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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malorne-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Kbstn WickedMalorne-US21065Not updated
2Tahka AceTwoMalorne-US14432Not updated
3Luvdavoodoo Nom Nom CakeMalorne-US14365Not updated
4Angrybeefer Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US13424Not updated
5Holybeefer  Malorne-US13333Not updated
6Pookster KontagiousMalorne-US11464Not updated
7Lichkingdead WickedMalorne-US11319Not updated
7Malarne WickedMalorne-US11319Not updated
9Holyhephur  Malorne-US10223Not updated
10Omgaa  Malorne-US10092Not updated
11Farti Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US9878Not updated
12Carotgut Rogue TacticsMalorne-US9871Not updated
13Tyrm Pvp GodsMalorne-US9577Not updated
14Avannis Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US9542Not updated
15Toughwooman The DestroyerMalorne-US9526Not updated
16Bladetronz  Malorne-US9511Not updated
17Noreeah  Malorne-US9476Not updated
18Miara Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US9378Not updated
18Socrates The House of UsherMalorne-US9378Not updated
20Oersted AceTwoMalorne-US9187Not updated
21Crysis Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US9128Not updated
22Lioraßright WickedMalorne-US9011Not updated
23Taintedfaith Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US8828Not updated
24Zoreia Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US8739Not updated
25Moonlíght Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US8717Not updated
26Wayseer KontagiousMalorne-US8588Not updated
27Healeader  Malorne-US8390Not updated
28Lyncia killers of the nightMalorne-US8270Not updated
29Zharshoul Forever HordeMalorne-US8060Not updated
30Uttharius UnderdogzMalorne-US7908Not updated
31Sah DO ITMalorne-US7857Not updated
32Wargal Pvp GodsMalorne-US7802Not updated
33Chinhair  Malorne-US7749Not updated
34Wapatui Pvp GodsMalorne-US7706Not updated
35Eladol AventineMalorne-US7644Not updated
36Ambry  Malorne-US7587Not updated
37Warlörc Pvp GodsMalorne-US7575Not updated
38Spothead  Malorne-US7568Not updated
39Pandæ Bunnies Are My FriendsMalorne-US7555Not updated
40Eriea VigilanceMalorne-US7484Not updated
41Mistystorm  Malorne-US7482Not updated
42Lydar KonichiwaMalorne-US7476Not updated
43Gonerogue Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US7471Not updated
44Bilamor Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US7470Not updated
45Xamå WickedMalorne-US7291Not updated
46Snowshoe Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US7106Not updated
47Schwarztot Double TapMalorne-US6820Not updated
48Wallbanger KonichiwaMalorne-US6796Not updated
49Trochi  Malorne-US6722Not updated
50Ghostbusters The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US6707Not updated
51Katinna  Malorne-US6637Not updated
52Plutarch The House of UsherMalorne-US6606Not updated
52Hemroiddonut BrillianceMalorne-US6606Not updated
54Brewsleë WickedMalorne-US6534Not updated
55Chaoticgnome AceTwoMalorne-US6509Not updated
56Vicarix  Malorne-US6477Not updated
57Nolle Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US6449Not updated
58Pånz The DestroyerMalorne-US6371Not updated
59Schafer  Malorne-US6266Not updated
60Ezzizzy ForWeAreManyMalorne-US6248Not updated
61Ashakharii EquilibriumMalorne-US6205Not updated
62Nightlurkér  Malorne-US6085Not updated
63Asantesana The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US6072Not updated
64Nicetolookat The DestroyerMalorne-US6053Not updated
65Aroused  Malorne-US6006Not updated
66Junkbiter Explicit BehaviourMalorne-US5975Not updated
67Ledmuur  Malorne-US5974Not updated
68Snake  Malorne-US5969Not updated
69Everyone OrganicMalorne-US5965Not updated
70Kizashi Bunnies Are My FriendsMalorne-US5930Not updated
71Shrim  Malorne-US5928Not updated
72Wreckquiem The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US5922Not updated
73Emry  Malorne-US5913Not updated
74Barathrus  Malorne-US5900Not updated
75Erolissa Light From AboveMalorne-US5883Not updated
76Myndless  Malorne-US5831Not updated
77Ssoull Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US5826Not updated
78Ptooters killers of the nightMalorne-US5798Not updated
78Ssjkane LMNOP CREWMalorne-US5798Not updated
80Okbye Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalorne-US5759Not updated
81Xära Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US5731Not updated
82Uglyhunter EquilibriumMalorne-US5701Not updated
83Vynalis  Malorne-US5680Not updated
84Shinuu The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US5668Not updated
85Vegeemite The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US5654Not updated
86Baki The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US5644Not updated
87Delysis Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US5643Not updated
88Jirkkal Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US5633Not updated
89Magijoe Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US5599Not updated
90Spàrtan  Malorne-US5585Not updated
91Karizma  Malorne-US5580Not updated
92Luna  Malorne-US5549Not updated
93Zugslag Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US5527Not updated

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