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Mal'Ganis-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Weetzie Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US16399
2Codesred IdealMal'Ganis-US15440
3Xylea NexusMal'Ganis-US15236Not updated
4Krillion MiasmaMal'Ganis-US15151
5Goldsky BoyfriendsMal'Ganis-US15116Not updated
6Pilchard Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US15022
7Dunkelberger OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US14938Not updated
8Ksènia  Mal'Ganis-US14718Not updated
9Lonthui ChainfireMal'Ganis-US14684
10Maylèn OmnipotentMal'Ganis-US14559
11Runicpowa IneptMal'Ganis-US14353Not updated
12Rastta The Deep SouthMal'Ganis-US14117
13Merlwynn CliqueMal'Ganis-US13625
14Amalphia CliqueMal'Ganis-US13426
15Drewlynn MilitantMal'Ganis-US13010
16Freshmannie  Mal'Ganis-US13000Not updated
17Boozekeg DeviantMal'Ganis-US12747Not updated
18Skyewalker DeliriumMal'Ganis-US12705Not updated
19Ruairi Federal ReserveMal'Ganis-US12665Not updated
20Glenno Hyper Team Banana ForceMal'Ganis-US12654
21Teffanie Ninja Squirrel SquadMal'Ganis-US12542Not updated
22Yko Plastic Ono BandMal'Ganis-US12517
23Silverfrost OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US12203
24Zmey Forever AloneMal'Ganis-US12101
25Tothrezim LegiónMal'Ganis-US12063
26Malky Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US12032Not updated
27Tungster The UnderdogsMal'Ganis-US11848
28Healpaw H A R D C O R EMal'Ganis-US11335Not updated
29Lawst  Mal'Ganis-US11274
30Kyhuna Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US11260
31Tayonoz Single by ChoiceMal'Ganis-US11186
32Drkårrow Knights of LegendMal'Ganis-US11183Not updated
33Kaycie DeliriumMal'Ganis-US11131Not updated
34Shadowmoto ViciousMal'Ganis-US11127Not updated
35Malvada SchismsMal'Ganis-US11115Not updated
36Rööt The Ðark BrotherhoodMal'Ganis-US11011
37Zaraphina  Mal'Ganis-US10938Not updated
38Ilnadi Gøds of ExtinctionMal'Ganis-US10865
39Shenannigans Bad GuysMal'Ganis-US10789Not updated
40Vedifu Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US10749
41Mistyblue Wraiths BaneMal'Ganis-US10730
42Ooglorph  Mal'Ganis-US10668Not updated
43Xakaos The UntouchablesMal'Ganis-US10662Not updated
44Darqueshadow The Order of Large FriesMal'Ganis-US10581Not updated
45Vix MidnightMal'Ganis-US10475Not updated
46Sheshot The UnderdogsMal'Ganis-US10469
47Perfectionx VileMal'Ganis-US10358
48Arokai ComposureMal'Ganis-US10325
49Psykee Death and TaxesMal'Ganis-US10290
50Decyde AftermathMal'Ganis-US10166
51Iration ChainfireMal'Ganis-US10160
52Doomboy Horde IncMal'Ganis-US10136Not updated
53Ungarion  Mal'Ganis-US10103Not updated
54Stinkerbell Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US10092
55Ërman Burn PhaseMal'Ganis-US9968Not updated
56Shaftx VigilMal'Ganis-US9946
57Sulumn DeliriumMal'Ganis-US9930
58Yeleen AFK AGAINMal'Ganis-US9915
59Cowzers Wha Gwan DoeMal'Ganis-US9904Not updated
60Fourtwentyhi La Guerrieri Di FerroMal'Ganis-US9895
61Actionbar Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US9885
62Boxorocks Friends Before FoesMal'Ganis-US9881Not updated
63Malland OutbreakMal'Ganis-US9878
63Drknemesis HawaiiFiveOMal'Ganis-US9878Not updated
65Plexic AftermathMal'Ganis-US9854Not updated
66Lunaticcafe SickMal'Ganis-US9819Not updated
67Narcosleepy Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US9798
68Crispynoodle Taurential ReignMal'Ganis-US9702
69Dethloxx JesusHadASoulstoneMal'Ganis-US9628
70Katwomban  Mal'Ganis-US9627Not updated
71Bloodypaws Semi RespectableMal'Ganis-US9618
72Daakz Weeble WobblesMal'Ganis-US9571
73Tyben Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US9538
74Califo  Mal'Ganis-US9522
75Higgenbottom We Run With ScissorsMal'Ganis-US9498
76Impossabrew  Mal'Ganis-US9495
77Salbakuta DiviniusMal'Ganis-US9453Not updated
78Denken SpetsnazMal'Ganis-US9447Not updated
78Grutar Team FlexMal'Ganis-US9447
80Wheelhouse zZqMal'Ganis-US9444Not updated
81Nomiah Half BakedMal'Ganis-US9419
82Xzon Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US9408
82Weezo Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US9408
84Felloriàn VileMal'Ganis-US9404
85Texasjoy BoNeCruSherSMal'Ganis-US9397
86Uttara Serious CasualMal'Ganis-US9395
87Zavvy  Mal'Ganis-US9377Not updated
88Heffner  Mal'Ganis-US9376Not updated
89Sbuttonftw  Mal'Ganis-US9367Not updated
90Störmrågë H A R D C O R EMal'Ganis-US9339Not updated
91Dirkles IsopaleocopriaMal'Ganis-US9336
92Sabuteus SeraphMal'Ganis-US9318
93Renounce RemainingMal'Ganis-US9309Not updated
94Maxdeepz GOING HAMMal'Ganis-US9276

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