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Lothar-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Juliea Grey CouncilLothar-US15633
2Kenderpriest Mass Rez IncLothar-US15518Not updated
3Woogi  Lothar-US15036
4Tiggindy The UnboundLothar-US14804Not updated
5Lambs  Lothar-US14471Not updated
6Pisun The RelapseLothar-US13424Not updated
7Tuckerone Dont Tread on UsLothar-US13135
8Spagirus The Daily ShowLothar-US13065
9Morihei Tornado of SoulsLothar-US12094
10Alaara Volatile RumLothar-US12048Not updated
11Beckka Keep Calm Its PixelsLothar-US11990Not updated
11Remee Towers of MidnightLothar-US11990Not updated
11Nyreshma Towers of MidnightLothar-US11990Not updated
14Zarinne Towers of MidnightLothar-US11824Not updated
14Iliana Towers of MidnightLothar-US11824Not updated
16Lunarmoon Epic Knights of HordeLothar-US11454Not updated
17Kiavdia Kindred ChaosLothar-US11348
18Felonious TimelessLothar-US11334Not updated
18Zarkwan TimelessLothar-US11334Not updated
20Zivanni ObliterationLothar-US11305
21Mortenoire TimelessLothar-US11216Not updated
22Huriphoonado Mission AccomplishedLothar-US11149
23Penzor Resurrection SicknessLothar-US11122Not updated
24Xengi  Lothar-US10894
25Closed  Lothar-US10506
26Dreanie  Lothar-US10354Not updated
27Memak  Lothar-US10323Not updated
28Pylora  Lothar-US10132
29Khlammy Plan BeeLothar-US10062Not updated
30Artymes The ClawLothar-US9995
31Eart The AscendanceLothar-US9921Not updated
32Vdeath  Lothar-US9851Not updated
33Frowen Champions of the HordeLothar-US9792
34Shoan Champions of YseraLothar-US9702
35Lishe Towers of MidnightLothar-US9580Not updated
35Emarra Towers of MidnightLothar-US9580Not updated
37Kuranosuke The UnboundLothar-US9492Not updated
38Zakrit Silver BannersLothar-US9380Not updated
39Majestice Sanctus CovenirLothar-US9249Not updated
40Ishtar Paradise LostLothar-US9182Not updated
41Blackpeppa OKTLothar-US9143
42Loulouhunter Midnight ShadowsLothar-US9139
43Papichulø ObliterationLothar-US9099
44Maýhem  Lothar-US9062Not updated
44Bumgrundle  Lothar-US9062Not updated
46Leillia EndureLothar-US8976Not updated
47Strongpan El Toro LocoLothar-US8923
48Pengayau Sanctus CovenirLothar-US8824Not updated
49Colinbane El Toro LocoLothar-US8792
50Kalyan  Lothar-US8740Not updated
51Arumlily The Children of MidianLothar-US8706Not updated
52Herrodah  Lothar-US8660Not updated
53Lostmarbles StaticLothar-US8593
54Aweoweo RêhäbLothar-US8514Not updated
55Nergal DetrimentLothar-US8499Not updated
56Floreilia OKTLothar-US8494Not updated
57Msbtchtoyou  Lothar-US8460Not updated
58Chrisnichols  Lothar-US8405Not updated
59Chingalera  Lothar-US8365Not updated
60Cdawg Mass Rez IncLothar-US8309Not updated
61Mybelle ObliterationLothar-US8279
62Daemonii SophosLothar-US8226
63Owlbundy  Lothar-US8206
64Emmika Sanctus CovenirLothar-US8185
65Mortanos Dippin SticksLothar-US8183Not updated
66Råider OKTLothar-US8177Not updated
67Moontears Silver BannersLothar-US8163
68Yvedraven Dílseacht SíoraíLothar-US8051
69Yveraven Dílseacht SíoraíLothar-US8022Not updated
70Lylac Spectral WebLothar-US7965Not updated
71Ardid FC Project MayhemLothar-US7964Not updated
72Khanabys The Mandelbrot SectLothar-US7903Not updated
73Pley El Toro LocoLothar-US7854
74Crybros ReforgedLothar-US7840Not updated
75Jaisu Sanctus CovenirLothar-US7832Not updated
76Yault The Children of MidianLothar-US7785Not updated
77Peeshooter ObliterationLothar-US7759Not updated
78Measure Kindred ChaosLothar-US7751Not updated
79Puja Bring Out Yer DeadLothar-US7746Not updated
79Jessana  Lothar-US7746Not updated
81Babymine The Bit PlayersLothar-US7720Not updated
82Nietelf The LegacyLothar-US7704Not updated
83Unfriend Blackrock TempleLothar-US7703
84Taterskins Bring Out Yer DeadLothar-US7700Not updated
85Bunions The Daily ShowLothar-US7697
86Fallsilent DetrimentLothar-US7682Not updated
87Seedotrun El Toro LocoLothar-US7648Not updated
87Fætality El Toro LocoLothar-US7648Not updated
89Bullprìck  Lothar-US7598Not updated
90Ferak Silver BannersLothar-US7579Not updated
90Hajikiller iHordeLothar-US7579
92Stonetide  Lothar-US7573Not updated
93Leonitis Champions of the HordeLothar-US7552
94Bartikosky The RelapseLothar-US7531Not updated
95Bigribsteak Tornado of SoulsLothar-US7517Not updated

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