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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Maelstrom-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Molzan Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US20105Not updated
2Jjookkeerr  Maelstrom-US17795Not updated
3Syngyn PUGMaelstrom-US16948Not updated
4Ishoochoo The Rare ElitesMaelstrom-US16283Not updated
5Chickenlegs The Rare ElitesMaelstrom-US15226Not updated
6Knotrandall Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US14255Not updated
7Djanggo Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US13563Not updated
8Konichiwa Bring Out Your DeadMaelstrom-US13148Not updated
9Mujahedeen Horror for HireMaelstrom-US12232Not updated
10Gaw  Maelstrom-US11589Not updated
11Matuszak WoeMaelstrom-US11478Not updated
12Telyne The Rare ElitesMaelstrom-US11244Not updated
13Rookburg Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US11140Not updated
14Ashtoash League of AssassinsMaelstrom-US11009Not updated
15Missfitt The Templars Of JaebusMaelstrom-US10900Not updated
16Tealc Mafia of MayhemMaelstrom-US10742Not updated
17Silveroccamy Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US10720Not updated
18Mokkthemadd Two Orcs One CupMaelstrom-US10472Not updated
19Demophon Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US10134Not updated
20Zeke Ancient KnowledgeMaelstrom-US10110Not updated
21Columbo Crazy NinetyNineMaelstrom-US10075Not updated
22Wickthorya Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US10058Not updated
23Victoryx slitherin slitherinMaelstrom-US9864Not updated
24Kolnikufecin Apocalyptic CrusadeMaelstrom-US9698Not updated
25Hillstorm  Maelstrom-US9589Not updated
26Soulshadøw Crazy NinetyNineMaelstrom-US9348Not updated
27Rinii InkMaelstrom-US9309Not updated
28Toirdealbach Apocalyptic CrusadeMaelstrom-US9191Not updated
29Meowfist  Maelstrom-US9180Not updated
30Theson Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US9099Not updated
31Kagerii Quite QuintessentialMaelstrom-US9043Not updated
32Gretz Ghost Ride the KodoMaelstrom-US8845Not updated
33Karbonn Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US8828Not updated
34Melynlas Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US8693Not updated
35Melishus The Rare ElitesMaelstrom-US8672Not updated
36Dostovic Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US8517Not updated
37Stenraie Knights Of The Iron RodMaelstrom-US8509Not updated
38Xiit Starkey RenegadesMaelstrom-US8350Not updated
39Shaalaska Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US8267Not updated
40Danyia Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US8256Not updated
41Zaheer Diplomatic ImmunityMaelstrom-US8083Not updated
42Sentrall Imperial SkyguardMaelstrom-US7860Not updated
43Herakleitos Quite QuintessentialMaelstrom-US7750Not updated
44Elvaerwyn Ten SkeletonsMaelstrom-US7636Not updated
45Svhordhum Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US7583Not updated
46Sapperr Shattered NightmaresMaelstrom-US7559Not updated
47Savedapandas Stir CrazyMaelstrom-US7456Not updated
48Starrlette Blood DivineMaelstrom-US7436Not updated
49Fastadi Diplomatic ImmunityMaelstrom-US7435Not updated
50Arpha Nerfed at BirthMaelstrom-US7416Not updated
51Hunnypaws AtlantisMaelstrom-US7409Not updated
52Necrotron Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US7383Not updated
53Rpgeezy Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US7381Not updated
54Sarrita Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US7265Not updated
54Lesale PandamoniumMaelstrom-US7265Not updated
56Starglazer You Will Not Enjoy ThisMaelstrom-US7258Not updated
57Khandlethief Council of KhaosMaelstrom-US7226Not updated
58Modelcitizen The Death GuardMaelstrom-US7185Not updated
59Shadowspan Ancient AlliesMaelstrom-US7118Not updated
60Saraden Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US7109Not updated
61Wickedonion The Death GuardMaelstrom-US7080Not updated
62Snow Shattered NightmaresMaelstrom-US7076Not updated
63Wolsned Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US7052Not updated
64Hälø Stir CrazyMaelstrom-US7032Not updated
65Tonyshalhoub here comes karmaMaelstrom-US7030Not updated
66Maritte Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US7025Not updated
67Worclock Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US7012Not updated
67Aetaxlol Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US7012Not updated
69Aetaxia Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US7011Not updated
70Aeta Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US7004Not updated
70Boomkinzz Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US7004Not updated
72Aetaxmonk Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US6998Not updated
73Goldaline  Maelstrom-US6981Not updated
74Bobblahlaw SynergyMaelstrom-US6947Not updated
75Mialeah  Maelstrom-US6946Not updated
76Deathunter Bloodfang RaidersMaelstrom-US6940Not updated
77Ragard Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US6929Not updated
78Auraluna AvalonMaelstrom-US6926Not updated
79Trollee  Maelstrom-US6924Not updated
80Skyfires Paladin Petting ZooMaelstrom-US6923Not updated
81Shadowranger VolatileMaelstrom-US6919Not updated
82Bruxilda Apocalyptic CrusadeMaelstrom-US6909Not updated
83Lutzee Mafia of MayhemMaelstrom-US6893Not updated
84Wyrmhat MutinyMaelstrom-US6847Not updated
85Milkyevan MAGIC GLADIATORMaelstrom-US6828Not updated
86Luxetveritas Apocalyptic CrusadeMaelstrom-US6819Not updated
87Gibson  Maelstrom-US6762Not updated
88Troyamayan Lost My Flight LicenseMaelstrom-US6730Not updated
89Ydnarbones  Maelstrom-US6729Not updated
90Elatus  Maelstrom-US6727Not updated
90Dargosan  Maelstrom-US6727Not updated
92Deathdreamer Horde Strike ForceMaelstrom-US6702Not updated
93Diediaf  Maelstrom-US6701Not updated

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