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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Magtheridon-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Catarik WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US11677Not updated
2Narij WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US9232Not updated
3Notdeft WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US7898Not updated
4Kryzite WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US7192Not updated
5Sarky WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US6328Not updated
6Pingpoho WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US6311Not updated
7Acideyeliner WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5734Not updated
8Fistavust WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5587Not updated
9Rainiday WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5573Not updated
10Ashwednesday WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5467Not updated
11Buttpunished WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5415Not updated
12Xoss WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5342Not updated
13Skullflower WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5146Not updated
14Dropbearz WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US5124Not updated
15Marii WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US4831Not updated
16Orectic WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US4484Not updated
17Lenessia WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US4477Not updated
18Skankdalous WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US4418Not updated
19Jethrix WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US4308Not updated
20Bakstreetboy WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US3957Not updated
21Sofey WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US3673Not updated
22Herpadurpes WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US3650Not updated
23Clive WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US3343Not updated
24Hecachire WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US3111Not updated
25Darksummons WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2930Not updated
26Kvetch WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2906Not updated
27Guyzug WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2883Not updated
28Papalock WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2646Not updated
29Mycroft WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2513Not updated
30Aeliana WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2407Not updated
31Moniz WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2331Not updated
32Vassago WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2102Not updated
32Kookiepuss WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US2102Not updated
34Killmour WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1946Not updated
35Yellerfeller WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1937Not updated
36Cleverclover WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1928Not updated
37Invection WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1758Not updated
38Axenrott WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1581Not updated
39Shiena WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1493Not updated
40Rekz WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1198Not updated
41Brooks WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1184Not updated
42Smashyymagus WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1072Not updated
43Lynnea WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US1028Not updated
44Zionna WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US985Not updated
45Rawxd WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US946Not updated
46Levictus WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US945Not updated
47Onslawtt WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US928Not updated
48Tummytime WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US842Not updated
49Billdozer WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US806Not updated
50Dadysgiantpp WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US794Not updated
51Botty WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US744Not updated
52Drye WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US679Not updated
53Kogmaw WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US647Not updated
54Txbeast WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US621Not updated
55Termag WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US575Not updated
56Lemistio WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US567Not updated
57Jesebelle WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US539Not updated
58Shockalol WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US463Not updated
59Supps WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US462Not updated
60Poonzer WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US433Not updated
61Siki WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US428Not updated
62Flippyfeet WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US424Not updated
63Lyricals WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US421Not updated
64Ashkore WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US416Not updated
65Robert WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US341Not updated
66Arieal WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US333Not updated
67Sayt WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US329Not updated
68Kendall WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US306Not updated
69Thraxxus WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US295Not updated
70Zorop WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US294Not updated
71Boogalew WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US291Not updated
72Phrequency WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US281Not updated
73Piperazine WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US264Not updated
74Zaratul WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US262Not updated
75Mìthran WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US257Not updated
76Stommped WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US236Not updated
77Arold WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US234Not updated
78Chasedown WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US224Not updated
79Chad WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US223Not updated
79Splinx WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US223Not updated
81Ersula WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US222Not updated
81Holysplinx WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US222Not updated
83Donnut WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US221Not updated
83Vhendal WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US221Not updated
85Toprem WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US214Not updated
86Khairis WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US211Not updated
87Burfday WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US208Not updated
88Seczfanatic WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US203Not updated
89Blizy WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US190Not updated
89Weaklink WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US190Not updated
91Ivankov WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US186Not updated
91Rendemic WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US186Not updated
93Shirahoshi WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US183Not updated
94Brozooka WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US180Not updated
95Othila WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US172Not updated
96Bèllator WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US171Not updated
97Lambertone WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US169Not updated
98Kludias WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US162Not updated
98Cheetara WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US162Not updated
100Echeo WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US161Not updated

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