Not updated
42Necrobio Leyenda OscuraMinahonda-EU9351Not updated
43Lecsoor NightfallMinahonda-EU9107
44Arcanguel LA ROSA DEL DESIERTOMinahonda-EU9021
45Walmank OMNIAMinahonda-EU8929
46Budspencer Fire and WaterMinahonda-EU8920Not updated
47Tyburcio Riders on the stormMinahonda-EU8909Not updated
48Coskillas Inmortal knightsMinahonda-EU8897
49Kärlos OMNIAMinahonda-EU8850
50Aiwe Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU8841Not updated
51Aewuen MortalisMinahonda-EU8782Not updated
52Josephine From LosT to tHe RiveRMinahonda-EU8770Not updated
53Rohirrim Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU8719Not updated
54Jadzïa From LosT to tHe RiveRMinahonda-EU8717Not updated
55Jelom Invictus NoctemMinahonda-EU8711Not updated
56Dragoncillo RequiemMinahonda-EU8705
56Edmunari RequiemMinahonda-EU8705
58Heliconia Requiem ÐivinityMinahonda-EU8704
59Yingpei Lágrimas de ArthasMinahonda-EU8687
60Rosmarini Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU8683Not updated
61Lililu Leyenda OscuraMinahonda-EU8618Not updated
62Âlly ARVINMinahonda-EU8610Not updated
63Alexandrá Wolf Night HuntersMinahonda-EU8598Not updated
64Sashadjin Caballeros Jarra RedondaMinahonda-EU8577
65Elsupertato WarriorsMinahonda-EU8570
66Kunfumada  Minahonda-EU8513Not updated
67Gertrude Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU8452Not updated
68Oscurio Dead FastMinahonda-EU8449Not updated
69Tallula Scarabajos con chocolateMinahonda-EU8414
70Agrovale Caballeros Jarra RedondaMinahonda-EU8413Not updated
71Lachinches  Minahonda-EU8397
72Rígel Sombras de Ankh MorporkMinahonda-EU8387
73Mexares Fire and WaterMinahonda-EU8343
74Alustrïel Caballeros Jarra RedondaMinahonda-EU8319
75Pellgèlida CurseMinahonda-EU8293Not updated
76Sushi ExtasisMinahonda-EU8269Not updated
77Mjollnire SunrisëMinahonda-EU8241Not updated
78Sombrachunga Ancestral MastersMinahonda-EU8205
79Yasmyn RIFFRAFFMinahonda-EU8204Not updated
80Urbano Alianza Mano de PlataMinahonda-EU8163Not updated
81Därkphoenix Wipe ExpresMinahonda-EU8151Not updated
82Yogotrek Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU8101
83Velcor Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU8084
84Marnegro Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU8063Not updated
85Krysania  Minahonda-EU8035Not updated
86Elixier DisBandMinahonda-EU8015
87Yorgensen Dark DragonMinahonda-EU7968
88Mortikus last wishMinahonda-EU7936Not updated
89Zaparina The CompanyMinahonda-EU7924Not updated
90Snadoc TsunamiMinahonda-EU7921Not updated
91Barrilito SpectrumMinahonda-EU7916
92Badkill  Minahonda-EU7903Not updated

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