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Mannoroth-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Díru minimal effortMannoroth-EU17780
2Solomio PlaceholderMannoroth-EU16446
3Urshaak SynergyMannoroth-EU15244
4Kâmpfbär We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU15195
5Tárák SynergyMannoroth-EU14012Not updated
6Neluka MilklessMannoroth-EU13683
7Neluk MilklessMannoroth-EU13676
8Morrdus Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU13351Not updated
9Fumaro  Mannoroth-EU13104Not updated
10Willbald MilklessMannoroth-EU12453
11Eulantha DisasterpieceMannoroth-EU12446Not updated
12Rocahn Die Bajuwaren der HordeMannoroth-EU12048Not updated
13Totgeheilt We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU11465
14Lynn Nobody loves GnimoMannoroth-EU11349
15Recow DisasterpieceMannoroth-EU10951
16Lygia Mord ist ihr HobbyMannoroth-EU10661Not updated
17Schams NorthwindMannoroth-EU10396Not updated
18Regorian TranquilityMannoroth-EU10336
19Lytta NorthwindMannoroth-EU9828
20Frakes Nobody loves GnimoMannoroth-EU9379
21Sareen PredictedMannoroth-EU9317
22Douhrurden Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU9099Not updated
23Tringo SynergyMannoroth-EU9048
24Süse TeskoMannoroth-EU8857Not updated
25Equili The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU8647Not updated
26Melodia  Mannoroth-EU8625Not updated
27Vagaa cadeyrnMannoroth-EU8575Not updated
28Toadward cadeyrnMannoroth-EU8552
29Tenwall In AeternumMannoroth-EU8498Not updated
30Kamile MilklessMannoroth-EU8350
31Násir DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU8345
32Evilyn belehrungsresistentMannoroth-EU8122Not updated
33Makida WitchhunterMannoroth-EU8119Not updated
34Morgor DisasterpieceMannoroth-EU8065
35Didius  Mannoroth-EU8015Not updated
36Yemaya We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU7883
37Socas DisasterpieceMannoroth-EU7877Not updated
38Actres The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU7871Not updated
39Griggz Selection of the HordeMannoroth-EU7866Not updated
40Ruston Heaven of HelpMannoroth-EU7846Not updated
41Mârassa We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU7837
42Imanje We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU7836
43Platoon Road to the powerMannoroth-EU7818
44Vesprît NorthwindMannoroth-EU7784
45Artilla cadeyrnMannoroth-EU7756Not updated
46Pangea Los InsólitosMannoroth-EU7594Not updated
47Grünschnabel WitchhunterMannoroth-EU7580Not updated
48Holigar Lokale VerteidigungMannoroth-EU7570Not updated
49Blitzexe Ars Amandis Most WantedMannoroth-EU7528Not updated
50Crammaton Lords of PwnageMannoroth-EU7459Not updated
51Tandaa minimal effortMannoroth-EU7447
52Elua Knights of the FightsMannoroth-EU7415
53Eisblümli Die Saufende HordeMannoroth-EU7408Not updated
54Shenun Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU7363Not updated
55Mietzé  Mannoroth-EU7352
56Herrman TranquilityMannoroth-EU7320
57Dorgol  Mannoroth-EU7270Not updated
58Mhaari DisturbedMannoroth-EU7264Not updated
59Aurilie  Mannoroth-EU7189Not updated
60Mêtty Knights of the FightsMannoroth-EU7188
61Jakkí Knights of the FightsMannoroth-EU7155
62Tiadora DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU7147
63Beeso DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU7125
64Tìa DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU7123
65Liquidgold NorthwindMannoroth-EU7114Not updated
66Percurro SeraphimMannoroth-EU7080
67Apassionata  Mannoroth-EU7061Not updated
68Jamahakai communis non grataMannoroth-EU6999Not updated
69Sverige PhiMannoroth-EU6977
70Hügelhans DarkSoldiersMannoroth-EU6973
71Mirtillo you are not repairedMannoroth-EU6970
72Rosarae NorthwindMannoroth-EU6968
72Felinia ReloadedMannoroth-EU6968
74Heiligsblech Very MelonMannoroth-EU6947Not updated
75Scathlock almost famousMannoroth-EU6918Not updated
75Robinloxley  Mannoroth-EU6918Not updated
75Cassylynn  Mannoroth-EU6918Not updated
75Knuckleberry UnfassbierMannoroth-EU6918Not updated
79Leysing TranquilityMannoroth-EU6909
80Grauenstein  Mannoroth-EU6908Not updated
81Azyrus Break ya NeckMannoroth-EU6907Not updated
82Shaleene AnarchyMannoroth-EU6906Not updated
83Ânonym you are not repairedMannoroth-EU6892
84Omnomy AmicumMannoroth-EU6843
85Alraith  Mannoroth-EU6831Not updated
86Tehporp Movement hat cdMannoroth-EU6822
87Ephaistos Nordisch by NatureMannoroth-EU6821Not updated
88Jagomo Für die HordeMannoroth-EU6820
89Exnomina Los InsólitosMannoroth-EU6818Not updated
90Baltarzar We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU6786
91Hirrnie We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU6773
92Serbeus AvalonMannoroth-EU6730Not updated
93Diamantr Owned byMannoroth-EU6712Not updated
94Zenkiki Nobody loves GnimoMannoroth-EU6700
95Gnaash bites when picked upMannoroth-EU6677Not updated
96Waldmonk NorthwindMannoroth-EU6672Not updated
97Tyranastraz InsomniaMannoroth-EU6650Not updated

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