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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mal'Ganis-EU Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Diotíma nRageMal'Ganis-EU16421Not updated
2Ylidrial ApocalypseMal'Ganis-EU15362Not updated
3Blondangel InstinctMal'Ganis-EU15194Not updated
4Methusaarlem RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU14915Not updated
4Saarstahl RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU14915Not updated
6Spandex RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU14876Not updated
7Frittierfett RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU14743Not updated
8Vhillis RevivalMal'Ganis-EU14700Not updated
9Chíco Baiindhe DubMal'Ganis-EU14076Not updated
10Diora Rat PackMal'Ganis-EU13696Not updated
11Unleashlol Bruce LeeMal'Ganis-EU13679Not updated
12Maylined Bruce LeeMal'Ganis-EU13235Not updated
13Lastik Lorem IpsumMal'Ganis-EU12935Not updated
14Zangela wasted yearsMal'Ganis-EU12395Not updated
15Distanza Fordragons ErbeMal'Ganis-EU12124Not updated
16Ãrtemis Baiindhe DubMal'Ganis-EU11932Not updated
17Shinava FrontschweineMal'Ganis-EU11580Not updated
18Euphrosine RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU11432Not updated
19Hansi ChronosMal'Ganis-EU11324Not updated
20Eutropia ChronosMal'Ganis-EU11323Not updated
21Daszio MasterplanMal'Ganis-EU11022Not updated
22Dórnhöschen disconnectMal'Ganis-EU10877Not updated
23Babalawo  Mal'Ganis-EU10810Not updated
24Siegrid MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU10733Not updated
24Kururu MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU10733Not updated
24Kumquats MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU10733Not updated
24Isnah MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU10733Not updated
24Evangelina MoltenCoreKrabbenMal'Ganis-EU10733Not updated
29Ellíot Our RevengeMal'Ganis-EU10710Not updated
30Kathrana Wraith WolvesMal'Ganis-EU10427Not updated
31Keomanight  Mal'Ganis-EU10242Not updated
32Meistergnom InstinctMal'Ganis-EU10155Not updated
32Merliin ClubbüroMal'Ganis-EU10155Not updated
34Ganzaltefrau we re moving with clickzMal'Ganis-EU10136Not updated
35Lollylol IcebreakerMal'Ganis-EU9876Not updated
35Galatia MysteriaMal'Ganis-EU9876Not updated
37Shelandrya Black Orc DownMal'Ganis-EU9830Not updated
37Jacktheripp Black Orc DownMal'Ganis-EU9830Not updated
39Sherydance EhrfürchtigbeiALDIMal'Ganis-EU9808Not updated
40Dôômhammer Black Orc DownMal'Ganis-EU9804Not updated
41Shelandira Black Orc DownMal'Ganis-EU9802Not updated
41Prinssessa Black Orc DownMal'Ganis-EU9802Not updated
41Vyconya Black Orc DownMal'Ganis-EU9802Not updated
41Earthshaker Black Orc DownMal'Ganis-EU9802Not updated
45Hexena RecoS AnimAMal'Ganis-EU9719Not updated
46Likewomens GummiBootCrewMal'Ganis-EU9665Not updated
47Eukato PrôphecyMal'Ganis-EU9657Not updated
48Galenyth Souls of InfinityMal'Ganis-EU9604Not updated
49Mángálángá mit SWAGMal'Ganis-EU9554Not updated
50Gezhame The Infinity ReloadedMal'Ganis-EU9546Not updated
51Ratsch InitiumMal'Ganis-EU9514Not updated
52Hawik Psycho KlinikMal'Ganis-EU9505Not updated
53Scarii BlackheartedMal'Ganis-EU9496Not updated
54Matsches  Mal'Ganis-EU9483Not updated
55Pînn BlutherzenMal'Ganis-EU9457Not updated
56Schocky KernölprinzenMal'Ganis-EU9402Not updated
57Lheya Last ResistanceMal'Ganis-EU9385Not updated
58Muco DSM reloadedMal'Ganis-EU9356Not updated
59Mummu SynergyMal'Ganis-EU9354Not updated
60Mirunya NightwishMal'Ganis-EU9225Not updated
61Tarîa Spirit of AzerothMal'Ganis-EU9164Not updated
62Jemmy wasted yearsMal'Ganis-EU9040Not updated
63Chivala Lack of UnityMal'Ganis-EU8956Not updated
64Xsichtgeber Billionaires ClubMal'Ganis-EU8945Not updated
65Zârroc Der PhönixordenMal'Ganis-EU8868Not updated
66Leaunoir senseMal'Ganis-EU8824Not updated
67Andriá Sign my MousepadMal'Ganis-EU8809Not updated
68Malakas SynergyMal'Ganis-EU8786Not updated
69Mormat freAky murloCsMal'Ganis-EU8784Not updated
70Equesmortîs  Mal'Ganis-EU8759Not updated
71Zinsurus freAky murloCsMal'Ganis-EU8756Not updated
72Fluchti  Mal'Ganis-EU8712Not updated
73Ðøtîçlølzðx InstinctMal'Ganis-EU8696Not updated
74Ebenholz InstinctMal'Ganis-EU8646Not updated
75Colê Blades of RevolutionMal'Ganis-EU8645Not updated
76Chrepp KawabungaMal'Ganis-EU8609Not updated
77Rhoyus  Mal'Ganis-EU8605Not updated
78Boehseronkel PressureMal'Ganis-EU8572Not updated
79Pürzelchen epochMal'Ganis-EU8554Not updated
80Selkin PullincMal'Ganis-EU8345Not updated
81Johnnyshockr  Mal'Ganis-EU8342Not updated
82Latifah  Mal'Ganis-EU8284Not updated
83Akapendon WeltenWandlerMal'Ganis-EU8273Not updated
84Zyx AscardiaMal'Ganis-EU8259Not updated
85Cuaon Dei FISCH is nich FRISCHMal'Ganis-EU8226Not updated
86Painí queXilverMal'Ganis-EU8220Not updated
87Chajare BlueStormMal'Ganis-EU8218Not updated
88Aureliah CSI CrossroadsMal'Ganis-EU8214Not updated
89Andei devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU8210Not updated
90Torcon Honor the Bro CodeMal'Ganis-EU8207Not updated
91Lennier ApocalypseMal'Ganis-EU8186Not updated
92Benspanda Fordragons ErbeMal'Ganis-EU8135Not updated
93Ichor caedo ergo sumMal'Ganis-EU8129Not updated
94Muuhchi InstinctMal'Ganis-EU8123Not updated
95Wolvemane BlackheartedMal'Ganis-EU8122Not updated
96Glüh disconnectMal'Ganis-EU8085Not updated
97Elmôx Forsaken MindsMal'Ganis-EU8019Not updated
98Hestix Rat PackMal'Ganis-EU8009Not updated
99Artorías  Mal'Ganis-EU7992Not updated
100Jôelie LegionMal'Ganis-EU7975Not updated

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