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Malfurion-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Koralev Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US16618
2Doobjanka  Malfurion-US14895Not updated
3Hadorin Hellfire AngelsMalfurion-US14879
4Disa Sentinels reignMalfurion-US14675Not updated
5Pronk Lords of WarMalfurion-US14129
6Flower Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US13964
7Zabmakin Sentinels reignMalfurion-US12806Not updated
8Carousel ExiledMalfurion-US11983Not updated
9Eredaroriley  Malfurion-US11842
10Kuasta  Malfurion-US11640Not updated
11Beertime The RejectsMalfurion-US11638
12Maximohess  Malfurion-US11635Not updated
13Tgif  Malfurion-US11560Not updated
14Trekkor BEEP BEEP IMA JEEP LOLMalfurion-US11544
15Deathmarcher Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US11454
16Xcellz BEEP BEEP IMA JEEP LOLMalfurion-US11220Not updated
17Protecktor Elite GuardMalfurion-US11195Not updated
18Hemnai ShadowMalfurion-US11121Not updated
19Zazen NecronomiconMalfurion-US11114
20Lucreetia Legion of the DragonMalfurion-US11054Not updated
21Bearhug  Malfurion-US10974Not updated
22Valamoo ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US10915
23Laynya GraystokeMalfurion-US10866
24Kokoa Ride the LightningMalfurion-US10863Not updated
25Saygari  Malfurion-US10842Not updated
26Allysium Guild Of GoldMalfurion-US10695
27Amadaus Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US10441
28Alejlin  Malfurion-US10359Not updated
29Ghen Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US10259Not updated
30Kayla Forsaken FewMalfurion-US9662
31Dn Wild CârdMalfurion-US9636Not updated
32Lolzhai Order of ThoughtMalfurion-US9631Not updated
33Pugmuffin Heavens MightMalfurion-US9623
34Fishermen Nightfall ConquerorsMalfurion-US9564Not updated
35Hypocratis Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US9550Not updated
36Vevkn playdoughMalfurion-US9305
37Syrelliia Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US9248
38Gracielou Judean Peoples FrontMalfurion-US9215
39Trixta Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US9200Not updated
40Gummiebears HomelandMalfurion-US9173Not updated
41Hushpad Endless NightMalfurion-US9076Not updated
42Zobbow Fires of TempestMalfurion-US9048
43Brookenheart playdoughMalfurion-US8893Not updated
44Melosa DreamwalkersMalfurion-US8807Not updated
45Wudicethern BrowncoatsMalfurion-US8673Not updated
46Eleandrae Ride the LightningMalfurion-US8613Not updated
47Booziel Sonic Death MonkeyMalfurion-US8611Not updated
48Zonnie Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US8581
49Lavia Hellfire AngelsMalfurion-US8548
50Smokingtree Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US8533
51Lucidtragedy HomelandMalfurion-US8528Not updated
52Thormgal Varsity Chess ClubMalfurion-US8509Not updated
53Kara TheBlackSheepMalfurion-US8491
53Lara TheBlackSheepMalfurion-US8491
53Goldilok Noxious ConcoctionsMalfurion-US8491
53Whispèrs Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US8491
53Sara Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US8491
53Tara UnscrupulousMalfurion-US8491
59Blackwìnd  Malfurion-US8477Not updated
60Thrune Ride the LightningMalfurion-US8455Not updated
61Nemohaque  Malfurion-US8442
62Iakari Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US8429Not updated
63Taillasher BEEP BEEP IMA JEEP LOLMalfurion-US8424Not updated
64Xanthera Bat CountryMalfurion-US8410Not updated
65Abrasion  Malfurion-US8363Not updated
66Candygürl TheBlackSheepMalfurion-US8335
67Glendor ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US8255
68Rukotsu Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US8242
69Ambermoone Dragonfly ClanMalfurion-US8231Not updated
70Dázzar Forsaken FewMalfurion-US8193
71Sabbaticus Heavens MightMalfurion-US8188
72Skadóósh Endless NightMalfurion-US8094Not updated
72Rexie Endless NightMalfurion-US8094Not updated
74Bowhnter Heroes of AzerothMalfurion-US8039Not updated
75Bäylor Creeping DeathMalfurion-US8026
76Sinjala Thralls AngelsMalfurion-US8022
77Astrapia PrometheanMalfurion-US8003Not updated
78Adelenlock Hemp GardenMalfurion-US7997Not updated
79Psychology Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US7965
80Vindi The Consummate VeesMalfurion-US7956Not updated
81Tobawae Endless NightMalfurion-US7916
82Raydient InfidelsMalfurion-US7846Not updated
83Ekkaden Arkham AsylumMalfurion-US7753Not updated
84Safaree Mob RulezMalfurion-US7702Not updated
85Tigerbow  Malfurion-US7697Not updated
86Lyca  Malfurion-US7686Not updated
87Rhyagelle DreamwalkersMalfurion-US7681Not updated
88Karrie Azeroths ArmyMalfurion-US7665Not updated
89Jafomage The Final JudgementMalfurion-US7645Not updated
90Qwertylicius Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US7586

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