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Medivh-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Reddrake Haunted SoulsMedivh-US16100
2Travertine SupremacyMedivh-US16099Not updated
3Negaforceone Elder WolvesMedivh-US15727Not updated
3Stingerxl  Medivh-US15727Not updated
5Héshang Strength in HonourMedivh-US15222
6Kathri Silent ShadowsMedivh-US14835
7Emonia  Medivh-US14406Not updated
8Sharkslock OdysseyMedivh-US13892
9Weatherblast  Medivh-US13651Not updated
10Zardon Leaders of LoyaltyMedivh-US13451
11Hrobanka OmniasisMedivh-US13113
12Ohohoh  Medivh-US12470
13Horrormonger The KaldoreiMedivh-US12346
14Wynzor SoullessMedivh-US11990
15Aurak Mostly HarmlessMedivh-US11500Not updated
16Kalton  Medivh-US11440Not updated
17Holler Shattered FatesMedivh-US11223
18Zivanie  Medivh-US11032Not updated
19Samathe ExilesMedivh-US10962Not updated
20Nikua HaloMedivh-US10943
21Vecnan SupremacyMedivh-US10925
22Decyde TrismegistusMedivh-US10871
23Khorah The Cutting EdgeMedivh-US10784Not updated
24Jacqia Light in the DarkMedivh-US10738Not updated
25Gorejus VeroMedivh-US10424Not updated
26Ferrucci The Cutting EdgeMedivh-US10285Not updated
27Kattea BarbequeMedivh-US10178Not updated
28Pyrxx Shattered FatesMedivh-US10152
29Soulumbra Light AwakeningMedivh-US10075
30Attiana OdysseyMedivh-US9958
31Terrehaute Strength in HonourMedivh-US9951
32Magedemon Silent WatchMedivh-US9927Not updated
33Tyrelius Warriors of KölnMedivh-US9865Not updated
34Bunch The Cutting EdgeMedivh-US9696Not updated
35Nikahawk ShanghaiedMedivh-US9667
36Azzbringer We Stand in FireMedivh-US9577Not updated
37Shampachka SoullessMedivh-US9411
38Amerìe AmplifyMedivh-US9404Not updated
39Xues  Medivh-US9371
40Jumangee ParagodsMedivh-US9316
41Wildmane Dragon KingsMedivh-US9279Not updated
42Myservantcat Ancestral WrathMedivh-US9130Not updated
43Hercule GravityMedivh-US9100
44Elvenstar SupremacyMedivh-US9061
45Weathernight  Medivh-US9041Not updated
46Ammonal Elder WolvesMedivh-US8937
47Carrin Shattered FatesMedivh-US8920
48Durnt the hunter eyeMedivh-US8889
49Lorilas FluxMedivh-US8793Not updated
50Taeus HaloMedivh-US8776
50Draeus HaloMedivh-US8776
52Thunderball Lord of the RingsMedivh-US8766Not updated
53Tigerrlilly FireHawksMedivh-US8749
54Shadowglade HaloMedivh-US8733
55Ascariasis ExilesMedivh-US8720
56Gylium RelentlessMedivh-US8590Not updated
57Xeldara Medivh Royal MountiesMedivh-US8580Not updated
58Allupinthis  Medivh-US8557Not updated
59Butsock  Medivh-US8530Not updated
60Beergóggles  Medivh-US8523Not updated
61Divinitia SolsticeMedivh-US8514Not updated
62Arisonu OmniasisMedivh-US8511Not updated
63Reaplenish Acid BurnMedivh-US8485
64Ceny Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US8441
65Ashwilliams The Esoteric OrderMedivh-US8410Not updated
66Geman DragonfireMedivh-US8383
67Tani BladerunnersMedivh-US8349Not updated
68Smak Shattered FatesMedivh-US8321
69Bleve Bubble HearthMedivh-US8239Not updated
70Izen DisturbiaMedivh-US8223Not updated
71Supermanz NERVMedivh-US8186Not updated
72Jane Strength in HonourMedivh-US8153
73Symbolic BladerunnersMedivh-US8109Not updated
74Karadana Silent WatchMedivh-US8063Not updated
75Delphinea DisturbiaMedivh-US8039
76Arkadya Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US8021
77Lagomorpha MediocrityMedivh-US8008Not updated
78Thrack Cry HavokMedivh-US7960Not updated
79Shangra Strength in HonourMedivh-US7946
80Ransome Strength in HonourMedivh-US7929
81Arcticred DisturbiaMedivh-US7902
82Xiangyu DisturbiaMedivh-US7895
83Tarva The Cutting EdgeMedivh-US7884Not updated
84Bluhawk Dressed To KillMedivh-US7871
85Darkstár AsylumMedivh-US7839
86Lynduluvlace The SistersMedivh-US7820Not updated
87Hctinsallik  Medivh-US7815Not updated
88Manhattan DisturbiaMedivh-US7806
89Mosu Twilight AvengersMedivh-US7796Not updated

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