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Lightninghoof-US Total Pet Levels
Pet Lvl
1Jjamma Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US8020
2Daggother Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US6714Not updated
3Nakuul Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US5753
4Ayzazel Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US5369Not updated
5Sangfroide Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US5059
6Draukagrissa Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US4682Not updated
7Deströyed Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US4406
8Scyla Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US4352
9Brodeo Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US3049Not updated
10Bahlfawa Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US2780Not updated
11Cindamine Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US2763
12Aarke Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US2723
13Contine Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US2483
14Parlament Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US2424
15Gutwound Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US2017Not updated
16Kahlu Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US1457
17Reluhs Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US1194
18Yirta Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US965
19Betrys Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US839
20Reburk Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US763
21Diafid Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US728
22Rhaycyst Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US632Not updated
23Kerup Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US558Not updated
24Krainos Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US531
25Deathiras Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US461Not updated
26Aikiri Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US434Not updated
27Palaydin Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US428Not updated
28Brangg Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US410Not updated
28Gorah Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US410Not updated
28Abdullah Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US410Not updated
28Hugepenance Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US410Not updated
32Frydrice Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US409Not updated
33Kreloch Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US404
34Resyra Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US342
35Carnage Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US330
36Holybacon Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US266Not updated
37Krackow Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US231Not updated
38Monarch Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US218Not updated
39Unlogical Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US200
40Niuzao Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US181
41Systyx Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US175Not updated
42Makon Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US160
43Sevehn Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US146Not updated
44Bearwitmebro Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US144Not updated
45Brawk Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US137
46Isley Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US133
47Varnex Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US129
48Dawnreaver Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US128
49Cryptstar Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US127
50Lelok Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US123Not updated
51Iamtheshaman Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US113Not updated
52Jeurgen Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US104Not updated
53Alkaholic Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US103Not updated
54Happy Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US77
55Mantlor Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US54
56Bogoz Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US53Not updated
56Asiri Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US53Not updated
58Huzzlok Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US29
59Corsiz Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US12Not updated
60Ruukus Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US7Not updated
61Buckeyedude Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US3Not updated
62Satelyn Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-US2Not updated
63Sindarin Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-USNot updated
63Tonkatough Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-USNot updated
63Grawk Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-USNot updated
63Reluha Fine Young CannibalsLightninghoof-USNot updated

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