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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Llane-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Eligosyia Window LickersLlane-US18846Not updated
1Adrastea Window LickersLlane-US18846Not updated
1Cypress Window LickersLlane-US18846Not updated
4Aristophanes Window LickersLlane-US18461Not updated
5Neharika Window LickersLlane-US18024Not updated
6Thauronis JudgementLlane-US17596Not updated
7Poofalissa Irate PiratesLlane-US16081Not updated
8Briannafae BlackDeathLlane-US15603Not updated
9Roadrünnèrs Hollywood UndeadLlane-US15205Not updated
10Meilyn Irate PiratesLlane-US15090Not updated
11Alyson FahrenheitLlane-US14221Not updated
12Guenther Universal ExportsLlane-US13750Not updated
13Collinronan Last AttemptLlane-US12869Not updated
14Sequoiah Smaller on the OutsideLlane-US12685Not updated
15Drama Elrendar RangersLlane-US12575Not updated
16Cethern  Llane-US12103Not updated
17Illet MisceLLANEousLlane-US11869Not updated
18Sorcerxx InsomniacsLlane-US11715Not updated
19Yaldabaoth The SardaukarLlane-US11465Not updated
20Coulson AegisLlane-US11391Not updated
21Evangelistia Elrendar RangersLlane-US11337Not updated
22Hellbrant FuseLlane-US10981Not updated
23Mztazc Guardians of StormwindLlane-US10867Not updated
24Sefaya Irate PiratesLlane-US10835Not updated
24Neci Irate PiratesLlane-US10835Not updated
26Ethereall Dark OathLlane-US10747Not updated
27Kuchi  Llane-US10718Not updated
28Bethanel Mental IllnessLlane-US10576Not updated
29Minaithelan Spectacular DeathLlane-US10356Not updated
30Nart  Llane-US10343Not updated
31Xak Identity CrisisLlane-US10329Not updated
32Hippytaylor  Llane-US10247Not updated
33Trashy Battle TestedLlane-US10132Not updated
34Vordaelen House AtreidesLlane-US10030Not updated
34Veester House AtreidesLlane-US10030Not updated
36Feorele Knights of the StormLlane-US10026Not updated
37Abyl The Players RealmLlane-US9950Not updated
38Zylana JudgementLlane-US9878Not updated
39Ellessaria MethodicalLlane-US9869Not updated
40Lexxa FuseLlane-US9864Not updated
41Misszeta We Killed KennyLlane-US9805Not updated
42Mztazg Guardians of StormwindLlane-US9751Not updated
43Bígbådwòlf Spectacular DeathLlane-US9743Not updated
44Minniem Outlaw JusticeLlane-US9740Not updated
45Aretimis Mercenarys of StormwindLlane-US9416Not updated
46Inicus Self TitledLlane-US9378Not updated
47Forte Molten CorpsesLlane-US9277Not updated
48Morghona Dark OathLlane-US9264Not updated
49Morgannadanu Shadow of IntentLlane-US9224Not updated
50Camford JudgementLlane-US9219Not updated
51Tinytoon Red ShadowsLlane-US9187Not updated
52Nìghtrage Paradigm ReduxLlane-US9124Not updated
53Mccwick Moon KnightsLlane-US9089Not updated
54Seluja Iron CircleLlane-US9052Not updated
55Hypatia FuseLlane-US8986Not updated
56Bonzaikitten Outlaw JusticeLlane-US8912Not updated
57Sleepyfloyd The WolfpackLlane-US8829Not updated
58Shortzinhahn Last AttemptLlane-US8746Not updated
59Killumall Sixth ElementLlane-US8745Not updated
60Daffohdil Reign of BloodLlane-US8688Not updated
61Angua Tribal MoonshinersLlane-US8675Not updated
62Prinny Spectacular DeathLlane-US8650Not updated
63Deathtyr DecimateLlane-US8531Not updated
64Bruscha Iron CircleLlane-US8528Not updated
65Yeonsuul Paradigm ReduxLlane-US8527Not updated
66Mudanca Iron CircleLlane-US8521Not updated
67Readd  Llane-US8466Not updated
68Obamaxx The SardaukarLlane-US8433Not updated
69Ashun Wolves of AzerothLlane-US8407Not updated
70Elettaria New Dawn DisciplesLlane-US8390Not updated
71Nastin Identity CrisisLlane-US8369Not updated
72Roymustang AegisLlane-US8355Not updated
73Quetarc  Llane-US8343Not updated
74Multilate L E G E N DLlane-US8333Not updated
75Kyrah Divine TwilightLlane-US8306Not updated
76Dorebelia Mental IllnessLlane-US8280Not updated
77Hodgdon JudgementLlane-US8263Not updated
78Mohang Glory of RomeLlane-US8247Not updated
79Sisisa  Llane-US8180Not updated
80Kookie EndureLlane-US8173Not updated

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